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Novice class is the most basic you can possibly get when it comes to this game. They have little to no skills, and are only armed skill wise in the form of First Aid and Play Dead. Novice is also the only class in the entire game that gets absolutely no job bonus stats, and overall these factors make them have a rough time prior to becoming a first class. The good news however is that, unlike other classes, you will recover 50% of your HP after death, and that you also don't receive the experience penalty like every other class does!

Pros and Cons


  • Novice doesn't have an experience penalty upon death.
  • Novice recovers 50% HP after death.
  • Novice gains a relatively useful skill to avoid sticky situations early on: Play Dead.
  • You have access to several custom Novice Gears.


  • This class is obviously the weakest of them all, so don't get your hopes high. You might need to get used to being called a "noob" or "newbie" as long as you're this class.
  • You're extremely limited equipment wise, many gears have usage on all classes except Novice.
  • No job bonus stats.

Brief Details

Novice   High Novice
Base Job: N/A   Base Job: N/A
Job Type: Novice   Job Type: Novice
Changes at: N/A   Changes at: Valhalla
Skill Count: 3   Skill Count: 3
Skill Point Total: 9   Skill Point Total: 9
Quest Skill Total: 2   Quest Skill Total: 2
Job Bonuses   Job Bonuses
Str Agi Vit Int Dex Luk   Str Agi Vit Int Dex Luk
+0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0   +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1

Stat Build Recommendations

Initial Build (without training grounds)

  • Str: 9 ~ 40
  • Agi: 9+
  • Vit: 1
  • Int: 1
  • Dex: 9 ~ 30
  • Luk: 1

This is honestly the only way you should initially make a Novice. Focus on Strength, Agility, and Dexterity until you reach job 10 or about 20-30+ base levels (for those that need the stat points to work with prior to job changing).

Novice Training Grounds

  • Str: 9~40
  • Agi:1+
  • Vit: 1
  • Int: 9~25
  • Dex: 9~30
  • Luk: 1

In the case of the training grounds, it would be wise to invest into Dex first; you’re going to find that later the second weapon you receive results in a big maximum-minimum attack gap, as well as hits that miss often. Afterwards you may want to get roughly 10-25 Int for the upcoming third weapon with Jupitel Thunder (which you can find by minimizing your skill window once you equip that weapon). From there, proceed to pump into Str and later put the rest into your Agi.

Popular Equipment





  •  Guard.gif Novice Guard
    •  ~ +400 HP, 3 Defense, Novice/Super Novice
  •  Novice Shield.gif Novice Shield (1)
    •  ~ 3 Defense, 20% Resistance against all elements (except neutral), Novice/Super Novice




Existing Guides

  1. Novice Training Grounds

Job Change Guide (High Novice)

While there isn't a job quest for regular Novice (duh) there is in fact a High Novice that you can become some time after through a couple methods:

Method A – Job Changer NPC

  1. Make sure you’re a level 99/50 second class and that you have spent all your job points.
  2. Visit the job changer in the stat/skill building at Prontera located at: (prontera) 136,186.
  3. Talk to the Job Changer NPC and he will allow you to become a High Novice.

Method B – The Legitimate Way

Note: This method will actually reward you with an achievement and bronze coins. It’s also strongly recommended to do the official job quests prior to this one to avoid complications, in other words, don't use the Job Changer NPC!

  1. Make sure you’re a level 99/50 second class and that you’ve spent all your job points.
  2. Proceed to Yuno Sage Academy which is located at: (yuno) 89,319
  3. Find the NPC named Metheus Sylphe inside the Sage Academy at: (yuno_in02) 88,164.
  4. Talk to Metheus Sylphe and he’ll ask you to pay a fee. You must have the EXACT amount he asks for, if you’re lower or over that amount, he won’t let you proceed. Try using the bank or an alt account to store any access zeny. You must also meet the requirement of dismounting any mounts, and removing any carts or falcons, and having 0 weight. Once you do, proceed north to find the Tome of Ymir.
  5. Once you find the Tome of Ymir at: (yuno_in02) 93,205, read it, and keep heading south from there until you reach a stair case going down, go down those stairs and you’re going to find yourself in the next area.
  6. You will find yourself in a room full of paths, like a maze. You must keep taking paths (it’s random) until you reach a room with three portals from the portal at the bottom left.
  7. Take the bottom right portal which will then bring you to a new room with a spiral. Go toward the center of this spiral and make sure you don’t touch any portals on the sides. Enter that center portal.
  8. Inside this area you’ll find a massive Heart of Ymir. From here, find the bubble you can click on underneath it. This will warp you to a room that looks very similar to the SQI Valhalla room. Keep going north until you run into a Valkyrie at the very end.
  9. As long as you meet the requirements of 0 zeny, 0 weight, and all skill points spent, the Valkyrie should turn you into a High Novice, and you will be rewarded with an achievement as well as bronze coins! Congratulations!

Skills and Job Bonuses


Skill Brief Description Level(s) Type
Nv firstaid.gif First Aid Recovers 5 HP for 3 SP. 1 Active
Nv trickdead.gif Trick Dead Makes you immune to players and monsters until used again (regular/high novice only). 1 Active
Nv basic.gif Basic Skill Enables your basic features which include trading, kafra, chatroom, and party creation. 10 Passive

Job Bonuses

Novice   High Novice
  +0     +1
Str 0   Str 8
Agi 0   Agi 5
Vit 0   Vit 6
Int 0   Int 9
Dex 0   Dex 3
Luk 0   Luk 2

High Novice

  • High Novice has 100 stat points to start with, meaning you start with far more stats compared to a regular Novice. This also means you get more stats as a 99/70 trans class compared to a regular 99/50 second class!
  • High Novice can now have +1 in all stats as it levels to job 10… Yay? Better than the previous 0 job bonus stats on regular Novice at least.
  • You now have 25% more HP and SP compared to a regular Novice, and again, like the extra stats, this means it carries over to your trans class as well!
  • You have access to arguably one of the most powerful buffs in the entire game: Rebirth Link. This will give you +50 to all stats for roughly over 5 minutes. Sadly, this only works when you’re under base level 70, and also stops working as soon as you advance after first classes into a transcendent class.
  • You will automatically get both First Aid and Play Dead, meaning you don’t have to do those skill quests again (assuming you did it the legitimate way).

Job Advancement

Novice and High Novice can become one of the following classes:

Swordsman – Mage – Acolyte – Merchant – Thief – Archer

Only regular Novice can become one of the following:

Taekwon Kid – Ninja – Gunslinger – Super Novice

(Click the classes name to visit their wiki page Stay tuned! Work in progress~)