Quests With Experience Rewards

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Here is a list of quests that exists in RO that you can do in TalonRO without exerting too much effort. They give large EXP bonuses as its rewards upon completion and some will even give nice item rewards. Also be acknowledged to keep track of each of the quest's stories to make your time more worthwhile. To view the detail about how to do the quest, click the title.

  • Bathroom Blonde - This quest will grant an account-bound access to Brasilis Dungeon as well as giving you off a lot of Base EXP (the quest is still repeatable to other characters inside the account with the EXP reward). This quest is very short and easy though it may require taking notes and patience. Bring a couple of Coconuts around 2 or 3 in hand which can be bought to an NPC just a few steps away to the east from the museum. This is also a prerequisite quest of Victoria Regia (see #11).
  • Crow of Destiny - This quest gives big EXP reward for both Base and Job Levels. It also gives you an Old Purple Box. Do not forget to track the quest's story-- you'll enjoy it!
  • Lost Child - Start off the Rachel Sanctuary Quest first before doing this or you will not get this quest's EXP reward. Initially, without starting the said quest, this will reward you with an Old Purple Box.
  • Rachel Sanctuary - This quest will give you waves of great EXP (Lost Child Quest reward inclusive) as well as access to Freya's Sacred Precincts. This quest is also a prerequisite if you want to train at Nameless Island (Abbey). This quest will require you to collect 40 Glacial Hearts, 5 Firecrackers (can be bought at Hugel) and 1 Candy.
  • Friendship - This quest needs no greater than your patience from talking and walking back and forth from Lighthalzen uptown and slums area and will reward you an EXP reward depending on your level. This is also a prerequisite of another quest (see #7).
  • Bruspetti - This will give you a fair amount of EXP in exchange of your patience for walking back and forth to different parts of Rachel. This is one of the good quests you should acknowledge to read along!
  • Curse of Gaebolg - This quest is a need-to-do if you want to train at Abbey but can also be done if you just want to fetch and consider the EXP reward. Bring a Green Potion and a Yellow Gemstone (both can just be bought from some NPCs at key towns) as it would be the only requirement along doing this quest.
  • Shadow, Rekenber Job - This quest will only need you to go back and forth from Izlude Airship to Lighthalzen. It is a fair easy quest that gives a good amount of EXP.
  • Find My Dog - This quest is unique, as this is repeatable every after 24 hours. This will reward you a short 250k EXP and a random usable item (usually an Yggdrasil Seed or 2 White Potions) by finding three lost puppies at Brasilis field.
  • The Legend of Victoria Regia - This character-bound quest gives you EXP as well as a headgear compounded with a card. It is short but might require endurance as you'll be going inside Brasilis Dungeon F2.
  • Guarana - This quest gives you fair EXP as well as the capability of purchasing Guarana Candies. It is advisable not to buy those since they are expensive. Do the quest just for the EXP since its effect is also nerfed here at TalonRO.
  • Successor to the Throne - This quest is advisable for you to be done when your level is greater than 90. Doing this quest in low levels will require you to have 2 Reins in your hand. The quest will give you fair EXP upon completion. Also bring your sense of humor.
  • Medicine Quest - This quest is easy and rewards you EXP. It just requires you to bring one White Potion handy and some walking in and out of Hugel town from its outside field. This is a prerequisite of Biological Weapon (see #19).
  • Hugel Memory - This quest is fairly short and easy though it will require you to go a trip to Niflheim. The quest gives off about 250k EXP and an Old Blue Box.
  • Geffen Bard - This quest is easy since the Warp Girl will make your trips easier from Geffen to Yuno and Payon. This gives off about 800k EXP when completed.
  • How the Airship Works - This quest is not so hard to do. Perhaps the only thing that will make the quest burdensome is when the time that the quest ask you to get Prickly Fruits and Will of the Darkness. To get the quest's maximum reward potential, do the Heart Fragment (see #18) as this quest is its prerequisite.
  • Heart Fragment - This quest is pretty short and gives large EXP upon completion. It talks about more of the mysteries about the infamous Heart of Ymir that you might have already encountered or heard from doing some quests like Rachel Sanctuary or Help Mr. Zabaroo.
  • Biological Weapon - This quest will only give you a hard time when you start collecting the item prerequisites. Coals, Unripe Apple and Detrimindexta are some of the items that you might find a hassle to deal with but usually those items are being sold by some vending merchants in-game. The quest gives fair EXP and traveling made easier too between Einbroch, Lighthalzen and Hugel thanks to Warp Girl NPC.
  • Factory Quest - This quest is fairly short and rewards you with some base EXP. It requires you to bring 20 Flexible Tubes, 10 Rusty Screws and 10 Used Iron Plates with you. The amount of EXP gained will depend on your level and is probably not worth the trouble, but this quest is a prequisite to other quests such as Einbroch Murder Quest and President Quest.
  • Help Mikhail * - This quest is short and fairly easy (especially for money-making Stalkers at mosk_dun03) which rewads you a hefty 5M EXP upon completion.
  • Thor Volcano Base- This quest may be challenging as you are once again required to overwhelm Thor's Volcano F1 but fear not if you are witty enough to outsmart those monsters, as you'll be given 5M EXP once completed and moreover, you'll only be going in for one time at F2. You just need to talk to NPCs and you might even be rewarded with 5 Giggling Boxes or 1 Bloody Branch or 1 Soft Apron or Steel Arrow Quivers or Random Quiver at the end of the quest.
  • Finding a Fairy* - This quest also needs some wittiness to outsmart mobs but this quest is very short and gives you 7M EXP upon completion.
  • Alfheim Perfume* - This quest has a lot of prerequisites but take note, this quest is repeatable every after 18 hours (shorter waiting time than searching for dogs) and gives 3.5M JOB EXP upon completion and Splendide Coins. If you are interested, do these quests step-by-step to accomplish the prerequisites:
  1. Onward to the New World Quest
  2. New Surroundings
  3. Tripatriate Union's Feud
  4. Finding a Fairy
  5. Ring of the Wise King
For these quest prerequisites, you must take both of them although you may take whichever you want first.
All in all, if you successfully accomplished all of the quests in one go, you will receive 43.6M (up to 48.6M) base EXP. Enticing, isn't it?
  • Eye of Hellion - Easy, although lengthy quest that gives you up to 6M Base EXP (please verify) when completed. You will even get a Nile Rose[1] if you succeed.

Please do take note that this might not the only quests that requires less liability (like no zeny involvement), effort or items to complete.

+ -- (EXP value rewards does not vary in between Renewal or Pre-renewal)

  • Please take note that not all EXP values enlisted there are accurate. Renewal quests, new world quests and quests after Ash Vacuum and Into the Unknown has its rewards reduced to 10%~ of its original reward value.

These quests are only exclusive to those people who already did account-bound quests for their accounts.

  • Please verify if the quest prerequisites are already implemented on the server, since other servers still do not implement them.