Rogue - Leveling Guide

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Lvl 1 – 40

refer to: After that, you can go to Payon Cave until Job Level 20.

Get Lvl 10 Double Attack and Lvl 10 Increase Dodge.

Get this NPC gear:

  • Damascus[1]
  • Guard
  • Shoes

Lvl 40+ -60+

Go to Lighthalzen (city) and go one map north to kill Metalings.

This map also contains caramel for hunting board quests for extra experience.

Lvl 60+ - 85+

Bring 200 meats and 4 awakening potions, and go to Toy Factory 2. Auto Steal and kill Myst Cases.

Cake can be sold to NPC with OC to get 1820z (with a merchant), but players will buy them for more, so find a buying shop or sell them yourself.

Avoid Cruisers at low level so that you don’t waste your meat. This area is good until you get like 5 – 6M . You can continue to farm at this place until you feel boring.

Lvl 70+ - 99

Mavkas are the best for money-makers. Do the Moscovia Dungeon quest to get access to Mavkas. They are found on level 3.

The following gear is good to get for this:

  • Ranked VVS Fire Damascus (check ranked /blacksmith) / Weeder Knife
  • Hermose cap [1]
  • Porcellio card / Alicel card
  • Magmaring card
  • Tirfing card
  • Anti-Small shoe (Mysteltainn Card 30 atk 20 flee)

Mavkas drop Crystal Mirrors and Witherless Roses often, and these sell for 7500 & 27500 zeny each (before overcharge).

Suggested (Budget) Gear:

  • Top – Hermose Cap [1]
  • Mid – Robo Eye
  • Lower – Pirate Dagger
  • Armor – Porcellio (+25 attack) or Alicel (+10flee)
  • Shield – Tirfing card (25% damage to Medium size monster)
  • Garment – Magmaring (10% extra damage)
  • Shoes – Mysteltainn Card
  • Accessories – Teleport Clip