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I. Introduction to the Guide

So this is my first time writing a guide, fully adapted to the perspective of so-called newbies. I have recently started this server, and may not be fully aware of the custom features that I find simply amazing and which you should not assume to ignore it even if it is not mentioned in this guide.

This server has a comparatively very low rate as a private server, but has a surprisingly strong economy cycle. But that does not change the fact that new players like me will go through a very difficult time earning some equipments, even small beginning gears. Many move on to make donations to fight this off, and that is perfectly fine and even encouraged. However, those who seek the fun of equipping your character with powerful weapons one by one with your own play like me, might find this guide helpful.

This guide is about a Rogue specialized in earning zeny, possibly for some starting gears for the Rogue him/herself, for another character that definitely is gear-dependent (or, a stronger utilization of gears), or maybe you just want to have your character grow not having to look poor or perform weakly. If you seek to start off as a fast-leveling, strong, or heroic WoE stalker, this is not a guide for you. I have written 'Rogue' instead of Stalker to emphasize both the perspective of a newbie, and a relatively needy player like I was (probably still am, but escaping out of it).

Lastly, if this guide has errors or untrue statements, let me know and I will fix it. If it offends you or you believe it is absurd, then let it be. It is my personal way of earning zeny, and I do not force anyone to follow it or insist that my guide is in any way the most appropriate.

II. General Strategy

I personally believe that the ideal goal of Zeny-Farming Rogue is that:

'No money spent to kill, but more money after kill.'

In other words, efficiency. We are trying to drive a car without fuel, so it is not really fun, but it is promising in terms of zeny, and very reachable by newbies.

Since I pick Toy Factory as the best farming zone, I will explain in terms of Toy factory. Very very simple:

  • Ask for buffs before you run in, and prepare Awakening/Berserk potions.
  • Use your Snatcher to steal, and Double Attack to kill. But only fight in ideal scenes.
  • Use your Intimidate to teleport with your target all over the map, until you find your ideal scene. If you do not see your next mob, a green cookie wants to heal your target, or an itemless Cruiser runs towards you, leave the scene with your target.
  • Your high agility lets you avoid all attacks.
  • Needs no pots, needs no fly wings, and needs no awesome gears. Except you will soon buy some anyway.
  • Search for the best offers for your items through @whobuy in-game. (EX : @whobuy piece of cake)
  • Of course go find them and sell it to them.
  • Raise a Merchant with lvl 10 Overcharge, and sell the items that are not usually bought/sold by players.
  • Use Bank/Storage of Kafra to do these.

Be rich soon!

III. Skills of a Zeny-Farming Rogue

Thief Skills

  • Increase Dodge (10): One of your main survival skills. To prevent potential or accidental death at early levels, master it ASAP.
  • Double Attack (10): Your main attack skill. Very efficient and powerful. Master it.
  • Steal (10): When you become a rogue, your extra money comes from Snatcher, which bases its success rate on Steal. Master it.
  • Hiding (9): You do not really need it, but you gotta spend all your skills to move on. I chose this because I think you we are more likely to hide than to Envenom or Detoxify someone. That is, if we do use any of those skills including Hiding when we farm zeny.

Rogue Skills

  • Sword Mastery (9 or 10): When you just become a rogue, theres is not much of change in your ability to damage compared to when you were a thief. You need this skill to actually kill. I will explain later why it is either 9 or 10.
  • Snatcher (9 or 10): Our main skill. It steals automatically. Each level gives 2%, sums up to 20% chance to steal from our automatic attacks. Higher percentage is needed to steal before you kill it.
  • Steal Coin (4): Steals zeny from mobs. Success rate comes from Skill level, DEX, and LUK.

However, we do not use it. The reason is, if we choose to use this skill, we sacrifice too much of stats, skills, and zeny that it is a loss of money due to its high percentage of failure. Here comes the numbers.

Experiment with lvl 70 rogue, STR 30, AGI 76, VIT 7, INT 6, DEX 60, LUK 50 *This includes stats from Job bonuses, items, but not buffs.

Since the success rate comes from dex and luck, and a zeny-farming rogue has a good amount of stats to spare, I focused them on higher DEX and LUK. After 10 trials on Myst Case from Toy Factory, on average, I needed to use it 2.4 times to succeed, each success giving me approximately 457 zeny on average. Now, you need to constantly buy Grape Juice to support the usage, since your stats are all in DEX and LUK that you cannot invest on INT. GJs are about 168 zeny or less, so I will assume 168 zeny each. It fills your SP on a random basis, from 15 to 25, which I will assume as 20.

GJs are 168 zeny each, heals 20 SP, Steal Coin needs 15 SP, and you need to use it 2.4 times.

The question is, is it profitable even if you buy GJs.

Multiply by 2.4 in order to calculate your spending on every succeeding shot.

2.4 GJs are 403.2 zeny, heals 48SP, Steal Coin will use 36 SP, and now we can assume that all those resources guarantee us a single successful Steal Coin, which gives 457 zeny.

Tell me if it is worth earning 53.8 zeny after 2~3 trials of using skill is worth spending 403.2 zeny, Stat uses on DEX/LUK, Skill points, and having to walk to buy. Thus, no point using the Steal Coin. Just use it as a bridge to next skills.

  • Back Stab (4): Powerful, but only usable from behind, and it's not as easy as it sounds. Maybe good for first hits. I would move on to another mob while you are busy moving back and front, getting beaten. Need 4 points for next skills.
  • Tunnel Drive (2): Use for fun maybe, 2 points needed for next skill Intimidate.
  • Raid (5): Some people use it, but for us, Zeny-Farming Rogues, time is of essence. Plus, 3rd mob on you will give you flee penalty, which will hurt you, and you need potions. Do you wanna spend the money you earn on pots? Well, but you need to max it to learn Intimidate.
  • Intimidate (5): So your ideal play is no money spent to kill, but more money after you kill. If Increase Dodge replaces pots, this skill replaces your fly wings. This skill strikes your target, and teleports with your mob. It is a very good idea to use this skill since rogue has no other good use of SP, and again this will replace your fly wings. Ultimately, I use this skill to make my fighting scene. When the mob I am hitting is the last one I see on-screen, I take it wherever until I see the next, kill it, and move on to the next one. When I see a crowd of mobs running in, I use Intimidate. When I wanna move on to next map, I use it until I get near to the warp point. All this is done while you constantly deal damage. A recommended skill.
  • Plagiarism (0 or 9 or 10): This skill will copy some other character's or a mob's skill so you can use it yourself. Many rogues copy Triple Attack or Bowling Bash, and it is 100% up to you to choose. Of course killing faster leaves you with less chance to steal before the mob dies, but its all about fun. Isn't it? If you used 9 points on Snatcher, you can use 10 on this one. Entirely up to you.
  • Strip series: Maybe not, when farming.

IV. Stats of a Zeny-Farming Rogue

So, stats are very pertinent in this game, and Rogue is no exception. I believe that as long as a Zeny-Farming Rogue does its job, stats can vary. But I will introduce the way I believe is the most efficient and practical.


Increases melee-weapon ATK and weight allowance.

You might find this somewhat untrue, but strength isn't the focal stat for Rogue. Primarily because you won't be killing mobs that are tough. You will be killing rich mobs, mainly Myst Case or Sleeper. Your level or damage has to be appropriate, not high. Not so Strong so your rogue has some seconds to Snatcher, and Not so weak that it drags you so long even after your rogue is done stealing. I chose my farming zone as Toy factory, so I gave 30 points to strength. Plus, a minimum strength should be considered 10 or higher to keep you up with weights.


Increases ASPD and Flee Rate

This is your main stat. Attack speed is crucial since it controls your speed to kill at fixed strength, and flee rate will prevent the use of pots. Plus, avoiding skills will not replace your skills learnt through Plagiarism. Now, High STR & Low Agi vs. Low STR & High AGI. It is probably correct to say both will do about the same, given that a fixed amount of points are given. However, Low STR & High AGI will let you hit more, since the damage is weaker. This means more chance to Snatcher. Well, potions, Plagiarism, and Snatcher tells you to become the latter. What can be more important than those to you?


Increases MATK, MDEF, and SP regeneration.

I have total of 12 INT. I decided that I did not want to spend money on GJs either. But this is from personal habit of using intimidate very often. Very little investment will save you a lot.


Increases DEF, Max HP, and Health regen.

I gave none. Neither should you.


Increases HIT, and a little of ASPD and ATK.

This varies greatly with your play style. Myself farming on Toy factory lets me invest only 45 points. Test your field and decide on your own. But I believe 45 is the minimum since the Snatcher chance depends on your DEX mainly.


Increases Perfect Dodge, Critical hit, and a little of ATK

Agility alone is a good source of evasion. Critical will not happen when Double Attack is in place. You don't need much of ATK, and that little is covered by STR. So no need of investing on LUK.

V. Equipment

Like I have mentioned, with nothing but a dirk, you will still do just fine. But if you have helpful gears, it will make the job faster, in other words, more efficient.

Head (Upper)

  • Myst Case Hat or Myst Case Card: you get a chance to drop a Gift Box each time you kill a monster. Don't sell them, as they are only 500 z.
  • Hermose Cap: +10% ASPD, -50 ATK, -20% MATK. Increases the ASPD greatly, one of your main sources of damage, but reduces ATK. Is slotted. Buyable at Reward Guru for 5 TCs.
  • Chicken Hat: +5% ASPD, chance of casting Loud Exclamation. Less increase, but has no drawbacks. Is slotted too. Do the Chicken Hat Quest to get it.
  • Peco Peco Hairband: +5% ASPD, +5% Movement, -5% Casting Time. All good. The drawback? That getting the Spiky Band that the Peco Peco Hairband Quest requires can be difficult at newbie level. Either you pay 5 TCs, buy from other players (I'd say the price would be near the 5 TC market price), or farm for it (yeah, you just have to kill a Doppelganger or 30). Ah, and is unslotted.
  • Flying Angel Hairband: +3% ASPD, -3% Casting Time, +1 AGI, +1 INT. Non slotted. Not bad, but if you're going to pay 5 TCs to get this, better look for the alternatives given above. Unless, of course, you think that Angels are cool.
  • Vanberk Card: +2 STR, a chance of getting +100 Critical Rate for 5 seconds. Really, this is not for farming, just to point out that this is the most probable card you'll see slapped on your headgears. I've seen people slapping Myst Cases, but after a while, you don't rely on getting Gift Boxes and want a better card. I've seen plenty of Hermose Caps with Vanberk Cards, for example.

Most people either get the Hermose Cap or Chicken Hat. They are somewhat easy to get and give great bonuses.

Head (Middle)

This shouldn't be your priority, as you're starting and want to make zeny, and these gears usually come expensive for what they do. Still, as you'll be in Toy Factory for a while, if you get one of these opening a Chiqita Box, keep them.

  • Peco Peco Ears: +1 AGI, +2 MDEF. For Peco lovers with Peco Peco Hairband.
  • Angel Wing EarsBloody Angel Feathers: because Angels are always cool. Get them.
  • Robo Eye: +2% ATK, +2% MATK, +1 DEX. Caster classes love this item. Keep one for yourself.
  • Angel of Ghost: +2 ATK, +2% MATK. Another decent headgear and at least, you don't have that strange look that Robo Eye gives you.
  • Butterfly Wing Ears: same as Peco Peco Ears, minus the peco part.
  • Ears of Ifrit: apart from the feeling that your head is burning, well, it's a neat piece of equipment if you want to go to Thor's Volcano some day.
  • Elven Ears: for those tree huggers that love to sing poetry in some strange language while they put their makeup.
  • Evil Wing Ears: +1 STR, but you see a lot of slotted versions of this. It seems that people like them.
  • Eye of Darkness: +1 DEX and Immune to Blind Status. Robo Eyes are better, but sorry, can't cope with those looks.
  • Filir Wings: +2% ASPD, -2% Cast Time. If you get these, use them. IMO, the best thing you can get at this point to help you farm.
  • Hairband of Reginleif: not too useful for you, but it isn't a bad headgear if you get it.
  • Hawk Eye: +1 DEX, +3% with Physical Ranged. Archers love this, and Bow Rogues too. At least, till they get their hands on some AGI gear with Gryphon Card.
  • Sigrun's Wings: the bonus varies with your class, but I think that most people slot them because of the coolness factor.

Well, just gave a list of things you might want to look for with your Chiqita Boxes. You can also sell them.

Head (Lower)

Applies same as the middle headgears, but well, you might consider doing the Pirate Dagger Quest. It's a bit expensive at your level, though.

Armor & Garment

As a newbie, use Pantie and Undershirt combo. They are THE MOST EFFICIENT gears on my opinion. Flee and Agility are the attributes you need most, and those two are very cheap and common. Most people use them for their starting characters.

If you want to upgrade, check out this combo (Garment, Armor and Footgear):

Falcon MufflerOdin's BlessingFricco's Shoes

It will get you better stats than the pantie/undie combo, and the slot for armor free. The Falcon itself is +15 Flee and +5 Perfect Dodge, already does what the Undershirt and Pantie in terms of Flee. If you add the other 2 things, you get a total of +5 AGI and +5% MaxHP and SP. Not a bad thing. And you get a slot free to slap:

Porcellio Card: +25 ATK, -5 DEF - Alicel Card: +10 Flee, -5 DEF


Specialized Gladius, Stiletto, or Damascus OR Increase ATK card weapons would be the idea. Depending on the farming place, you might want one or the other. For example:

  • Toy Factory 2: most are Neutral and Formless. You could use Peco Peco Egg Cards for these, plus mixing some Skeleton Worker Cards.
  • Kokomo Beach (in warp girl): Demihuman and Neutral. Any PvP/WoE oriented weapon is good, with Hydra Cards and Skeleton Worker Cards.
  • Moscovia Dungeon 3 (check out Moscovia Dungeon Entrance Quest): Earth and Plant for Mavkas, Demihuman and Water the rest (except Gopi). Kaho Card and Scorpion Card kill Mavkas, and Drainliar Card with Hydra Card would kill the Baba Yagas and Uzhas. You can also get a Weeder Knife with Fire endow (either from Sage Flame Launcher skill or from Flame Elemental Converter) so you deal more damage to Mavkas. The drawback is that you'll have to avoid Uzhas and Baba Yagas, as Fire works pretty badly versus Water. It also requires that you make another account with a Sage in it.

Now, let's get serious. Cards are expensive. Each of the cards mentioned cost 5 TCs, and their selling price goes near that. Also, some of them are ingredients for quests, like the Kaho Card. Getting 4 VVS Elemental Damascus is far cheaper than one specialized dagger, and they will do the job in most cases.

Sure, a +7 Gladius with Scorpion and 2 Kaho Cards with Fire Endow (or Flame Elemental Converter from a Sage) does more damage, but it's really expensive.

Let's check about a fairly geared (Pantie, Undie and Hermose Cap, plus proper dagger) Rogue at level 90 at Mavkas to see how it would work:

With a Weeder Knife plus Fire Endow With a Fire Damascus With a Gladius with 2 Kahos and 1 Scorpion plus Fire Endow

Other option is to get a Burning Bow and Fire Arrows and spam Double Strafe, you'd be good if you had General Egnigem Cenia Card (link to TalonRO DB needed) , though.

Burning Bow with Apple of Archer and GEC Boots/Shoes

It has the highest DPS, as the Double Strafe skill deals a lot of damage, but you need either the GEC Card or spam Grape Juices. Also, another drawback is that you need to use Steal on the monsters first before you start killing them.

Shoes and Accessories

For Rogues, equipments above are relatively cheap, but shoes and accessories are way too expensive, especially for us newbies to buy. And we do just fine with farming without excessive purchases. A +4 Boots from NPC will do the job for starters, unless you're considering to upgrade to that combo.


Realize that getting hit is not in our calculation. Be bold and don't be afraid to run in without shield! Or get some unslotted Buckler from NPC.

VI. Farming Places

There are three main spots for farming. Toy Factory, Mobsters and Mavkas. For each place, there are minimum Hit and Flee values you should meet. People use to go to these places in the order you see.

They go to Toy Factory first, then after Mobsters, and when they have gathered some decent gears (and I'd say, get at least a VVS Fire Damascus), they go after Mavkas.

Toy Factory

This will be the first place you'll go after you get some levels. Depending on your gears, you can even go as a Thief. To get there, just use Warp Girl and select Toy Factory, and then enter the Portal North of the spawn point. There are 2 levels. In the first one, you'll be training for a while, but your farming place is the second one. Just use the Portal in the center of the map.

Ok, let's see what we got there.

Here is the RateMyServer Database Entry for the map.


  • Myst Case: this is your prey. You want to farm these. Needed Hit 108 and Flee 161. They are slow walking, but can hit pretty hard if you're not careful. They also love to Mammonite you, that deals a lot of damage at your level.
  • Cruiser: the annoyance. These guys will shoot at you, and as you need Flee 200 to dodge them (95% of the times, that's the max you'll get without Perfect Dodge), most of the time, will hit. Give them priority, as they are aggressive.
  • Garm Baby: At your level, it will kill you pretty much. Flee 221 and Hit 111. Run away from it, as it's slow.
  • Christmas Cookie: you can ignore it if you want. Doesn't pose too much danger, compared to Myst Cases or Cruisers, but nothing worthy of your attention.
  • Cookie: the green one. This is more annoying, as it will Heal the Myst Case or Cruiser you're trying to kill fast. If there is nothing more important going on, like killing a Cruiser, get these guys out of the way before you start with a Myst Case.
  • Stormy Knight: MVP, run from it. Try to remember where it is and maybe, you might consider using !main to warn people that the guy is around. There are a lot of chances that somebody will come to hunt it.


Nothing much to say. As explained above, the Myst Cases are your prey, and Cruisers and Cookies are the annoyances.

  • Intimidate Myst Cases, or kill the annoyances you see around first and then go for the Myst Case.
  • You need Hit 108 and Flee 161 to farm here, at least, but the more you get, the less problems will have if 2 or 3 attack you.
  • Don't forget to bring Fly Wings and Meats.
  • Weapons: they are Neutral, so just bring your highest ATK dagger.

Sample build for Toy Factory 2


So, what to farm here? These things are what you will be looking for. There are others, of course:

  • Piece of Cake: your main source of income. Don't eat them. You can sell for 1500 z to NPCs, or 1820 z using Overcharge 10. You can also set up a shop and vend them for like 2000 zeny (check out market price with !whosell)
  • Pearl: they drop from time to time. NPC them, 3000 z or 3720 z with Overcharge 10.
  • 2Carat Diamond: keep them. They can be sold to players, as they are SQI Ingredients. Market price varies, but it goes around the ten thousands magnitude (40-60k, more or less).
  • Chiqita's Jewelry Boxes: they drop a random Mid Headgear (check out above for what to keep). They can be sold for around a few hundred thousands zeny (300k-400k, for example). Some players like to open them. Suit yourself.

Kokomo Beach (AKA Mobsters)

Just use Warp Girl, Dungeons and select Kokomo Beach. That's the map, just walk around and that.


There are lots of different monsters in this map, but the ones they are worth mentioning, either for farming or annoyances are:

  • Mobster: this is the guy you want. You need Hit 127 and Flee 212 to go after it, and if you get a few points more, doesn't hurt. It's got Spear Stab and Spear Boomerang, and the latter will hurt a lot. Ah, and it uses Intimidate 1 on you, so be aware of that.
  • Raggler: minor annoyance, but can screw your day if they come in groups or mob with others. Ignore or get rid of them.
  • Fur Seal: you will hate this monster a lot. They mob on you and make you intimidate that Mobster you were killing. Hit 111 and Flee 207. Try avoiding them, moreover if they are in big groups.
  • Galapagos: these damn guys are looters, so be careful around them. You need Hit 137 and Flee 202.


Mobsters are the prey, the rest, just annoyances, but be careful with being mobbed.

  • As before, Intimidate Mobsters, or well, look for them when there is none of the mentioned pests around.
  • Be careful in the beach area (Southern part), there are lots of Fur Seals there, and may end up mobbing you. Grab a Mobster with Intimidate and tele away.
  • You need Hit 137 and Flee 212 here. The extra Hit is in case a Galapago takes your loots away. Get more Flee if you can, as always.
  • Do I need to mention the Fly Wings and Meats? Also, bring some Grape Juices with you, the Intimidate eats up your SP.
  • Try to get close to a Mobster fast, you don't want them using their skills on you.


Well, in this case, not much worth mentioning. You're after Mobsters, and that's it:

  • Sapphire: your main income here. 3000 z sold to NPC, or 3720 with Overcharge 10. They weigh 10, so you'll need to go back from time to time to unload.
  • Slotted Ring: if you get one, you're lucky. They are sold for a few millions, like 2-4M zeny each, but I'd keep them, as +1 STR is good.
  • Mobster Card: not a bad thing to get. You see them at prices from 600-700k to 1-2M zeny each, check out market price with !whosell.


Well, the information you need is mentioned in the end part of Moscovia Dungeon Entrance Quest. Not worth repeating here the info, as you'll need to refer to that guide to do the access quest.

VII. Helpful Tips

  • When asking for buffs, be polite and say thanks afterwards. You will notice them doing it to you the next time you ask for it.
  • When you pick up rough or whole Oridecons/Eluniums, don't sell them right away; decide if you will use them later because its much expensive to buy later. EX) Autovenders buy whole Elunium for 6k, and sell them for 10k. That profit is directly your loss.
  • Buy meat instead of pots, if you buy any. I realized this after I did not need to use them.
  • Pet's abilities are disabled: your Drops pet will not pick up your items.
  • Do not go refine beyond safe limit. If you want to refine beyond the limit, you need high job level Whitesmith to increase your chances (more than 50 job levels to get it), and it's for Weapons only. You can overupgrade your armors at NPC, as the chances will be the same.
  • Vote for Talon RO!

VIII. Conclusion

Do not think that you can be strong too! TRO offers reset services pretty cheap, so once you gather good enough economic standing, you can always reset back and slash mobs. Keep in mind that while others got money, you got time and effort. And also the pride that your next character will not be poor like your first one!

Based on Jenkins' guide in forums, with some changes.