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Changing your client's skin/theme

How to change your in-game skin from the default, to something a little more snazzy.


  • A way to extract files from a .zip/.rar file, such as Winrar


Skins 01.jpg

One of the greatest things about the way Ragnarok Online is built is that it allows it's user to customize it's layout as they like. You can move windows, organize them a certain way, resize windows, and even hook different key commands up to different actions. One of the more fun and unique user options is the ability to completely change the look of your game's window theme altogether by applying a skin. In this short and simple guide, we'll show you how to make it happen.

Where to find custom skins

Here are some sites containing skins, just to name a few:

Those are just a few resources that contain loads of skins, but really there are many more located all over the internet. A simple search for "Ragnarok Online Skins" might would yield a great quantity of other high quality skins. You could also get creative and use another skin as a base for creating your own! When you find a skin you want, download it to a place you can easily find it and move on to the next step.

How to apply your downloaded skin

So you've found a skin you like, eh? The only thing left to do is to apply it.

[1 - Extracting your skin]

Skins 02.jpg

First things first, we need to extract our skin. Right click your skin's .zip/.rar and choose to "Extract Here". You should now have a lone folder, and inside that is all of your skin's image files.

[2 - Moving your skin to the correct location]

Skins 03.jpg

Now that you have a folder containing the skin you want to apply to your game, you'll need to move it to the correct location so that it can be loaded in-game. First, navigate to your TalonRO folder. Inside you should find a folder named "skin". Drag/Drop or Copy/Paste your extracted skin folder into the "skin" folder. That's all done! Now all that's left to do is open up your game client and log in.

[3 - Applying your skin in-game]

Skins 04.jpg

Once you've moved your custom skin's folder inside the appropriate folder, you'll need to log in to the game. When in, press ESC and click the "Graphic Setting / Skin, Snap, No Ctrl" option.

Skins 05.jpg

Inside the graphics menu, there should be a drop down box labled "Skin". Click this box and navigate down to your skin that you just moved inside TalonRO/skin/. Once you click it, your new skin should be applied.


Congrats! You should now see your custom theme that you downloaded, making your client automatically 10 times cooler than your friend's client. They should be jealous.