Note Headphone Quest

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Items Required

  • 50,000 zeny (to Leonid)


Step 1. Quest Starts in Prontera at NPC: Marina prontera (124,126).


Talk to Marina and choose the Option "Oh wow! Okay!"

Step 2. Once you have all the ingredients (see links on headset /dyestuff) bring them back to Marina. Who will take your items. There is a problem however. The headphones don't play music. To resolve this issue you must find Peter at Comodo. comodo (92, 265).


Talk to Peter who will tell you the headphones lack the soul of music. Now head back to Prontera to Marina

Step 3. Marina will tell you how silly she is. Then she asks you find a singer called Leonid.

In order to find Leonid go back to Peter in Comodo. He tells you find a huge stage where Leonid is performing. Who is at Moscovia moscovia (264,207).


Talk to Leonid and pay the 50,000 zeny.

In order for him to help you he then wants you to find his lost ballad pieces of paper.

Step 4. First piece of paper is located at Amatsu amatsu (260, 181). Click Pile of Leaves and choose the option "Clear leaves"


Kinda hard to see through the trees but just move your cursor till you see a bubble.

Step 5. Head back to Leonid at Moscovia who will take 1st piece of ballad and then give you your next clue to the other pieces. Second piece is located at Ice Dungeon ice_dun01 (12,234) Click the bubble Snow and choose the option "Pick it up."


Step 6. Back to Leonid at Moscovia. Who will take the piece and give you another clue.

Third piece of ballad is located Moscovia moscovia (223, 87) Click the bubble Mud and choose the option "Pick it up."


Step 7. Head back to Leonid who give you his ballad.

Step 8. Now to Prontera where Marina will reward you with headphones



  1. thanks to themadkez for this guide