Official Server versus TalonRO

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While TalonRO tries to stay close to the official servers, there are various customizations that we feel make the game more fun and balanced.

Note: this page is far from complete!

Socket Enchant NPC

The Socket Enchant NPC on TalonRO is pretty much the same as on official servers. The rates are the same, the costs are the same. However, it is not possible to make Greaves[1] Mailbreaker[3] and Swordbreaker[3] on TalonRO. Everything else is fine.


All Homunculi now get 0,025% Pharmacy Boost per level if not evolved and 0,05% per level when evolved. This results in about a 5% boost with a level 99 evolved homunculus, similar to a Vanilmirth with Level 5 Instruction Change.


These work exactly like on official servers, with one difference. Normally, it would cost 400 Loyalty Points to get a Level 10 Mercenary. On tRO, it only costs 100,000 Zeny to get a Level 10 Mercenary and doesn't cost you any Loyalty Points. However, Mercenary Scrolls cannot be traded.

The Sign Quest

The time that Metz and Engel take to give your item back is slightly changed. On TalonRO, the time is 30-180 minutes. After that, you can pick your item up at any time. Lucifer's Lament cannot be crafted into arrows. The Geffenia portal will only allow people inside who have a Lucifer's Lament in their inventory. Parties may enter as long as the party leader has completed the quest and item.

Account-bound quests

The following quests are account-bound. However, be sure that you finish them entirely before they become like that.

  • Rachel Sanctuary Quest
  • Kiel Hyre Quest
  • Nameless Island Quest
  • Moscovia Dungeon Quest