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This program calculates the refinement chances, as well as number of equipment and ores needed to refine an equipment. The ores, equipment and refinement range are chosen by the user. The user can then use the results as input for the cost calculator sheet to see how much he/she would spend on the process. This program takes into account everything that can happen when attempting to refine an equipment: upgrading, downgrading, breaking, and staying at same refine level. This program was made so that it can be used on any RO server, the user just need to change its configurations.

The program is a Google Spreadsheet, a preset was made for iRO pre-renewal rates so you won't actually have to change anything. Make a copy of it to your google drive so that you can use it: iRO pre-renewal refinement

There are only 3 important sheets:

  • Main sheet:
    • Select the equipment you want to use, the initial and final refine levels
    • Choose if you want to inform the "success %", the "failure %", or the "nº of equip", and type in the value.
    • Press the giant equal button. It will calculate the 2 other data based on the one you informed. Example, if you chose "success %" it will calculate and show "failure %" and "nº of equip". It will also calculate the averages, and the total amount of ores you will need.
  • Ores Used sheet:
    • Select the ores you want to use for each refine level. The ores shown on the main sheet after pressing the equal button are selected by this sheet
  • Costs Calculator sheet: After you got the total amount of equipment and ores for your refining, you can use this sheet to calculate how much you will spend.
    • Add or remove the resources(equipment and ores) used under the "Resource" column
    • Type in the number of them used under "Nº of resources to use" column.
    • Type in the individual cost for each one(in any currency, zeny/cash/etc) under the "Individual Cost" column. Then under the "Total sum" you will have the total amount of zeny you will spend

Since I already made a post about it, further details can be found on the forums.