Pinwheel Hairpin Quest

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Items Required


Step 1

Talk to Haruka (amatsu 274,274), she tells you that you would look cute with a Ninja Pinwheel on your head:


She tells you that Kareha-senpai knows how to make them and to look for her at the Sushi Bar.

Step 2

Go look for Kareha (ama_in01 181,84) in the second floor of the Sushi Bar (amatsu 215,116):


Kareha asks you to join for some sushi, and you ask her about the Pinwheel Hairpin. It seems that is a secret she can't tell you and asks again to join for sushi.

Step 3

Go back to Haruka and tell her about what Kareha said. It seems you need to tell her that you know she's a Ninja.


Step 4

Back to Kareha at the Sushi Bar. Tell her "I know what your secret is..." and "Really a Ninja, aren't you?"


After a bit of conversation, she'll tell you the ingredients you need to bring her:

  • 200 Vane
  • 1 Silk Ribbon
  • Ribbon slotted

Step 5

So, now farming time. After you get everything, go back to Kareha and she'll give you the Pinwheel Hairpin:


Now you have finished the quest.