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Written by Supportive.

What is ROExt?

ROExt is like an extension, an add-on to your TalonRO Client. Mostly used for mouse freedom, it also includes modifications such as making your client borderless, reducing CPU usage and more. ROExt may also solve the 40x40 resolution problem.

Where and how can I download ROExt?

Download ROExt here.

After downloading, extract dinput and dinput.dll to your TalonRO folder. Ensure that all RO clients are closed before extracting. To uninstall, delete both dinput and dinput.dll.


To enable/disable features in dinput: Change 1 to 0 to disable the feature. Likewise, change 0 to 1 to enable the feature.

Eg. If I want to disable mouse freedom, I change MouseFreedom = 1 to MouseFreedom = 0 .

Mouse Freedom

"ROExt implements complete DirectInput emulation for Ragnarok instead of hacking into it like other mouse freedom plugins do. This results in much better stability and performance.

Enabled by default, can be disabled by '-mf' command line option."

Basically, with mouse freedom, you can freely move your mouse cursor out of your client. As shown below, I am able to multi-task while playing TalonRO. This is also great if you plan to multi-client!


Key Remapping

"Enabled/disabled by '-key' command line option, for classic (not Renewal) client only: Break, F10-F12 work as F6-F9 of next skill set Ctrl and Alt switch current skill set 1 and 2 forward when pressed and back when released F12 moved to Shift+Esc F10/F11 moved to Alt+Insert/Delete

Enabled/disabled by '-mb' command line option, requires mouse freedom: Middle and two extended mouse buttons work as F3-F5 of next skill set when '-key' remapping is active and as F24-F22 otherwise.

Enabled/disabled by '-altf4' command line option: Closing RO is moved from Alt+F4 to Alt+PrintScreen, so Alt+F4 can be used as regular key.

Work always: Ctrl+W minimizes RO window. ScrollLock is disabled and doesn't take screenshots (PrintScreen still does)."

If you have no idea what all this mean, you are very likely not using them. I would recommend that you disable all of them unless you know what you are doing.

Reduce CPU usage

"There are two modes of CPU usage reducing: a) Light - activated by turning on ScrollLock, affects all working clients simultaneously, only for Windows 2000/XP/2003. b) Heavy - can be manually toggled on/off by Ctrl+S or automatically. Automatic mode (which is enabled/disabled by '-cpu' command line option) turns on when RO window is inactive."

Self-explanatory. You reduce CPU usage if your RO client is not in use.

Capture.PNG Capturev2.PNG Capturev3.PNG

Picture on the left: When playing TalonRO, the CPU usage is about 20-25. [Reduced CPU Usage is enabled] Picture on the middle : If I switch to another program, it lowers the CPU usage. Picture on the right: Switching to another program with Reduced CPU Usage disabled. So it does work!

RO window will always remain on top

Your client will be fixed on the top left corner of your screen. Your client will remain in sight even if alt-tabbing, with the exception of alt-tabbing to your desktop.

Remove RO window borders and lock its position


Borders are removed, and you are unable to move the client around. By default, your client opens on the top left corner of your screen.

Override RO window position and size

WindowPosX and WindowPosY refers to the position where you client opens. If you don't want your client to open on the top left corner of your screen, change the numbers to adjust the position.

WindowWidth and WindowHeight refers to the width and height of your client. If you are facing the 40x40 small resolution problem, change both the width and height to your desired size and it should open fine.

Codepage Override

Leave this part alone!

That's about it for this quick rundown of ROExt. Thank you for reading, and I hope you found it useful!