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How Turn Undead (TU) works: This skill works only on monsters of the Undead property. At a certain success rate (up to 70%), it causes instant death to the target.

Success rates/chances for TU are affected by:

1. INT

2. LUK

3. TU Level

4. Your Base Level

Where you can find Anubis:

Warp Girl-->Dungeons-->Sphinx

Teleport the floors till you get to level 4 (30 Anubis there)

Essential Acolyte Skills:

Heal lvl 10

Blessing lvl 10

Increase Agility lvl 10

Teleportation lvl 2

Divine Protection lvl 10

Angelus lvl 2- minimum requirement for KE. I like to use spare skill points here.

Essential Priest Skills:

Kyrie Eleison Lvl 10 - As your only real defensive skill for now, this is very important. It prevents cast interruption and protects you from Anubis' "Sonic Blow,"and "Critical Wound." Also decreases damage taken from "Jupitel Thunder," and "Thunderstorm."

Turn Undead lvl 10- Maximum effectiveness...duh.

Gloria lvl 5 - can probably get away with lvl 3 but since the duration of the skill is very short, the longer the better. Some people just cast before they TU but I hate after cast delay >:|

Magnificat lvl 5 - Recommended but you can get away with level 3.

Lex Divina lvl 6 - Level 3 is the minimum requirement to get TU skill. Will silence Anubis from using skills. Lower level priests should Lex Anubis to allow themselves enough time to cast/tries. At higher levels direct TU is best.

Increase Spiritual Power lvl 10 - You can get away with level 4 to unlock TU, but put enough points in this so that you feel comfortable with maintaining a full MP pool.

Skill Trees The minimum amount of job levels for TU, KE and Gloria is level 34 or 35.


Use Auto skill. Remember this is solo levelling. If you're partying with someone...include some support skills e.g. Cure.


  • INT - Fairy important, as this boosts success rates and helps to outheal Anubis' damage.
  • DEX - Medium importance: helps with casting speed. Try for at least 30 points or so, unless you feel comfortable with less.*
  • LUK - Medium importance: increases chances of successful TU (Gloria gives +30 luk)
  • VIT - low-medium importance: so you can take a few hits. Not just from Anubis but the Minorous, Mimics and Pasanas on the map as well.


Use a stat calculator. RMS has a great one. [1]

Or use the TalonRO stat calc by FlynnQ. [2]

Here is an example. Priest base lvl 74 and job lvl 46


Scroll down...


Check the success rate. If you don't like it...edit where you allocate stats.


You don't need fantastic gears to level Anubis solo. In fact it is one of the easiest/ fastest ways to level on the server and make a trans character especially if you don't have great gears.

Newbie Gear


A newbie can obtain all these items from NPCs except for the headgear which is a drop but generally players vend it. You can buy a better rod at lighthalzen weapon dealer called survivor rod[0]. I just didn't want to buy it because I have no need for it.

Mid-High Gear


You want to look at getting bathory armor, slotted gears, MVP cards and high refined equipments etc.

Top range Gear


SQIs...Okay cheated with the Diablos Manteau. Only rebirth jobs can wear it..but imagine my character is High Priest.

Killing Anubis

For solo levelling its very simple. Once you're on the 4th/5th floor of Sphinx:- 1. Fully buff yourself. i.e. KE, Gloria etc. 2. Randomly teleport around the map and locate an Anubis. (This prevents you dragging large mobs onto yourself and saves you walking) 3. Cast TU and then move away from Anubis. (after cast delay or if it fails) 4. If it fails you have the option to cast again, lex divina or teleport away. (Generally the idea is to familiarise yourself with your hotkeys and know your limits)\ 5. If you teleport near a Mimic, teleport away. You won't be able to handle Anubis and a Mimic draining your hp.

Some people like to lex straight away but I find with cast delay and lack of defence you're a sitting duck especially if it doesn't silence Anubis. It's better to cast TU straight away. Gears help with endurance in terms of fighting. Too many priests however stand there and expect Anubis to drop dead every single time with 1 TU. There is also the technique of offensive blessing. Which reduces Anubis' STR, DEX and INT by 50%. People generally lex, bless and then TU. Offensive blessing however does not reduce it's attack/melee power.


  • Bring some fly wings in case you can't teleport fast enough. (You can't teleport if stunned)
  • Bring Grape Juice if your SP regen power isn't very high.
  • Keep moving around. I do a nice little circle dance as Anubis chases me.
  • Anubis casts Thunderstorm very slowly. Don't stand in the damn AoE, move out and you won't get hit.
  • If cast gets interrupted..flee, buff with KE and go again.

For an alternative build using agi, refer to Anubis Quick Leveling Guide

Additional notes and Breakdown of Formula

The success chance of instant killing with Turn Undead is the following:

#s77[(20*SkillLV) + LUK + INT + BaseLV + (1 - TargetHP/TargetMaxHP)*200]/1000 % (with a max 70%) according to [RMS].

So long as you have the skill at level 10 you have a minimum 20% chance to instant kill. +1% chance for every 10 base levels you have. (Level 70 priest has +7% chance for example) +1% for every 10 int +1% for every 10 luk It's worth understanding these numbers because making heavy sacrifices in potential dex, vit, or agi, for the sake of increased int and luk is generally not worth it. It takes 10 points to get just 1%! Go ahead and get some decent dexterity. Get some vit. Don't try and squeeze out every point of int and luk that you can. It's not worth it. 60 to 70 points in each is plenty. And be sure to value your int score over your luk score as int increases how much you heal for (which helps you save your own butt)

Also, the section referring to HP breaks down as such: As the difference between the enemies current HP total relative to it's maximum HP approaches zero, the chance for TU to instantly kill increases by 20%. Or in more layman's terms, for every 10% health the enemy is missing, your chance to TU successfully increases by 2%. This aspect of the formula is more or less ignore worthy. You should be aiming to kill targets from maximum health to dead instantly. Not injuring them to try and make TU have a higher chance. It's just not worth it. Waste of time.

More numerical analysis shows Gloria as, generally, not being worth using. This is due to it's 2 second skill lock out. Turn Undead has a 3 second skill lock out. That makes Gloria almost as time consuming as simply throwing another Turn Undead at the enemy. When you run some binomial probability statistics you are more likely to kill the enemy more quickly by using Turn Undead again than by using Gloria in the middle of a fight. Now obviously if you use Gloria before the fight has even started that can be helpful. And if you are just walking around looking for Anubis then you should definitely do so. But its not worth casting it again in the middle of a fight because it wore off. Just keep spamming TU. You can refresh the Gloria when you don't have an Anubis to be spamming TU on. If you don't walk around and spam teleport to find Anubis for killing then just don't use Gloria.

For more discussion of the numbers, check out the forums.

Credits/Contributors: Kezz, Dave, Wien, Jim and Minandreas