Piano Keys Quest

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The Piano Keys quest is a short quest that takes place in the wonderfully chaotic town of Nifflheim. It is a requirement of The Sign Quest. Luckily it's not too long, nor is it difficult, unless you consider the creatures of Nifflheim to be troublesome...


Key 1, Alreg

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Upon entering Nifflheim, you'll want to head slightly North to visit Alreg (224, 243) to begin your hunt for the Piano Keys. Beware though, Alreg is hungry for human flesh, and will take a chunk of your HP before handing you his Piano Key.1 key down, 5 more to go.

Crayu's song

PianoKey 02.jpg

Next up, we need to take a bit of a detour. Head to a house in the northern part of Nifflheim (187, 241) and speak to the person... er, spirit inside named Crayu. He will sing you a song that will come into play a little later.

PianoKey 03.jpg

Note:If you talk to Crayu again he may or may not ask you to repeat some sentences. Meaning he may or may not give you a piano key. If he does not for the sentences, head to Kuzkahina to collect a piano key and then come back to Crayu before walking past the tombstones to collect the remaining Piano Keys.

Key 2, Kuzkahina

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Next up, we need to visit Kuzkahina, located in a building slightly north of the spawn point in Niflheim (188, 212). He is quite troubled about how little money he's making.

PianoKey 05.jpg

For listening to his truly sad story, he'll ask you to take out his trash, which is conveniently a Piano key.2 down, 4 more to go.

Key 3, Crayu

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Return to Crayu (the guy who sang you a song). This time, he will give you a test, asking you to recite a line from his song. A text box will appear, and he will tell you which number line to type in to the box. Here is the song again, if you forgot:

  • Mountain sunset to the west
  • Where the purple dusk falls
  • Surrounded by beautiful melody
  • You become the key that ignores its master

If done correctly, you will receive your third key.

3 down, 3 to go.

Key 4, South Grave

PianoKey 07.jpg

Head to the southern part of Niflheim (169, 71). You should find a mess of graves, one in particular makes it seem that you can click on it. You can't, however you can walk up to it to activate a dialogue box. Talk to it and you will get your fourth key.

4 down, 2 to go.

  • Be aware that sometimes Piano Key 4 and 5&6 are misplaced, so if you can't do this step, try finding the next one first.

Key 5 & 6, Southeastern Grave

PianoKey 08.jpg

Visit some graves a little ways east from the previous grave (208, 103). You'll come across yet another grave that looks like it can be spoken to, but needs to be approached rather. Walk past it once to get the fifth key. Then, walk away and re-approach it to receive the sixth and final key.

You now have all 6 keys needed. Time to visit the Witch's Tower.

Visit the Witch

PianoKey 09.jpg

Now, lets head towards the final destination of this quest, The Witch's Tower (254, 191). It's located on a floating pathway, so be on the lookout for that. Inside, look for a staircase that leads to a portal. It should take you to a room with a rather large piano inside.

PianoKey 10.jpg

Yet again, we're tricked into believing this is something we can click on to talk to, but you'll have to approach the piano to activate the dialogue. Talk to it, and you should end up putting the keys in the piano only. Re-approach the piano near the wall, a new dialogue will open and you will promptly be knocked out and reawaken in a room with the Witch inside.

PianoKey 11.jpg

The Witch really does not like visitors, so she'll end up warping you out of her Tower, and Niflheim altogether, all the way back to Umbala. That's it for this quest!


Congrats! You've now completed the Piano Keys Quest. A bit of an anticlimactic end, don't you think? Well, now you can finish The Sign Quest at least.