Red Dress Hat Quest

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  • A red-dyed dress hat. It looks good with a fancy dress.
  • Mdef + 7. For every two refines, Mdef +1.
  • Slotted.
  • Defense: 2
  • Location: Upper
  • Weight: 20
  • Required Level: 20
  • Jobs: All Jobs

Items Required

  • 20 Candy
  • 20 Candy Cane
  • 20 Well Baked Cookie
  • 20 Piece of Cake
  • 15 Witherless Rose
  • 1 Diamond Ring
  • 1 Mystic Rose
  • 1 Hat [1]
  • 1 Silk Ribbon
  • 3 Scarlet Dyestuffs
  • 40 Soft Silk


First, find the Worried Girl at Rachel by the lake (247, 49). She asks you to find Matty, saying that his house is on the west side of Rachel.

Matthew's house is near the pool, or near (90, 192). Once inside, you see that he isn't there, but the Maid tells you to ask his little brother Amaury, who is playing hide* and* seek with friends near Rachel Sanctuary.

Step2a.jpg Step2b.jpg

Go north to Rachel Sanctuary, up near the steps. To the left of the steps, you will find a Little Boy hiding among the trees. He wants a bunch of sweets before he will tell you anything. He asks for:

  • 20 Candy
  • 20 Well Baked Cookies
  • 20 Candy Canes
  • 20 Pieces of Cakes

Once you bring him these, he'll tell you that his brother mentioned getting roses for Amy (the Worried Girl). You can find Matthew at gef_fild05, which you can reach by heading one map west and one map north of Geffen. The coordinates are (57, 152), or to the very left of the map and about halfway north. He asks for your help in gathering roses for Amy, as well as a diamond ring (I can hear the bells!). He requests:

  • 15 Witherless Roses
  • 1 Diamond Ring

After you give him the roses and ring, he tells you to tell Amy to expect him soon. When you head back to Rachel and talk to Amy/Worried Girl, she's so happy and says that she can make you a Red Dress Hat if you give her the following:

  • 1 Mystic Rose (you can make this via Margaret Mary in the Lighthalzen jewelry store: 10x 2carat Diamond, 3x Witherless Rose, 1x White Dyestuff, and 50,000 zeny)
  • 1 Hat [1] (drops from Poison Spore at 0.6% or can be obtained by Old Blue Box or Old Purple Box)
  • 1 Silk Ribbon (Pet armor for Lunatic. Drops from Sting at 0.3% or can be obtained by Old Blue Box or Old Purple Box)
  • 3 Scarlet Dyestuff (you can make these through the Dyestuff Quest)
  • 40 Soft Silk (drops from Evil/Wicked Nymphs)

Above is the last step. Enjoy your Red Dress Hat!