Slotted Mid Headgears

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TalonRO has pretty much every mid-headgear in-game, and almost all of them can be slotted. Here's how.

The base materials

To make a slotted mid-headgear, you need one of the base materials, namely Sunglasses [1] (STR category), Contact Lenses [1] (AGI category) and Glasses [1] (INT category). To see which mid-headgears need what base material, please scroll down to the "The categories" section.

Find Hans at the Geffen Bar, located at geffen_in 37,123.

Each of these items can be acquired through a quest, starting in the Geffen Bar. Go inside the upper right building in the middle part of Geffen, which is located at Geffen(geffen): 136,136. Find an NPC named Hans inside this building at geffen_in 37,123.

ScreenTalonRO238.jpg ScreenTalonRO239.jpg

He can make one of these items for you, but will require some materials to make them. These requirements are as follows:

Note: These base mid-headgears (Sunglasses [1], Glasses [1], Contact Lenses [1]) will not give the stat you desire until Chiqita upgrades it!

The slotted mid-headgears

You can find Chiqita in the Jobchanging/Stat Reset building, prt_in 45,97

You can find the NPC to make slotted mid-headgears at prt_in 45,97 (the stat/skill reset building), by the name Chiqita.

All you have to do is bring her a non-slotted version of the headgear you like and one of the base materials (Sunglasses [1], Glasses [1] or Contact Lenses [1]).

Available Mid Headgear

8189.gif Angel of Ghost[1] 8403.gif Anemos Mask[1] 8246.gif 3D Glasses[1]
8008.gif Angel Wing Ears[1] 8245.gif Black Elven Ears[1] 8181.gif Angled Glasses[1]
8331.gif Black Devil's Mask[1] 8010.gif Blinker[1] 8214.gif Black Framed Glasses[1]
8187.gif Blank Eyes[1] 8264.gif Butterfly Wing Ears[1] 8310.gif Blue Heart Eyepatch[1]
8268.gif Bloody Angel Feathers[1] 8173.gif Censor Bar[1] 8186.gif Blush[1]
8178.gif Cyclop's Eye[1] 8170.gif Dark Blinder[1] 8269.gif Devil Whisper[1]
8215.gif Ears of Ifrit[1] 8174.gif Diver Goggles[1] 8180.gif Geek Glasses[1]
8007.gif Evil Wing Ears[1] 8347.gif Dragonfly Monocle[1] 8330.gif Heart Eyepatch[1]
8177.gif Eye Patch[1] 8172.gif Elven Ears[1] 8350.gif Hexagonal Glasses[1]
8175.gif Fin Helm[1] 8216.gif Eye Of Darkness[1] 8237.gif Ice Ear Wing[1]
8217.gif Hairband of Reginleif[1] 8238.gif Filir Wings[1] 8454.gif Imperial Feather[1]
8404.gif Ifrit Eyes[1] 8239.gif Hawk Eye[1] 8329.gif Injured Eyepatch[1]
8179.gif Machoman's Sunglasses[1] 8455.gif Mother Elven Ears[1] 8405.gif Magical Booster[1]
8456.gif Mask Of Aegir[1] 8218.gif Mischievous Fairy[1] 8185.gif Masquerade[1]
8457.gif Mask of Gaia[1] 8247.gif Old Elven Ears[1] 8009.gif Mini Glasses[1]
8219.gif Odin Mask[1] 8220.gif Peco-Peco Ears[1] 8183.gif Monocle[1]
8176.gif Opera Phantom Mask[1] 8188.gif Small Ribbons[1] 8453.gif Patron of the Sea God[1]
8267.gif Robot Ear Mini[1] 8332.gif Star Goggle[1] 8311.gif Pink Heart Eyepatch[1]
8265.gif Screw Stuck In Head[1] 8459.gif Takius's Blindfold[1] 8184.gif Purple Glasses[1]
8236.gif Sigrun's Wing[1] 8458.gif Wing Glasses[1] 8182.gif Red Glasses[1]
8349.gif Tears[1] 8171.gif Zorro Masque[1] 8266.gif Robot Ear[1]
8390.gif Unique Sunglasses[1] 8190.gif Robo Eye[1]
8312.gif Yin Yang Earring[1] 8221.gif Scuba Mask[1]
8348.gif Shutter Glasses[1]
  • All mid-headgears other than the base ingredient give DEF + 1, STR/AGI/INT + 1, and has a level 70 minimum requirement
  • Items in bold does not have the level 70 minimum requirement

Getting the non-slotted versions

As you will need the non-slotted version of a specific headgear to make a slotted one, you will need a way to get these. Quite some can be bought from NPC's or the Reward Guru, some can be made through quests and some can be dropped by an OBB/OPB.

There is now also a new way to get these, namely by finding a 8901.gifChiqita's Jewelry Box. These boxes are being dropped by Myst Case at a low chance and give you any non-slotted mid-headgear (except some newer ones).


  1. Credits to GM Seiren for this Guide