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Prontera Seal is one of the Seal Quest required to unlock Valhalla; The other three being Niflheim Seal, Manuk Seal, Yuno Seal. During this quest, you'll be taken to fight a past representation of yourself, the cute villain Piamette, and also the Wish Maiden (a corrupted Valkyrie).



The seal of Rune-Midgard can be found north of the Prontera Church. (Prontera City, Capital of Rune Midgard(prontera) : 248, 354).Your party will have to enter the chat box, in order to get warped in.

Important Notice

  • The chatbox function as first come first serve. The first six members to enter the chatbox will be warped into the quest map regardless of whether or not you belong in the same party.
  • It is recommended to disable effect (/effect) before entering the chatbox. You can reactivate effect after warping into the Maze.
  • This quest has a time limit of 70 minutes

Prontera Seal

The quest can be divided into different parts, each with their own unique mechanics and monsters.

The Maze

Maze Phase 1: Biolab Level 2 Monsters

Your entire party will be scattered all over the maze and everyone has the LH2 version of themselves spawned next to them. Your version will carry your name and resemble you when you were a little newbie. You will be scattered away from your other party members. At this point it is not a big deal, because LH2 mobs should not be a real danger to you SQI'ers. The goal here is to kill all the LH2 mobs in the maze before proceeding to Stage 2.

It is a really good idea to regroup before killing all your shadows. A good tactic seemed to be that 1 member of the party keeps Tanking his shadow, while everyone else kills their own, and regroups in the center of the maze. While you are walking, you will notice flowers. These flowers wall off parts of the maze, trying their best to cut you off away from your group. Just wait until the flowers disappear. Not regrouping will be disastrous for Stage 2. Once everyone has regrouped and buffed up, the last shadow should be killed, which brings you to Stage 2 of the maze.

Maze Phase 2: Biolab Level 3 Monsters

Various LH3 minibosses will be spawned (level 99 versions of the normal ones). There will be a High Priest in the top left corner, a Sniper in the row south of the HP, a High Wizard close around the center, on the outer wall, a Whitesmith on the right outer wall of the Maze, and another Whitesmith and 2 Assassin Crosses towards the bottom of the map.

Since you regrouped at the center of the map, the most important monster at the start will be the LK. It will spawn in the inner square of the map. Gathering in the center will immediately show you what you are dealing with. LK is easily the hardest monster in there, so if you mess up, you didn't waste too many resources, and can try again easily. These monsters are Boss, so they can detect hidden, and cannot be frozen. LH3 monsters can wipe a party in a matter of seconds. Go slowly, and stick together. This is really important.

A good way to handle the mobs is by using Icewall. Icewall will block them out and you will have time to set up a trap for the mob. Do not gather more than one Boss, since one can wipe you in seconds, two can wipe you instantly. Be careful and be smart, you did not wait 1 hour to come in and die right away. Best way to get rid of the Lord Knight is to wall in your party, while someone Tanks it outside the icewalls for as long as possible. Storm Gust or Acid Demonstration should take care of him fast. The LK has Storm Gust himself, and Spear Boomerangs if he has no close target, while there is still a player in his range. Make sure that whenever the Tank dies, a pneuma is up above the party behind the Icewall, and every member is wearing GTB. Your objective is to kill all LH3 monsters before proceeding out of the maze.

The moment you have killed all the LH3 monsters, all flowers will die, and you can walk out of the maze freely by leaving through the top left exit. There will be an announcement when you kill all of the mobs. If you don't get an announcement, that implies that there is at least one mob left. SinX hides a lot and stays hidden for long. Use ruwach when you are looking for mobs. Mobs cannot walk out of the maze (just like you, the tiles are blocked for them), so you really have to kill them all.

Quick Guide on Arrows for Biolab Monsters

Crystal on LK, Shadow on HP, Stone on Sniper, Immaterial on HW, Silver on Sinx, Wind on WS.

Maze Spawns.png

Spiral Hill (Part 1)

This is a long road uphill full of unaggressive plant monsters (Garden Keeper) and aggressive Angels (Garden Watcher). You have 70 minutes to finish this entire Seal quest and none of these monsters have to be killed to proceed to the next level. The best way to do this part is to just run through as fast as you can without killing anything. Make sure your party stays together but keep moving at the same time. Ankle snares from a hunter, or Web from a professor is one of the best ways to keep those angels off. For better geared people, Bearer shoes (Eddga Card) and GTB shield helps a nice deal too. At the end of the path there will be a warp, go in there to proceed to the next level. Try and make sure to enter with your entire party together.

Piamette's Playground

You are now in a field with a Piamette sitting on a hill in the center. She is playing games with you. She will catch one of your members and lock them away in a cage. The rest of the party will be bombarded by large amounts of mobs. There are several triggers around the playground. The first person to walk close enough to the trigger, will get caught by her. This implies that you can choose who she picks by having the bait walk around and the rest of the party does not move at all (really, at all, one tile can be enough to be caged). The person that is caged will be asked a question. These are usually silly, funny questions, or just questions to keep you busy. You will be released if you have either answered the question correctly, or if your party has killed all the monsters. Since you can choose who gets caged, make sure that you don't cage your AoE people and your killers. Clown and HW, or Clown and Sniper should never be caged if they are the main mob-control. Same goes for HPs of course. Make sure a rather 'useless' class is caged in this part of the Seal Quest.

Piamette will trap 6 times. After you kill everything the 6th time, you'll proceed to Stage 2 of Piamette's Playground. It is a good idea to keep track of how many times your party got trapped. On the 6th time, have one of your party members tank 1 single monster while the rest kills everything else. Team up once everything (but the one monster) is killed and start setting up the tank of Piamette.

Stage 2 of Piamette's Playground will turn the Piamette NPC into a monster (named Angry Piamette). She is quite powerful and can do nasty things if you are not Tanking it right. She will start without minions but they will spawn when she's at 2/3 of her HP (being 2.000.000 hp). Angry Piamette uses a range of magic skills, a few strong attack skills, and Coma (brings HP to 1 instantly). The MVP is easily Tankable by a Priest or Wizard that safety wall spams him/herself, or a steel body champion. It is a good idea to lure the MVP to a wall, because it will Jupitel Thunder at one point, and it will push the Tank all over the place, after which it goes crazy after the damagers. At 2 million hp, Angry Piamette will spawn her mob. This consists of 4 Piamettes that keep buffing and healing their master. The heals are insane and it is really hard to outdamage them.

To prevent this, there are 2 options:

A) you have someone hit the mobs and run around with them. Angry Piamette recalls the mobs every so often, so you can run around with them for quite a while. This tactic used to work a LOT better in the past, nowadays it's a bit of a mess to keep it up. If the mobs are out of range of the Boss, they wont heal her and that gives you more time to damage.

The other way:

B) You can simply keep killing the mobs. Again here, it used to be a lot easier, because once dead, the mobs would not respawn back then. Nowdays they do respawn, but it might still be beneficial to keep them dead as much as you can. One way to get rid of Angry Piamette's mobs is to keep spamming Meteor Shower in a Poem of Bragi until her mobs die (make sure the HW has a lot of GJ). Angry Piamette as well as her minions are Neutral property. This means that there is no real element to kill it fast. Immaterial arrows should not be used of course, but apart from that, anything is fine. Angry Piamette has also no VIT, so AD does virtually no damage to her, which makes Creators a bit useless here. After Piamette dies, a broadcast will happen, and you can proceed to the next level.

Yet another way:

C) Some suggested to use traps - saying that Angry Piamette does not summon slaves when she's trapped.

Piamette Spawn.png
Yellow This is where you'll have to run if you want to get trapped by Piamette. (Or vice versa, this is where you should stay away when you're a core member of this phase).
Red These are the spawn areas of the monsters that Piamette will dump on you. There are Violy's, Alice's, Constant's and Ancient mimics. (The red square in the center is a spawn zone too).
White This is where the Piamette NPC is located during the first phase. This is also the location the real Piamette spawns once you start the second phase.

Spiral Hill (Part 2)

This is identical to the first Spiral Hill with the exception that there is no warp at the end. This implies that you either have to kill the mobs when you reach the stairs, or that you have to lose them before you reach the stairs. Either way, you do not want any mobs on the stairs, cause this is where you'll be doing the next part.

Mobs of Death

Once everything is safe, your party should re-buff and get ready for the next stage. An insane amount of Frus/Skoguls, and Warlocks will be spawned. There is some sequence, but I haven't paid attention to it too much. The mob of Frus will instantly kill anything in its path so proceed carefully. One of the best tricks we used was a Steel body champ with Eddgas. SB Champ can mob virtually any amount of Frus and survive. If you now make sure that you're behind an Icewall, the rest of your party is completely safe while the SB Champ mobs and brings everything in front of the icewall. The best way to kill these mobs (by far) is a Sharp Shooting Sniper with Silver arrows. HW should not cast SG because it pushes all the mobs around too much and sniper can kill it in a matter of seconds. While the Icewalls are kept up, the Sniper can easily spam Sharp Shoot to kill. New mobs will spawn a few times, and the champ can just mob them together. Your objective is to kill all Warlocks that spawn. As long as they're alive, new mobs will spawn.

Frus Spawn.png
Green Once you walk over this thing, a timer starts running. After a few seconds the first bunch of Warlocks and Frus will spawn at the left side of the room. Make sure everyone is together to run across the field, to set up your location behind the Icewalls on the stairs.
Red Circle This is where the party should stay. Keep up bragi here for your damagers.
Red Square This is your first Icewall you'll have to cast. (Make sure the HW/Wizzy is standing in the middle of the stairs, font-weight: bold; so the Icewalls come out nicely. Messed up Icewalls have wiped many many people).
Green Square This is your second Icewall you'll have to cast.
Orange Square This is your third Icewall you'll have to cast.
Pink Circle This is where the Tank that is going to mob everything will start, and gets buffed
Yellow Circle Spawn zone of the Warlocks and Frus. The West one will spawn before the East one.
Red Arrow Path the Tank will have to go to grab all the Warlocks after the West spawn. After mobbing, stand still at the Pink Circle.
Blue Arrow Path the Tank will have to go to grab all the Warlocks after the East spawn. Idem here, stand still at the Pink Circle.

Once all Warlocks are killed no new mobs will spawn, and then it's a good idea for the champ to check for more upstairs.

A bunch of Garden Watchers spawn there, and they should be killed to unlock the last Boss. (Frus/Skoguls hide so make sure Sight is up). The Garden Watchers upstairs can be mobbed and killed the same way as the Frus/Warlocks. Make sure the icewall stays intact and it should be fairly easy.

Garden Watcher Spawn.png
Red Circle This is where the party should stay, and where Bragi should be kept up.
Green Square First Icewall. Make sure that the Wizard/HW is standing in the center of the staircase, in order to get clean Icewalls
Blue Square Second Icewall.
Orange Square Third Icewall. (Don't spam Icewalls, just cast whenever one goes down, this will get you clean results, with no mess-ups).
Yellow Circle (small) This is where the Tank will start, and where the Tank will drag the mobs to after he starts mobbing.
Red Arrow Path the Tank has to walk to grab all Warlocks.
Yellow Circle (large) This is where the Warlocks and Garden Watchers will spawn.

Once you're all done killing, a broadcast will happen, saying Wish Maiden has spawned. HW Should keep up the icewall while the party gets ready to kill it.

Wish Maiden

Wish Maiden is a Ghost 1 property Valkyrie. Acid Demonstration and Asura do not work as well here, so sniper is your best shot. Have the Steel body champ (or your most useless class of this section) that is already outside the icewall lure Valk to the icewall, so the sniper can kill it. This is a no-teleport map, also for monsters. This implies that they won't teleport on rude-attack from behind an icewall. Use this to its fullest extent. Once the champ died, the Valk will be close to the icewall. Keep hitting it as long as you can, before it runs away too far. Once it runs away too far, res the Bait (champ or useless char) to lure Valk back to the icewall. Normally the valk should stay there, and you'll never really have to res the Bait again, but keep the bait there, just in case. Another way to do this, as pointed out by Gohan, is to Lure the Valk to the icewall, then place an icewall behind the Valk. Valk is now trapped inside a little box, as long as the HW keeps icewalls up. This should make killing a lot easier too. With Valk close to the Icewall, the Sniper keeps shooting or sharpshooting Valk. This is all relatively easy, and as long as you're not using a real Tank, it'll be over soon. The disadvantage of having an actual Tank outside the Icewall is that Valk will start casting area skills. Icewalls will get damaged and will fade a lot. Make sure the HW is not sleeping and keeps the Icewalls up as good as possible. Damage of magic, compared to Sniper is minimal, so the HW should stick to only Icewalling. If this is kept up correctly, the Valk should die within 5 minutes. After this, you will get another broadcast telling you it is over.

Wish Maiden.png
Red Circle The part should still be here more or less after the Garden Watchers are being taken care of. They should move down a bit once they're about to kill Wish Maiden.
Primary Icewalls Just do like before, keep up 3 clean icewalls in front. Keep these up at all costs, they will break at least once, make sure you're alert. Again here, don't spam, and you will live.
Red Arrow This is the path the Tank has to run to collect Wish Maiden who spawned at the Red Circle.
Green Arrow This is the path the Tank has to run to deliver Wish Maiden to the party. The Tank preferably dies in the Pink Circle.
Secondary Icewalls These Icewalls should be added once Wish Maiden is in its correct location (Pink Circle). Keep these up clean too, and you'll never be in trouble. Once these break and Wish Maiden escapes, no biggy, just res the Tank, and re-collect Wish Maiden, and trap it again. Carefull with the walls again, Wish Maiden can break them.


Once you have killed Wish Maiden, you can walk up north to see her as an NPC. This NPC will warp you out after explaining what just happened. As a reward she will give you a random 'Essence of ...' and she'll warp you back to Prontera

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