Perfect Dodge

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Every character starts with a value of 1. 10 luk increases your Perfect Dodge by 1.

  • Perfect Dodge allows the player to dodge a physical attack by a chance in % corresponding to the Perfect Dodge value.
  • It is calculated before FLEE hence why it is not reduced by the mob effect, that is to say when a player has several monsters attacking him.
  • Flee therefore triggers after the fact that a player lucky dodged something or not, thus giving him even more chance to flee a monster. This part of the flee is reduced by the mob effect.
  • It does not work against skill attacks, traps, or magic.
  • This overrides (potential) critical hits.
  • Does not have a cap. Thus, 100% Lucky Dodge is possible.


  • Homunculus' flee is similar to this, as it is not reduced by the mob effect.

Example of High Perfect Dodge:

An Assassin Cross 99/70 with 99 LUK base stat. This would be great for perfect dodging but not much else.

Since Luck is the only statistical factor in Perfect Dodge, we will ignore the other stats for the purpose of this demonstration.


Upper 5527.gif Lunatic Hat (+5 LUK) and (+5 Perfect Dodge)
Mid 5402.gif Mischievous Fairy the unslotted one. (+3 Perfect Dodge)
Lower 5548.gif Rose Of Crimson (+1 LUK)
Armor any +3 LUK bonus armor with a Poring Card (+2 LUK) and (+1 Perfect Dodge)
Weapon (left) 1223.gif Fortune Sword (+5 LUK) and (+20 Perfect Dodge
Weapon (right) 1223.gif Fortune Sword (+5 LUK) and (+20 Perfect Dodge)
Garment 2519.gif Morrigane's Manteau (+2 LUK) and (+8 Perfect Dodge)
Foot Gear 2415.gif Bunny Slipper (1) (+3 LUK) with a Lady Tanee Card (+ 12 Perfect Dodge)
Accessory 1 2630.png Brisingamen (1) (+6 LUK) with a Yoyo Card (+5 Perfect Dodge)
Accessory 2 2630.png Brisingamen (1) (+6 LUK) with a Yoyo Card (+5 Perfect Dodge)

With those gears your LUK value goes like this:

Base stats with job bonus: 99+8
Lunatic Hat: +5
Rose of Crimson: +1
LUK +3 Armor with Poring card: +5
Fortune Sword: +5
Fortune Sword: +5
Morrigane's Manteau: +2
Bunny Slippers: +3
Brisingamen: +6
Brisingamen: +6

Gloria (buff): +30
Total: 99+76

Which in turn Factors the perfect dodge like this:

Total LUK stats: +17.5
Base Perfect Dodge: +1
Lunatic Hat: +5
Mischievous Fairy: +3
Poring card: +1
Fortune Sword x2: +40
Morrigane's Manteau: +8
Lady Tanee card: +12
Yoyo card x2: +10
Total: 97.5

100 Perfect Dodge in Practice

Here this Assassin Cross uses Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee, freeing up garment slot for Deviling for example.
The images shown are for demonstration the effectiveness of Perfect Dodge only, not to advise anyone to mob at the peak of juperos_01.