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A basic understanding of how to use the Magnus Exorcismus (ME) skill for your Priest!

What is ME?

The Magnus Exorcismus build for Priests/High Priests is one that deals heavy damage to undead and demon type monsters in an Area of Effect (AoE) spell. At its best this build will net you millions of zeny in no time. They also have the bonus of being the easiest class to level when fully geared.

An example of Magnus Exorcimus being used in Skellington (Niff) - Priest - Magnus Exorcismus

The main skill for this build is, of course, Magnus Exorcismus. ME is a Priest skill with a 15 second cast time, which requires a Blue Gemstone to cast.

Novice 1x - 3x:

Create your novice with points in Str, Dex, and Agi so its easy to deal damage on the monsters in there with the items they give you to use.

The only skill to get as a Novice is the Basic Skill, which lets you do basic things like talk, sit and use emotes.

I would recommend killing the Poporings until you can kill Horns, and then finally Metalings. The last weapon you get actually lets you cast Jupitel Thunder if you look at the minimized skill window when you equip it. To actually do damage with that skill start pumping points into int around lvl 2x. With J. you can start one-shotting Metalings. They give the most exp in this room so try to kill them exclusively until you are kicked out. Finish the training ground and you'll be sent to Prontera where you can change into an Acolyte.

More in-depth: I would suggest reading this guide if you'd like to take the early advantage further, though for an Acolyte it isn't really necessary.

Acolyte: 3x - 7x

Now that you're an Acolyte you get a whole new set of skills and stats. Go to the Stat Resetter NPC and reset your stats to pure Int. It's located at the bottom left of the fountain in Prontera.


  • Heal - lvl 10
  • Divine Protection - lvl 5 (lvl 5 is the minimum for blessing, and it raises defence against undead/demon type monsters)
  • Blessing - lvl 10 (extremely important, Int +10 but more importantly Dex +10)
  • Increase Agi - lvl 1 (you only need this for fast walking. Don't bother with higher levels unless you plan to make a Support Priest)
  • Ruwach - lvl 1 (uncovers hidden enemies within the area of effect, also a prerequisite for teleport)
  • Teleport - lvl 2 (lvl 1 is what you will be using the most although lvl 2 will save you money)
  • Warp Portal - lvl 4 (not absolutely necessary, but having more slots will definitely be helpful when you're higher level and can go to both Niflheim and Abbey)
  • Angelus - lvl 2 (prerequisite for Kyrie Eleison)
  • Aqua Benedicta - lvl 1 (prerequisite for Aspersio)
  • Holy Light (quest skill, unlock it in the same room that you stat reset - Platinum Skill NPC. This will pretty much be your only way to kill monsters that aren't undead or demon type unless you're a Battle Priest)
A visual example of Acolyte skill placement - Priest - Magnus Exorcismus

Although you will want all of these skills unlocked by the time you reach Job Level 50, the most important ones are heal lvl 10 and Teleport, so let's work on getting those.

Warp over to Payon Dungeon/Anthell and kill Skeletons/Poporings/Eggs for your first Job Level. Dump that point into Heal and warp back to Prontera.

Now buy about 200 Grape Juices (to recover your sp) from a vendor, put it in your hotkeys near Heal (or your own preference) and head off to Glastheim Prison (GHP)

First, find a populated area and "Healbomb" (use heal against) any Zombie you see a few times. Let other people kill them for some quick early exp. (Note: you need to type "/ns" so you don't need to press Shift to use Heal on monsters).

Eventually, this will slow down, and you'll want to kill them yourself. To do so, find a lone zombie and Healbomb him until he dies, using Grape Juice as you see fit. As you level put more points into Heal, and then Teleport. After those two, I would suggest getting your two most important buffs; Blessing and Increase Agility.

Now this part takes a bit of skill but will send you sky-rocketing through First Job in no time.

In a wide open area heal bomb a zombie until it dies. Before that one dies you will most certainly find another to join you. Run around these two in circles to avoid getting hit. If you're good enough at this they won't hit you at all. Avoid healing Injustices as Heal doesn't do damage to them. There is no limit to how many monsters you can mob this way as long as you don't get hit (but you won't, will you?)


Gathering a mob with a Priest in Glaist Heim Prison - Priest - Magnus Exorcismus


An example of a Priest heal bombing in Glaist Heim Prison - Priest - Magnus Exorcimus

Keep this up until Job Level 50. (It is advisable to always change to a priest class at 50, since all skills for a Priest are of importance.)

Priest lvl 7x - 99

Now you're a priest and you're able to unlock Magnus Exorcismus as well as other skills that will help you in this build.


  • Recovery lvl 1
  • Increase Spiritual Power lvl 4
  • Lex Divina lvl 5
  • Impositio Manus lvl 3
  • Sanctuary lvl 3
  • Resurrect lvl 1
  • Lex Aeterna lvl 1
  • Aspersio lvl 4
  • Safety Wall lvl 1
  • Turn Undead lvl 3
  • Magnus Exorcismus lvl 10
Visual example of Priest skill placement - Priest - Magnus Exorcismus

Those are all of the basic requirements to start doing ME, although you'll need more supportive skills to stay alive. Until you reach Instant Cast you'll want something to slow down mobs. I suggest Safety Wall lvl 10 unless you have incredible defense to make Kyrie Eleison worth it at earlier levels. You can put the extra points you'll have into something like Magnificat for more sp regeneration. You can also start putting points into Dex now, which will reduce your casting time. Continue Heal bombing in Prison until you unlock the necessary skills to use ME.

Again, ME has a FIFTEEN SECOND cast time and a blue gemstone requirement for casting. Blue Gems are 500z at full price and can add up when you consider skills like Safety Wall and Sanctuary also use them.

So you might be asking, why you would want to do this when all the skills do is waste money?

Not true. Lets imagine you have a mob of about 10 monsters that you can kill in one cast of ME. Now lets imagine that for some reason you're buying gems at full price so that's 500z for one safety wall and another 500z for ME. 1000z in total. In most cases the drops from the monsters will easily make you break even, and even earn quite a bit of profit. Just be sure not to waste your gems on a mob that's too small.

How the hell am I supposed to cast a skill that takes 15 seconds to finish?

That's why we are pumping Dex. Your end goal is 150. We end up with a total of 97 base Dex, 4 bonus job Dex (9 as High Priest), and 47 bonus Dex from gears and Blessing.

Before we get to that, though, here's a minor suggestion if you want to start using ME gearless:

  • Purchase a stat reset - At this point I'm assuming you're around the mid-80s
  • Cap your Int around 60-70, where ever you feel comfortable
  • Max out your Dex.
  • Go to GHC and lure large mobs, ME them to death (without gear, you'll have 113 Dex or so, about a 4 second cast time. Look at the last section, 'Strategy,' which will help until you have higher Dex) - Easy money and exp to the lower 90s.

Anyway, here is a list of gear you need in order to reach that bonus.

Gear set

Lord Kaho's Horns - +20 Dex 4x Drops Card Rod - +4 Dex

Gargoyle card shoes - +5 Dex (This will quickly be replaced, but it helps early on)

2x sting card glove - +10 Dex (5 from each)

I would also suggest a Mistress Headgear to negate the gemstone cost of all of your skills.

Total Dex bonus: +39 Dex

Blessing: +10 Dex

Plus job bonuses: +4 Dex

Total: +53 Dex

Demonstration of gears and stats to reach the bare minimum - Priest - Magnus Exorcismus

So with the rest of your stats you can either go all Int or put a few points into Vitality, as endgame Priests need to be tanks.

Note that this is just the bare minimum, you will soon have access to even more bonus items that will save you plenty of stat points.

If you have extra money to spare, are a High Priest, and looking to maximize your damage, another good option is the two-handed weapon Divine Cross / Spirit Ring / Rosary set:

Lord Kaho's Horns - +20 Dex

Divine Cross - Dex+ 4, MATK + 15%, Reduces damage received from Undead and Demon type monsters by 15%. (with Spiritual Ring: MATK + 10%, DEX + 2, and further reduces the damage received from Undead and Demon type monsters by 10%, for total of 25% reduction.)

Spiritual Ring - + 1 Dex

Sting Card Rosary + 4 Dex (bonus with Spiritual ring: Inflict 50% more damage against Undead monster with Heal. Inflict 30% more damage with Magnus Exorcismus. SP Recovery + 9%)

Also required, if you're not using a rental spiritual ring: armor with a minimum enchantment of +1 Dex

Total Dex bonus: +32

Blessing: + 10

Job Bonus (High Priest from lvl 62 and onward)+ 9

Total: +51 Dex

If you want to use this combination earlier than job level 62, or are simply looking to put more stats into Vit or Int, I would recommend using Green Salad, which gives you +5 Dex. This set is great for a few reasons:

  • It protects you for 25% from both undead and demon type monsters. Although Khalitzberg or teddy bear carded bucklers provide 30% from one type (plus the defence from the shield) this is a great all-round protection for attacking mixed type monsters.
  • Your damage output is great: you have +25 MATK, and inflict 30% more damage with your ME. And we want things to die faster, don't we?

Although the price for a spiritual ring is somewhere around the 10-15m zeny, it can be rented for 60 bronze coins.


So now this is what you do to survive, kill and make money with a ME priest.

Pre-Instant Cast: Gather a mob of undead or shadow monsters behind you. As you're running, cast Safety Wall a few steps ahead of you. Immediately run into that Safety Wall and then immediately cast ME. (This part is crucial when you don't have high Dex) If you're successful the mob should die in the AoE spell. You may need to recast safety wall or ME depending on the situation.

Another strategy is to use Kyrie Eleison (KE) to fend off the hits of the mob as they get hit by Magnus. This one requires a faster cast time and that you move around your ME to keep the monsters inside while avoiding hits. This method can also be used with Instant cast, though based on your preference and gears you can replace KE with Assumptio (High Priest only).

With either method you can also cast your highest level of Sanctuary on the ground to help mitigate the damage being dealt to you.

At higher levels you're going to want to take on bigger and badder mobs without dying. To do this you're going to want a good combination of defense and reduction gear. The goal is to find armor that gives the best defense and upgrade that as high as possible. Then you want to use cards that give special reduction effects on certain types. For instance as an ME priest you will fight demon and undead monsters almost exclusively, so you want cards that reduce damage from those types.

Here is a list of cards I use and recommend:

  • Khalitzberg buckler (30% reduced damage from demon types)
  • Teddy bear buckler (30% reduced damage from undead types)
  • Deviling Muffler (50% reduced damage from neutral attacks and 50% increase from all other types. This is fine in PvM since almost all attacks are neutral. DO NOT wear this in PvP unless you: a) Are a 'M' b) Hate yourself.)
  • Bathory Carded armor (enchants the armor with the shadow property; this is mandatory on the Nameless Island (aka Abbey) to protect yourself from Banshees)
  • Pussy Cat Bell: 5 defense from a lower headgear (great damage reduction but not necessary)
  • Eddga Shoes: not necessary but helpful. They add 12% to your total HP as well as providing permanent endure status so you don't get pulled back by mobs. This helps to let you do Assumptio instead of KE as a HP.
Example of a more high-end Priest gear setup - Priest - Magnus Exorcismus

ME can be used in great training locations like Glastheim Prison and Churchyard, Niffelheim, and even Nameless Island for great experience and zeny. If you manage to get your hands on a Mistress card your priest will be able to farm zeny at absolutely no cost to you.

Keep practicing and it will soon become second nature. Good luck, and have fun!


Special thanks to ackeejag of TalonRO for this guide

Revised and updated by Utopian Matt 14th July 2014