Server Changelog 2013

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November 29th, 2013

  • We have optimized the backup process some more, which will hopefully result in less delays when the server is doing a backup.
  • The Utan Shaman Returns.
    • The Utan Shaman now requires you to enter a Captcha number every now and then.
    • You can now exchange more Great Natures or other stones at the same time at the Utan Shaman.
    • Slightly reduced the output when breaking down ores at the Utan Shaman.

November 3rd, 2013

  • The 2nd form of Beelzebub now also casts Magic Mirror on Chase instead of only on Attack.
  • Added slotted versions (to both Chiqita and Reward Guru) of mid-headgears: Patron of the Sea God, Imperial Feather, Mother Elven Ears, Aegir Mask, Gaia Mask, Wing Glasses, Takius's Blindfold.
  • Added an NPC to the GM Challenge preparation room, allowing you to exchange your GMC Tokens for a GMC Giftbox. You need one of every GM Challenge Token to get a box. The box is the same as the WoE:SE Giftbox, with the scrolls and halter lead removed.
  • Slightly increased the difficulty of Sushi, BlackTalon and Boreas GMC bosses.
  • Lowered Rosary[1] droprate on Mimic back to official 0,03% (from 0,21%).
  • Added reminder to Job Changer that Bronze Coins are only achieved when completely finishing the Transcending quest.
  • Halter Lead now weighs 0 instead of 1.

October 19th, 2013

  • New Support Center
    • When creating a new Support Ticket now, you will notice that the procedure has rather changed. Before you are able to send anything, you are required to select the nature of the support ticket. This way, we can handle a lot of common questions that are being submitted now that can be answered simply by reading the Wiki for instance. Most options in the selectboxes will provide you with some common information regarding the subject. This way, we hope to avoid having to deal with unnecessary tickets which saves both the players and the GMs a lot of time that can instead be spent on improving the server.
  • New Rule
    • New addition to the Killstealing rule:
      • When submitting killstealing reports, sending in merely one screenshot or someone hitting your mobs once is NOT enough evidence to punish someone for killstealing.
      • "While leveling your Homunculus or using Alchemist plants, it is your responsibility to find a spot which does not disturb other players on the map. If you are standing/sitting in the middle of the road or important corners, expect your monsters to be hit by other players. The KS rule only applies to Homunculi and Plants when sitting in a place that is not a disturbance to other players." This does NOT mean you are free to killsteal from Alchemists. However it is also a warning to Alchemists that they cannot go sit in the middle of the road for example at Glastheim Prison, claim all the mobs and report anyone who comes near them and hits one of their mobs.

September 19th, 2013

  • While wearing the Golden Thief Bug Card, you can no longer use any SP healing items.
  • Added a new headgear quest for the Peace and Happiness Proof Hat. This hat cannot be obtained from the Reward Guru and is not cheap, however might have some interesting effects! You can start the quest in Dewata
  • The Dressing Coach now also allows you to try on Costumes.
  • Winter Scarfs now weigh 0.
  • Added new Kahos to the Reward Guru.
  • Increased some no-vending zones in cities
  • Dead Branches can no longer be used on Monster of the Week maps.

July 24th, 2013

  • Fixed the problem where you couldn't enter certain chatrooms.
  • Fixed a bug in bard jobchange quest where you wouldn't get the achievement and bronze coins.
  • Fixed a bug in the female hairstyle quest.
  • Fixed NonTrans WoE not being Vanilla on Wednesday WoE.
  • Instruction Change no longer gives Pharmacy Boost.
  • All Homunculi now get 0,025% Pharmacy Boost per level if not evolved and 0,05% per level when evolved. This resulsts in about a 5% boost with a level 99 evolved homunculus, similar to a Vanilmirth with Level 5 Instruction Change.
  • Changes to Amistr's Adamantium Skin:
    • HP bonus is doubled per level, so it now gives a 20% increase at level 5 instead of 10%.
    • The HP Regeneration bonus is also doubled per level. It now gives +50% HP Regeneration isntead of 25% at level 5.
    • Increased the DEF bonus by 50%. This means at level 5, it now gives 30% extra DEF instead of 20.
  • Changes to Vanilmirth's Caprice:
    • The after cast delay is now 2 seconds instead of 1 second.
    • The SP cost has been increased by 50%.

July 14th, 2013

  • Introducing NonTrans Vanilla WoE. Starting now, an hour and 15 minutes before the existing WoE starts, there will be a NonTrans Vanilla WoE in FE castles. This means that there will be a NonTrans WoE battle on Sunday 02:45 am server time until 03:45 am. You will get 15 minutes of rest to restock for the existing WoE modes. On Wednesday, the battle starts at 03:45 pm server time until 04:45 pm. Sunday will have the Yesnelph (gefg_cas03) castle.

> Wednesday will have the Holy Shadow (payg_cas03) castle.

  • The hairstyle quest is now account-bound. In order to make it account bound, talk to the stylist on a character you did the quests on.
  • Removed Vending limit in Prontera and Payon, so all the available vending lines can now be fully utilized.
  • Slightly increase the allowed shops in GH Prison and Archer Village.
  • Added a no-vending zone to the map before sleepers.
  • The Sleeper MotW was replaced by Taoist Hermit.

June 20th, 2013

  • WoE Changes
    • Move FE Castle on Sunday WoE to Wednesday WoE. So, on Wednesday WoE there are two FE castles.
  • Quest Check Board
    • Added a Quest Check Board in Payon. Using this board, you can check whether you have finished certain important quests yet. In most cases it will also show you the progress you made in this quest. This should help you see if you have completely finished a quest yet or not. For now it only has some major quests.
  • Hunting Board Updates
    • Updated the Hunting Board with new mobs. When you are level 90+ nontrans or level 85+ trans, you will now have the option to choose between two different monsters to hunt. This should offer some variety and will make it less likely that you have to face a mob that you can't handle.
  • New Equipment Drops
    • Added a bunch of new Renewal items, balanced for our pre-Renewal environment. These items make it a bit more interesting to hunt some not-so-interesting mobs again. None of them are available in the Reward Guru:
      • Round Buckler [1]. Drops from: Orc Warrior (0.12%, replacing Axe [3]), Stalactic Golem (0.12%)
      • Silver Guard [1]. Drops from: Golem (0.06%, replacing Coal), Goblin_2 (0.06%, replacing Buckler [1]), Goblin_4 0 (0.06%, replacing Buckler [1])
      • Rosa Shield [1]. Drops from: Alice (0.06%, replacing Rouge), Alicel (0.09%, replacing Steel)
      • Carga Mace [2]. Drops from: Anolian (0.03%)
      • Dulga [1]. Drops from: Desert Wolf (0.03%, replacing Wolf Claw)
      • Ebone Armor [1]. Drops from: Khalitzburg (0.06%, replacing White Herb), Abysmal Knight (0.21%, replacing Oridecon), Bloody Knight (0.12%, replacing Elunium)
      • Puente Robe [1]. Drops from: Sohee (0.06%, replacing Red Herb), Orc Lady (0.06%, replacing Iron)
      • Claire Suits [1]. Drops from: Raydric Archer (0.09%, replacing Bow [3]), Hyegun (0.15%)
      • Lapine Staff [0]. Drops from: Medusa (0,09%, replacing Turtle Shell)
    • Other existing items added to existing mobs:
      • Ring [0] now drops at 0.03% by the Myst mob, replacing Grape.
      • Manteau [1] now drops at 0.06% by the Gargoyle mob.
      • Thief Clothes [1] now drops at 0.03% from the Wild Rose mob, replacing Shadow Arrow.
      • Full Plate [1] now drops at 0.06% from the Merman mob, replacing Holy Water.
  • Added 5 new Rental Costumes at Rental Master
  • Added 15 new Headgears at Reward Guru
  • Guild leaders can now set up to 40 guild positions for their guild members.
  • A warp NPC has been added to Bibilan Dungeon 1 to warp you all the way to the 6th floor. You are required to have Reward Services to use this NPC.
  • The Sign is now account-bound instead of character-bound.
  • Thanatos Tower level 3 now requires 3 players instead of 5 to enter.
  • Gusli can no longer be traded, dropped, put in cart or sold to NPCs. It is fully account-bound now.
  • Added 2 new male and 2 new female hairstyles. Both can be obtained by doing the stylist quests.
  • Added Arrow Quivers for Hunting Arrows and Elven Arrows, available now at Inventor Jaax in Payon.
  • The Kublin spawn should now finally work correctly.
  • Fixed Baby classes being able to get more than 80 in a stat when they had those stats before being adopted. All baby characters who had more than 80 in a stat already will have to do a stat reset first. Don't worry about the "0 stat points" thing.
  • Increased the time that the loot belongs to the owner slightly. This should give you more time to pick up your items before a greeder decides to take it. However, we decreased the total time of the items staying on the floor to keep the server resources from going up too much.
  • Added novending zones to Ayothaya. You can still vend on the sidewalks of course.
  • New Kahos added to the Reward Guru.

May 8th, 2013

  • WoE:SE Implementation
    • Replace one of the FE castle per mode on Sunday WoE for an SE castle. This means that WoE:SE and WoE:FE will run at the same time. The castles prtg_cas04 and payg_cas04 have been replaced by arug_cas05 and schg_cas03, so basically the same ones we used on the WoE:SE Event.
    • You can build up the economy, get guardians, get treasures for holding the castle, et cetera. It also means that the WoE:SE Guild Dungeons are now only available to those who hold the WoE:SE Castles. WoE:FE Castle owners can no longer access these dungeons.
    • Wednesday WoE stays the way it is.
  • Merged a couple of rAthena updates
  • Added new Kahos in the Reward Guru
  • When doing Map of the Week, Bronze Coins can now be shared in the party if Item Share is enabled
  • Added a check on the GM Challenge NPC to see how much cooldown you have left
  • Implemented Elven Bow[1]. It now drops from Gargoyle's at a 0.06% rate
  • Elven Arrows can be bought at Treasure Island/Sunken Ship for 10 zeny non-discounted. You can also now buy Hunting Arrows there which can be used in combination with Hunter Bows

April 1st, 2013

  • Basilica should now be properly canceled when using Land Protector or Ganbantein.
  • Added 4 Rental Costumes (for now), obtainable for 25 Bronze Coins, lasting for a week: Sweet Bonnet Costume, White Cat Ear Costume, Black Flying Angel Costume and Adventurer's Hat Costume. You can find them in the Headgears section of the Rental Master.
  • Added 5 new headgears to the Reward Guru: Mother Elven Ears, Elder Crown, RWC Commemorative Pin, Angeling Fur Hat and Wunderkammer.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't automatically assign skillpoints into Reject Sword if you didn't have at least level 1 Strip Weapon.
  • Added a novending zone in Yuno.
  • Lots of item description fixes.

April 17th, 2013

  • Every character can now rollback (such as: from High Priest back to High Novice) only one time.
  • Tweaked the new Izlude mobs and the Dewata mobs to be more fitting for pre-Renewal. EXP values have been boosted and overall HP and ATK have been boosted slightly as well. So to summarize it: slightly stronger mobs but more EXP.
  • All bonus messages (Monster of the Week, Map of the Week, Rest Bonus) are now only shown with !showexp enabled.
  •  !showexp is enabled by default and can be disabled at Kafra or via typing !showexp.
  • The Friends List limit has been increased from 40 to 80 friends.
  • Server will now automatically rest your Homunculus upon getting muted / opening a shop.
  • Lowered price of some Rental Items. 200 BC to 175, 125 BC to 110, 75 BC to 60 and 50 BC to 40. Mounts have been reduced from 100 BC to 60.
  • Replaced the Luciola Vespa Hunting Board mission by King Dramoh (can be found in the new Izlude Dungeon level).
  • Removed about 70 less-useful equipment items with a value of 1 TC from the Reward Guru.
  • Increased ATK of Red Ether Bag[1] from 15 to 150.
  • Mystic Bow now has 1 slot, had the Dragon Fear proc rate increased from 3% to 5% and its ATK from 75 to 90.
  • Fixed Kris not working on Ninjas.
  • Added 3 new Headgears at Reward Guru

February 23rd, 2013

  • Updating the El Dicastes and Dewata mobs
    • Reworked their stats to be more fitting for our server. Some mobs will be harder, some will be easier (mainly the Dewata ones).
    • Implement all the cards and equipment from El Dicastes and Dewata mobs. This means you can now obtain the following cards from both the monsters and the Reward Guru: Scaraba Card, Dolomedes Card, Queen Scaraba Card, Alnoldi Card, Comodo Card, Cendrawasih Card, Banaspaty Card, Butoijo Card and Leak Card. All of these cards can be obtained from the Reward Guru for 10 TCs or 20 TCs for the MVP Cards.
    • Implement a lot of new equipment drops that were not previously there, namely: Tidung[1], Stem Whip[1], Imperial Spear[1], Imperial Guard[1], Black Wing[1], Green Whistle[1], Red Ether Bag[1], Alca Bringer, Two-handed Chrome Metal Sword and the Mystic Bow. These equipment items can not be obtained from the Reward Guru and will have to be farmed instead.
    • We have tried to keep these items as close to their officials as possible, however some effects had to be changed. We attempted to exchange the Renewal/3rd Class effects for similar pre-RE counterparts so they will be as similar as possible. A couple of cards have had a complete reworking however.
  • Added Bibilan Dungeon 6
    • Added the next level of Bibilan Dungeon! Next to mobs such as Sedora, Sropho, Pot Dofle and King Dramoh, you will also find a new MVP here, named Kraken. These mobs are mid-high range and should offer you guys a new challenge, especially the new MVP. These mobs do not have any new equipment drops, however they do all have card drops that are also available at the Reward Guru.
  • Due to recent abuse, we have decided to tweak the entrance to the Thanatos Tower Boss Floor. For a duration of 30 minutes, the portal to the Boss Map will only be available to the partymembers of the person who opened the portal. If your party wipes and you don't come back, this restriction will be removed after 30 minutes so that anyone can kill Thanatos if he still roams there.
  • Added new Kahos to the Reward Guru and did various bugfixes and description fixes.