Ore Downgrading

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Prerequisite Quest: Umbala Language Quest


  • The ability to have the Utan Shaman breakdown Pure Elemental Stones or create Lesser Elemental Stones


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Learning the Umbala Language allows you to now be able to communicate with the locals, and one of those locals would happen to be the tribe Shaman. The shaman has the ability to breakdown and craft certain stones, most commonly used to break down Great Natures as a popular farming method among players. However, getting the Shaman to cooperate is going to take a bit of work, as the Shaman doesn't take too well to outsiders....


Kicking down the door to the Shaman

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First things first, we need to locate the Shaman. His house is located to the eastern most part of Umbala (217,189). Security is tight around the Shaman's house, so it isn't as simple as just walking in the portal. Click on the left skull on the outside of the Shaman's house (see above picture). It appears that you can place Gemstones into the skull's eye sockets, so naturally that's what we'll do.

First, place a Red Gemstone into the left socket. After you've placed it in, it should come right back out and give you the option to place another Gemstone into the other socket. Now, put a Blue Gemstone into the right socket. It should pop back out, as well as unlock the door allowing entrance to the Shaman's house.

OreDowngrade 02.jpg

Inside the house you'll find Utan Shaman, who is fairly calm given that a stranger just totally broke in. Speak to the Shaman and you'll find that they really don't like outsiders, and says that he'll only help after you've gotten the approval of the Utan Chief. Head back out and make your way to the chiefs house.

The Chief Approves

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Head over to Chief Utan's hut, located in the North-Western part of Umbala(65, 252). Don't worry, the Chief is a little more lax with the door security.

Once inside, speak with him to find that he has already heard of your encounter with the Utan Shaman. In order to gain his approval, he wants you to bring him 1 Mr. Smile.

OreDowngrade 04.jpg

Talk to him again with the Mr. Smile mask either your inventory or equipped (you will lose your Mr. Smile) and he will give you his permission to request the Shaman's services. Head out and back over to the Shaman's Hut.

One Last Kick

OreDowngrade 05.jpg

Once you're back at the Shaman's Hut, you have to do the door puzzle again. Remember, first socket is Red Gemstone, second is Blue Gemstone. This will be the last time you have to do this. Once inside, speak with the Utan Shaman to hear about how they've heard from the chief and have agreed to offer their services to you, as well as give a brief overview of how it works. The quest is now complete.


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Congrats! You've now completed the Ore Downgrading Quest. The Shaman still dislikes those filthy Rune-Midgard outsiders, but who cares? You can breakdown your Elemental Stones now!

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