Peco Peco Hairband Quest

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5286.gif Peco Peco Hairband

  • Headgear with Pecopeco's wings on it. It makes wearer to move as fas as Pecopeco.
  • Increases movement speed by 5% when equipped.
  • Increases Attack Speed by 5%. Reduce Casting Time by 5%.
  • Defense: 3
  • Upper Headgear

Ingredients Needed


First,find the Grand Peco Peco NPC in yuno_fild08.Talk to him.


However,you can't understand a thing that it said.You will have to find someone who can help you understand the Peco Peco language.


Go to the pub in Juno and talk to a Drunken Scholar NPC.



He will tell you about a Legendary Peco Peco that lives in Hugel field.From Hugel,go down,left,left then up.You will see an island in the map.The house with the NPC is located there.


It will make copies of itself and ask you to find the real one.It will give you 3 chances to guess.After finding the real Peco Peco,it will tell you to talk to the Peco Peco in English.


Go back to the Grand Peco Peco NPC.It will make you the Peco Peco hairband if you give it the following things:

  • 1x Puppy Headband
  • 250x Peco Peco feathers
  • 50,000 zeny


And here's the one that I made!



  1. Thanks to Krackers for making this guide