Noisy Machine

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1. Talk to Cat Detective (172, 178) and they will tell you to stop the machine from blowing. You need to buy Adventure Card.png 1 Adventure Card B to stop it. Adventure Card.png 1 Adventure Card costs Malangdo Can.png 1 Malangdo Can.

Cat Detective.png

You will be shown a sequence of colors - Red, Green, Yellow, or Blue. Write these down.

When asks to press buttons, press the appropriate buttons for each color shown, switching red with green, and blue with yellow:

  • If it was Red, enter Green;
  • If it was Green', enter Red;
  • If it was Blue, enter Yellow;
  • If it was Yellow, enter Blue.

You will have to do four sequences, of two, four, six, and eight colors.

If you fail, just buy another Adventure Card.png Adventure Card B from Cat Detective.

If successful, you will receive E coin.png 3 E Class Coin.

Quest can only be done once a day