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Welcome to a small guide on the wonderful mini-game of Poring Catch![1]

This is one of the many mini-games available in Talon RO, as well as one of the many ways to obtain those precious Talon Coins. I've only been a member of this community for a little over two weeks, but I've found myself playing this mini-game almost every time it's available.

Poring Catch gives you:

  • An interesting new way to hang out with friends on Talon RO.
  • A way to blow off steam. I mean come on... you get to whack endless, adorable porings with your fists!
  • An effective way to spend time while idling, such as while waiting for someone to get on, or for your stuff to vend so you can buy that thing you always wanted~!
  • Talon Coins, the invaluable resource to making yourself stronger.

Poring Catch is available for an hour at a time, during these times (Based on Server-Time, type !time to know it):

  • 1:00 - 2:00
  • 5:00 - 6:00
  • 9:00 - 10:00
  • 13:00 - 14:00
  • 17:00 - 18:00
  • 21:00 - 22:00

Playing the Game


This is the arena in which Poring Catch will take place. It's a nice, small little environment to keep all those little punching bags corralled.

When you enter, you'll notice something almost immediately; your character is going to seem like a drunken idiot...movement is incredibly screwed up in this place. I'm not 100% sure if this happens for everybody, but so far my friends, everyone I've played with, and myself have spoken up about it. Sometimes you'll click and your character wont move, sometimes you'll click and your character will move in the complete opposite direction. However, this is a minor annoyance that can be easily overlooked, so don't panic.

The goal of the game is to be the first player to find the "Real Poring" in each round. It's not a game of observation however...the "Real Poring" is completely randomized. I've even won a round by punching a poring named "I'm not a Poring" before. So what does this break down to being...? An all out poring massacre. Just pound every poring that crosses your path. A couple of things were included into the game to create a sense of balance.

  • You're completely stripped of all gears.
  • Any and all skills are completely unusable.

Your reward for winning any round is a Copper Coin. It gets even better when it's the mini-game of the week, netting you 2 Copper Coins per win.


If you ever want to exit the arena before the hour-long poring feast is over, the angeling in the back will assist you.


Status Effects

This is probably the most enjoyable part of the game for me and others. Every fake poring defeated (well, almost every) will slap a status effect on you, making the continued slaughter of their races all the more difficult. You can easily end up having multiple effects hindering you at a time, which makes some of these rounds crazy. If you don't want any surprises though, read on...



A very common one to have inflicted upon yourself, all though it's a little underwhelming. In this little arena, with porings everywhere, this will hardly put a damper on the hunt.



Another very common one, but even more pointless than Blind. Remember, skills are unusable in the first place.


Critical Wound

Second verse, same as the first. Common but pointless (Reduces the effect of healing). Moving on...



Now it gets interesting! This will slow down your movement speed to the next poring, and cause you to do less damage. However, later in the guide, I'll show you how you can use this to your advantage...


This one will reduce your HP to 1%, and your SP to 0%. Frightening indeed, but...you're fighting porings...so...



The most annoying of them all. This will prevent you from doing anything for a good 8-10 seconds. Depending on how many other players are in the arena with you, this is significantly decreasing your chances of winning. You can counter-act it however...



This will cause you to move in an unintended direction, further complicating your movement in the arena. There isn't really much of a way to negate or lower this effect, just keep on chugging!



Yes...while this is the rarest "ailment" to run into...there are some porings that just flat out kill you when you defeat them. This still takes a second seat to the Frozen status effect however, if you read my tips.

For more info about Status Effects, check this link.

Tips & Tricks

These are a few things I've picked up after playing so many hours of Poring Catch.

Stay In The Mob

Remember, movement is incredibly tricky on this map. Try to stay in a mob of porings, so that way you don't waste 10 seconds just trying to move to the next one.

Stray Away From Other Players

If you're right on top of another player, chances are you're gonna spend countless seconds trying to kill porings they're getting first.

Save In Hugel

This is how we'll go about countering the death filled porings. If you're saved here, you'll respawn right by the guy who warps you into the Poring Catch arena. You can get back in the action 2 seconds after dying.

Use Curse To Your Advantage

This one's a little tricky, but works wonders! If curse lowers your attack enough, that you now take two attacks to defeat a poring...perfect! Attack a single poring while cursed just once, than move on to other porings. Remember how much time being frozen wastes, and how common a status effect it is? Well, now with a poring aggro-d towards you, your little slave will free you from your frozen prisons instantly! That's right, a 8-10 second time of uselessness, reduced to 1 second!

30 Strength = <3

Around 30 strength is what you need to take advantage of the previous tip. You'll be one-shotting porings normally, but also be doing just low enough damage while cursed to create a "slave poring".

Final Notes

As fun as I find this game, I will admit first-hand, it's not for the impatient. No, this game isn't going to rack you up 5 talon coins per hour. It's all based on your personal luck. I've walked out of an hour long session before with 6 copper coins...I've also walked out of one with 56 though. If you're a massively greedy person (be honest with yourself) or just hate to lose, than you might want to stray away from this game. Try Bingo instead, if you copy-pasta fast enough, you'll always win there.

Also, try to keep your basic rules of etiquette while playing. Everything's always a lot more enjoyable for everyone when there's no one sitting there raging, typing a slew of insults, or being a general troll. If someone seems to be winning a lot, give them a thumbs up, maybe it's just their day, and when your day comes, a little modesty goes a long way.

  1. Kudos to TadashiKazerei for the Poring Catch guide. Now enjoy!!
  2. A huge thank to ISoul for pointing out this status effect to me, and providing a picture