Rachel Sanctuary Entrance Quest

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Note: This quest must be done in tandem with Lost Child Quest.

Level required to start: 60

Quest requirements to finish: Lost Child Quest.

Item requirements: 40 Glacial Hearts, 20 Firecrackers.

Quest Part 1: Break into the Night

Step 1

Go to Rachel, using Warp Girl (Warp Girl>Cities>Rachel), and head to the map in the north.

There, go to the northern part and talk to this dark looking girl, Nemma (ra_temple 116,174):


It seems that she can't enter the temple because some autolocking mechanism has triggered. Well, you're a good guy and you're going to help her, aren't you?

Step 2

So, even if it seems unrelated, go to the pond south of Rachel city and talk to the Kid next to entrance (rachel 243, 37):


The cheeky guy will ask you if you like candies. You need to choose the option "Sure, I love the stuff" (if you don't see that, just choose at random and talk to him again). Then, he asks for some, you don't have, he'll brag then about having lots and as he's feeling bad about it, he'll tell you a secret if you're not mad with him anymore. Of course, you want to know the secret, so choose the "What's that?" option. It seems that the "Yeah" answer could work too.

He talks about how the priests in the temple leave an open window.

Step 3

Yeah, you guessed right! You're going to use that window in the night, to enter the temple like thiefs do; so, go to the Temple again. Go upstairs and then left, when you're near the building (check image, walk next to the window from south, exactly like in the image), a window will pop up:


So you sneak into the Rachel temple.

Step 4

Now, you need to follow the map. First, you follow the red line. The blue dots are where windows will pop up. Be careful, you don't have minimap, you need to reach the stairs first and north from there:


You'll reach to a room. A window will pop up telling you that there is a dark stain on the floor. Investigate it. Walk around and another window will pop up, investigate again. Walk a bit, you get a message telling you that it's better to escape before the cause of all that blood catches you.

So, go back using the red line, but now choose the green when you reach it. Go downstairs to the entrance of the temple. You get a popup next to an atrium, keep going down to the doors. You have the option to "push" or "kick" it. Do it, the temple is open. If you kick or push the door and it does not open, it is because you did not walk around the bloody room enough.

Step 5

Talk to Nemma, she'll be happy now.

Now you can finish the Lost Child Quest. And you should do that now before going on, if not, High Priest Zhed won't ask you for the Glacial Hearts.

Quest Part 2: Excuse me, I have a meeting with the Pope

Step 6

Now let's do the Rachel Sanctuary Entrance Quest proper. This is the map of the insides of Rachel Temple, with the positions of the characters:


Now you talk to Panno and ask "Hey, did you open the gate?". Then hear the explanations and such and talk to her again.

Step 7

After all that fretting, it seems Nemma wants to play with firecrackers. So you know who is the one who is going to travel to the other end of the continent to get the kid 20 [Firecrackers]? You, of course, who else?

Firecrackers can be bought in Hugel. The Party shop is in (hugel 94,103). So get inside and buy the stuff. Then give them to Nemma.

Step 8

Now you got to visit High Priest Zhed (ra_temin 277, 159). You can check out the map provided to know where he is.

He'll ask you to bring 40 Glacial Hearts. As you have already finished the Lost Child Quest, you'll know already that there was recommended to farm them in the Step 7 of that Quest. If you haven't finished, do it now. If not, Zhed won't ask you for the hearts.

Just in case you didn't do it then, I'll give you some pointers here about the item. Go Warp Girl>Dungeons>Ice Dungeon.

- Siromas at Ice Dungeon 01 drop the Glacial Heart with a 30% chance. That's the easiest way. - Bring Wind element, as they are Water elemental monsters, as most mobs there except the Roween, that are Wind, and Muscipular, that are Earth. - Run away from Gazeti. They have ranged attacks and hit pretty hard.

Step 9

Once you have the items, bring them to the Pope's Office Guards. They are in the First Floor, walking all around, next to the stairs... just check the map in previous steps.


So just talk to them, give the 40 Glacial Hearts and go inside that portal.

Step 10

Now you are in a room. Go South through the portal. Then go North, until you see the Pope:


Talk to her. She'll ask you where you're from, answer whatever you want. She also asks what did you do. Also, answer whatever you want. She'll also talk about some Holy Grounds and about High Priest Zhed wanting to see you.

Quest Part 3: Run, Forrest, run!!!

Step 11

So, back to High Priest Zhed, you should have learned the way already, lol. When you talk to him, he says to feign ignorance about the Holy Ground. He then sends you to the next room. Move next to the wall to the left, and a window will pop up.


So, after eavesdropping a bit, you'll talk to High Priestess Niren. Apart from being able to confirm relationship between glasses and certain physical features, she'll ask you about the Pope and lots of things more, and tell you to be careful.

So, talk again to High Priest Zhed, and he tells you he'll explain things later, that he needs a rest, and warns you not to get near the Holy Grounds. Get out of the room, and you'll see a window popping up telling that you see a small object. Choose the "pick it up" option and you'll get a small key.


Step 12

Remember how the High Priest told you not to go to the Holy Grounds? Of course, you're going to obey that, aren't you? Ok, go to the place where you found the blood stains in the Step 4, the northernmost part of the 2nd Floor of Rachel Temple.

Once there, go through the portal here, and a window will pop up telling you that the gate is closed. Then you get the option to "use small key". Use it.

Ok, now you're on Rachel Sanctuary Dungeon. Let's go step by step here:

First, your objective is getting to the portal in the south: (ra_san01): 139, 17. There are lots of mobs here, depending on your level, you may want to avoid them. Use wings, run, whatever. The best way is running straight south ignoring everything else, just run.

Once you're at the second level, go North:


Keep going north, you'll see more windows popping up telling you there is something on the water. Keep going north till you reach a ledge, then High Priestess Niren appears, makes you sleep and warps you out. You appear on Rachel city (rachel 163,152).

Step 13

Go back to talk to High Priest Zhed again, he will be relieved and tell you to be careful.

Congratulations!! You have finished the Rachel Sanctuary Entrance Quest!


600,000 Base Exp after you give Nemma the Firecrackers in Step 7.

2,700,000 Base Exp and 1,800,000 Job Exp from High Priest Zhed when you finish the quest in Step 13.

Access to Rachel Sanctuary Dungeon.