Ragnarok Tactics

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Means by which a stratergy is carried out; planned and hoc activities meant to deal with the demands of the moment, and to move from one milestone to the other in pursuit of the overall goal(s).

There are crucial parts to Tactics in Ragnarok. Tactics are the secret to a good party. Everything boils down to these following terms: Teamwork, Aggro, Skill Usage, Stratery and Synchronisation.


We've discussed tactics a hundred times. And we know you're not always gonna get them right. That's why you get a team. To keep an eye on you. 'Cause out there in Danger Zones, there's only one thing that matters... ... ... Teamwork.

Work with your team. Cover each others weaknesses by playing your strengths.

Teamwork'll bring you far. Because out there, it can be the difference between winning... and losing.

As was once quoted:

The difference between living and dying. I'll tell you this: in any fight, its the guy who's willing to die,who's gonna win that inch.
And I know, if I'm gonna have any life anymore, it's because I'm still willing to fight and die for that inch.
Because, thats what living is!


You're in town. You want to explore the Volcano. You enter combat. You can die in combat if you haven't realized yet. To survive, you've got to make sure that you don't die. One of those methods... IS AGGRO.

When you aggro, you don't want this:

An example of what you shouldn't do when you aggro a monster - Ragnarok Tactics

You want this:

An example of what you should do when you aggro a monster - Raganrok Tactics

Before you ask. I know that this is supposed make someone a bigger target than others. Well if the tank is glowing red like Stormy Knight's nose... Than the spellcasters and healers are almost invisible. Like ghosts. That'll give them time to help the tank by dropping massive damage spells and healing the tank.

Aggro is another part of TEAMWORK.

Skill Usage

We've seen it all at least once in our lives, and that's the little menu telling us what we can do after we've been clobbered. For those of you who don't know, when you die. So you don't see that window nearly as often... Let's talk about skill usage.

It's important to know which skill has to be used when. Timing is crucial. One can not be in the battle field and give excuses. You need to be ready for every single thing out there. All plans are the best plans till the first bullet leaves your gun. Improvising is imperative. And you can improvise only if you know what skill does what. If your opponent Pneumas, you need to quickly perform a melee move. If its a Safety wall, you need to know to switch to ranged moves.

Using the RPS you should be able to know which elemental skill will affect which monster with the most damage. The Database gives you an idea of which monster is weak to which element.


Let's... talk... strategy. We all know charging in Leeroy Jenkins Style is cruisin' for a bruisin', so be sure you think before you act.

A simple strategy can bring a strong enemy down. Even ones that have reliance on luck as well. We've all seen strategies and talked about them, but you need to work as a team to make sure it works.

Now then. Examples?

Simple Strategy- Create a barrier for magic users and long range combatants to hide behind while the close range distracts the target

More Complex- Specific roles... Lord Knight / Paladin - Tank High Priest - Healing duty and Pnuema High Wizard - Safety Walling and AoE barrages Champion - Hit and Run Assassin Cross - Helping Wizard control crowds of monsters

Combine that and you can pretty much take down a few tough MvPs. These aren't the only strategies. Find one that you and your team can work with.


Synchronization is a very loose term. So I'll explain everything right here.

Synchronization is being able to work with your team and follow their orders as well as give orders that don't put your teammates in unnecessary danger. Also at the same time... working... at the same time.

The longer you can synch with your team, the better. Remember there's no "I" in team. And I'm also aware there's no "U" either. It's always for the team. All for one, and one for all!

Credit goes to Ragnarok Exodus