Shadow Quest

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This quest is about walking to here and talking at there with a small fighting part - you have to defeat Thugs (or Gangsters) during the quest. It gives a decent base exp but 0 job exp. I recommend to read the story aswell. It deals with the same issue as the Friendship Quest.


  • Base Level Required: 70
  • Zeny: 7200 zeny


1. Firstly, you have to talk with the Old Man. (Lighthalzen, 141, 162) He says Kazien was busy lately and he suggests to help him out.


2. Our next stop is the Rekenber Headquarters. Enter the building and walk until you find the red-carpeted stairs. Go upstairs and turn right. In the second room there will be a Young Man (174, 258), named Kazien. Talk to him. When he asks you if he can trust you, answer with "Yes, of course." Talk to him again.


3. Warp to Einbroch and go to the Laboratory. Here, talk with the Laboratory Guard (55, 52). Tell him either "Whoa, I'm leaving!" or "I have some business" then "I'll... be back later." Be careful, if you choose the other option, you will fail the mission and you have to re-do it! (In case of failing, you have to report your failure to Kazien and a few days later you can try to do it again. If he didn't forget it after all this time, try to talk him repeatedly and he will forget it eventually.)


4. Go back to Kazien (Lighthalzen, Rekenber Headquarters, 2nd floor). After you report your problem with the guards, he reveals the trick of your task. Do you remember of keeping a secret? Well, you have just done it with not telling the guards about your real business... After you speak to him again he will mention a guy, called Lyozien. Go to the Airport in Izlude.

5. You have to board the Airship. Go to Izlude and talk to the Airship Staff girl. It will cost you 1 200 Z.

When you board the ship there might be some monsters, but only the drainliars and the bats are aggressive. Go to the portal guarded by the Airship Staff.


6. Take a turn to the right and talk to the Man, twice. He is Lyozien, your future second-boss. (If he isn't here, he will spawn in 10 minutes or someone is doing the quest aswell. Look around for Thugs.)


7. Wait until the Airship arrives in Izlude again and exit through the portal. Right there speak with Scamp (171, 73). The packages have been delivered. You have to speak to Lyozien again (twice), so go back to the Airship. He will ask you to see Kazien.


8. Talk with Kazien again. You will receive some EXP, depends on your level.

9. He sends you back to Lyozien with another task. When you talk to him, 2 Thugs will be spawned. (They have the same stats as Gangsters.) After you defeat them, talk to Lyozien, who will send you to Scamp. Wait until the Airship boards in Izlude, then leave the plane and speak with him.

10. Scamp doesn't know anything about the Thugs and he sends you back to Lyozien. He is glad that you have done another job for him so he will ask you to see Kazien. Time to get your EXP reward!

11. You will have a little argument with Kazien about the delivery, but hey, he is the boss and you promised to keep it in secret, didn't you? So just grab that EXP and continue your work! He will ask you to see Lyozien. Surprise!

12. Talk to him twice. This time three Thugs will appear. After you defeat them, stand next to the barrels. (98, 46) There will be a pop-up; after that, Lyozien reappears. You will get 1 White Potion. As usual, after Lyozien, there comes Scamp.


13. You look pale due to the packages you have seen on the Airship, so he will ask you to take a rest. Go back to the Airship and speak with Lyozien. He will ask the same and to look for Kazien for your reward. Do so!

14. If you go back you will argue with Kazien again about the legality and the morality of these kind of goods. For the last time, you will receive your EXP.

15. If you go down by the stairs on the right hand (with the portal in it) you will have a flashback of an earlier argument - the final impact on your character about this story. You have finished the quest.