Play with Baby Cats

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1. Talk to Cat Expert, Rato (Malangdo 165, 223) in north of island. He'll ask you to play with the baby cats.

Expert Rato.png

2. Talk to the [Meow Team] Charo on the Northeast shore of the island. Their machine is broken and they would need Glass Bead.gif 1 Glass Bead to fix it.

Team Charo.png

3. Bring them 1 Glass Bead and they will reward you with Malangdo Can.png 30 Malangdo Special Can.

4. Talk to [Meow Team] Charo again and she will give you Adventure Card.png Adventure Card A and challenge you to a compass race.

5. Click Beginning Compass (malangdo 212, 204) and insert Adventure Card.png Adventure Card A to start the race.

Beginning Compass.png


There are five colors of compass. They will tell you the order of the compass (Memorize them! or you can check your quest list!) You have 3 minutes to reach each compass in turn, solve the basic math problem, and then click the Meowbell in the center of the ship.

Compass Location


Compass.pngCompass2.png Compass3.pngCompass4.png Compass1.pngMeowbell.png

5.a. If you fail, talk to [Meow Team] Charo and then to the Compass to try again.

5.b. If you did it on time, talk to [Meow Team] Charo. You will receive Adventure Card.png Adventure Card B, and can continue the quest.

6. Talk to Cat Detective (172, 178) and they will tell you to stop the machine from blowing.

Cat Detective.png

You will be shown a sequence of colors - Red, Green, Yellow, or Blue. Write these down.

When asks to press buttons, press the appropriate buttons for each color shown, switching red with green, and blue with yellow:

If it was Red, enter Green;

If it was Green, enter Red;

If it was Blue, enter Yellow;

If it was Yellow, enter Blue.

  • You will have to do four sequences, of two, four, six, and eight colors.
  • If you fail, just buy another Adventure Card.png Adventure Card B from Cat Detective. Adventure Card.png 1 Adventure Card B costs Malangdo Can.png 1 Malangdo Can.
  • If successful, you will receive E coin.png 3 E Class Coin and can continue with the quest.

7. Talk to Cat Detective again. They will send you to look for 6 Picture Fragment inside the Navy Ship (162,162).

There's a chance that they'll kick you out of the room, just keep trying.

Seashell (mal_in02 31,57) at Captain's Room


Ship Pillar (mal_in02 114,56) in the Hallway

Ship Pillar.png

Ventilation Window (mal_in02 138,31)in last room on the right of the Hallway

Ventilation Window.png

Dirty Bed (mal_in02 133,98) in last room on left of the Hallway

Dirty Bed.png

Box (mal_in02 187,45) Southeast corner of Meeting Room


Book (mal_in02 170,75) North from the entrance of Meeting Room


8. Bring the six pieces back to the Cat Detective. They will tell you to bring them to [Meow Team]Charo.

Charo will ask you to give it to Cat Expert, Rato

9. Talk to Rato. He will thank you and give you E coin.png 100 E Class Coin.