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General Frost's Comprehensive Sniper Guide

------------Guide is under construction!--------------

Note: This guide hasn't been worked on in over a year; feel free to edit if needed.

About Author

Hi, my name's General Frost and this is my first attempt at writing a guide on TalonRO. At the time of writing this guide, I have been a part of this community for six months. Four of the six months have been dedicated to playing the Sniper class exclusively. I do have prior Ragnarok experience from the official server; however, I forgot most of what I learned since its been over 10 years since I touched the game.This combined with the custom world/quests/items/end-game content that TalonRO has created has forced me to relearned everything from the ground up. This guide is a map of that knowledge and I hope you guys find it as a valuable tool whether you are a newbie or a veteran.

Game Mechanics 101

Before we dive into the Sniper guide, I personally feel that anyone starting this game or has been playing should be aware of these important aspects of TalonRO before heading off to smash Porings. And they are:


Hotkey Setup - General Frost's Comprehensive Sniper Guide

Above is my current hot-key setup. To set up or put up more hot-key rows, press F12 until satisfied. To hot-key a spell, press Alt+S, left-click and hold on the icon of the spell then drag and drop into desired slot. To hot-key an item/equipment, press Alt+E, left-click and hold on the item icon then drag and drop into desired slot. If you want to further customize your hot-keys, press ESC and click on Key Assigning, then play around with the bindings till you are comfortable. For example my hotkey 1-1 through 1-6 is my first row of letters (Q,W,E,R,T,Y), hotkey 2-1 through 2-9 is my second row of letters (A,S,D,F,G,...) and so forth. (My 4th row is numbers 1,2,3,4, ...) You do not have to copy my setup, just tinker around until you have a comfortable way of quickly using spells and items.

The next important hot-key is utilizing the /q2 technique. First, use the mouse scroll on your mouse to zoom out as far as you can without losing vision on your surrounding area. Then type in /q2. What this does is hot-keys your hot-key numbers 1-7 and 1-8 to your mouse scroll, so when you roll your mouse scroll up (you use the ability/item/equip in hot-key 1-8) and when you roll your mouse scroll down (you use the ability/item/equip in hot-key 1-7). As you can see from my setup, I put L10 Improve Conc and L10 True Sight as my /q2 skills, this allows quicker access and reload time when you die --> get res'd -> roll mouse up/down and tap G and you are ready to go

The last important hot-key is making use of your num-pad. First, press ESC and go to Key Assigning. Then Click on the Macros Tab and replace Macros 1-10 to your 0-9 on your Num Pad, click OK. Now to access the menu, press Alt+ M. You can use these extra hot-keys however you like, but the below is my preference: Using them to ask for buffs, checking the current market items (!ws insert # ID), asking for purchases in market, and quickly turning on or off main/recruit/exp etc. You can also permanently turn off(when you log in) main/recruit/showexp/market/etc at Kafra, but I like to be able to turn them on and off at my leisure.

Shortcuts Example - General Frost's Comprehensive Sniper Guide

-Search Buy/Sell items

Go to TalonRO's official website, in the top right click control panel. Hover over "databases" and choose selling shops. Type in name of the item and it will give you the entire listing of that said item currently in market. Give yourself some time to be comfortable with this function as it will be your bread-and-butter when scanning the market for items to vend/buy/sell.

If using the search bar on TalonRO is your bread-and-butter, than is your peanut butter and jelly. Use this site to search for what monster drops what items, on which map, how to locate and reach each map, job change guide, cooking guides, etc. This site is the Google of Ragnarok and has a fountain of information. Bookmark it, and if you have spare time, get acquainted with its functions.

-Bronze Coins/Rental Weapons/Mounts

Bronze Coins are type of in-game currency that is really important to a new player. They allow you to access overpowered Rental weapons and gear, but more so the weapons. The mounts are a luxury to have and a must-have if you intend to MVP as a sniper as it allows you to reach max movement speed possible (allows you to scout an entire map much quicker for MVP) New players should note that if you do your Job Change Quest normally (the official way, not by asking the job changer in Prontera) you will be awarded 25 Bronze coins (25 Bronze for novice into archer, 25 Bronze for archer into hunter) To job change to Archer the official way, use Warper to go to Payon Dungeon and talk to Archer Guildsman located (64,71) inside building. To job change to Hunter the offical way, use Warper to go to Hugel and talk to Hunter Sherin (386, 374) inside building. Use this link, for the answers to the questions. The main way for players to gain Bronze Coins is to do the Hunting Board Quest located in Prontera (140,179), you get 25 Bronze/day and it resets everyday at 00:00 server time. You exchange your Bronze Coins for items in Prontera to NPC, Rental Master at (160, 192)

It is important for new players to build a supply of Bronze Coins so please don't skim on these easy quests unless you have a stronger bow than Refined Ballista (194 base attack with +20% to all monsters) Also, keep in mind that Rental weapons disappear after 1 week so maintaining a healthy supply of Bronze C is vital.

-Talon Coins/MVP Cards/Rates

Talon Coins are another important type of in-game currency. They are obtained through these 8 ways:

  • -Exchanging Copper Coins to Talon Coins at the Rewards Guru at (158, 192) from my experience, the rates vary from 50CC to 1 TC to as high as 65CC to 1TC
  • -Voting for TalonRO nets you 12-20 Copper Coins/day - when the weekly goal of votes have been met, the exchange rate from CC to TC goes down, 50-1 is lowest so vote!
  • -Killing monsters in TamTam's Gift region - drop rate for Copper Coins is low - Check the forums to find the current TamTam regions
  • -Doing GMC (Game Master Challenge) nets you 50 Copper Coins/1day
  • -Killing MVPs drop Reward Tickets which when consumed net you 2 Copper Coins
  • -Playing the Mini-games located in Hugel, Geffen, etc nets 2-47 Copper Coins/game (depending on which game you play)
  • -Buying Talon Coins with real currency - $1 USD to 1Talon coin
  • -Buying Talon Coins from players - vary depending on supply and demand but currently it is at 1.15mil zeny - 1.2mil zeny to 1 Talon Coin

Talon Coins can be used to trade for MVP cards at the Rewards Guru.

-Dual Clienting

TalonRO allows you to have multiple accounts open at the same time. Which allows you to make a Priest secondary to Heal/Buff you while you use your main character. Or you can Self-leech yourself or make a Sage to endow an elemental property or make a Soul Linker to buff/link yourself or make a Merchant to vend for you while you play the game. Use the function @autotrade after you have setup a vend, as it will close your game while keeping the store open.

-SQI items

AKA god items, TalonRO's custom items for end-game content. Please take some time and read through this guide:

You should be aware of these items and strive to obtain them because they have a huge impact on your overall dominance in a PVM environment

-GMC and ET

Game Master Challenge and Endless Tower are both end-game content instances (GMC not instance yet) that you complete with a party of 8-12 players. They drop rare items to slotted gear. GMCs give you a total of 50 copper coins when completed.

The PVM Sniper

What is the Sniper?

Snipers are a long-range class damage dealer that specializes in both Burst Damage and DPS(damage per second) by having High %Damage modifier skills for Burst Damage and Steroid Skill % modifier for both DPS/Burst Damage. They also have a wide variety of Traps at their disposal to either maim, snare, blind, freeze, sleep, sp-burn and push their targets. The Sniper's Falcon offers both burst damage, DPS, and a pseudo-stun lock if built correctly. Given these skill set, Snipers are the ideal class for both solo and team play.

Why choose Sniper?

Pros Cons
High Burst Damage Low carrying weight limit
High Damage per second (5 attacks per second) Medium to high Sp consumption due to skill spam
2nd Longest Ranged in Game Consumes a lot of Arrows (Elemental and Non-Elemental)
Only class to change Element at will (no converter) Low Heath Points and Low Defense/Magic Defense
Steroid Skills to upgrade ASPD/Flee/Damage Easily susceptible to negative debuffs (silence, stun, sleep, etc)
Can reach 100%+ Critical rate (max at 146% Critical) End-game items are expensive
Multitude of Traps
Spam-able Skills (extremely low Cooldown on skills)
Skills have huge +% damage modifier
Ignores Defense of target
Falcon assist for Damage and Detection
Can Mob and single target kill with ease
Has a pseudo-stun lock for single target
Variety of skill/stat builds to farm certain areas
Does well solo and part of team
Can craft elemental arrows from raw materials
Best Iron Chefs in the game for cooking stat food
Best SQI investment per Zeny that pays for itself
Best SQI bonuses that increase damage potential
Best Damage Dealer under Bragi Song
Best Efficient Damage to SP ratio
Only class besides SinX that can crit 100% on MVPs

Road to become an EliteSniper

The path to become an Elite Sniper can be broken down into 6 phases or benchmarks. Obtaining the items in each category will put you up one rank and the power of your Sniper will increases dramatically. Here is the list (each will be explained in further detail in a later section):

Bronze Sniper

-Rental Ballista Bow

-GEC shoes or Moonlight

-Kaho or Ship Captain Hat

Silver Sniper

-TTT Artemis Bow

-Sniping Suit(Gloom)

Gold Sniper

-Valk Helm Gyphon

-Gryphon Mid

-Optional: Rosary Ifrits or Death Medallion [1] Ifrits or Celebs

Platinum Sniper

-Hood+10 with Chung E

-Slieps Mystl or GEC

-Optional: AKAKAK or AKAKPaper Artemis

Diamond Sniper

- Bris Ifirit

- Bris Sting

- Mutiple SS

Elite/Hardcore Sniper

-Must have all items below this rank

-Stat Foods/Utility foods

- +7 Artemis

Have your Armory Stocked:


Armory Demonstration - General Frost's Comprehensive Sniper Guide

Q. Where do you get/farm all your elemental arrows from?

To those who don't know about Quivers. They are a consumable item that condenses 500 of any arrow into a Quiver. Also the Quivers weights considerably less than having the arrows out. The NPC, Inventor Jaxx, located in Payon Armory Building (143, 158) is able to convert your arrows into quivers for a small fee (500z). No Quest required.

Now there are 3 main ways to keep your Armory stocked with elemental arrows

  • - Buy them from NPC (limited elements - Fire, Silver and Neutral only)
  • - Craft them from raw materials that drop from monsters using the Platinum Skill "Arrow Craft - Platnium Skill NPC located in Prontera Building (39,114)
  • - Buy them from players pre-made
  1. You are able to purchase Fire and Silver (also Elven and Hunter arrows) from the Tool Dealer on Sunken Ship (Talk to Warp Girl -> Dungeons -> Sunken Ship)
  2. Here is a list of raw materials that I use to craft into elemental arrows

-Crystal Arrows (Water)

-Gills: produces 150 water arrows/craft - Iron arrows just resell to NPC

-Monster: Marc and Swordfish - Izul_dun03 - (Warp Dungeon -> Bibilan -> Go 3 floors deep)

-Wind Arrows

-Wind of Venture: produces 500 Wind arrows/craft

-Monster: Grand Peco - Map Yuno_fild08 (From Aldebaran - 2 North, 1 West)

-Rough Wind broken down into multiple Wind of Ventures - Look up Umbala Language Quest on Talonwiki

-Stone Arrows(Earth)

-Great Natures broken down into multiple Green Lives - Look up Umbala Language Quest on Talonwiki

-Green lives: produces 500 stone arrows/craft

-Monster: Sleepers - Map Yuno_fild06 (From Yuno - 1 South, 1 East, 1 North)

-Shadow Arrows

-Rune of Darkness: produces 300 shadow arrows/craft - sell flash arrows to NPC

-Monsters: Frus and Skogul - Odin_02 (From Hugel talk to Boatman(206,108) - 1 East)

-Immaterial Arrows(Ghost)

-Yellow Bijou: produces 50 Imma and 50 silver arrow/craft - sell sleep arrows to NPC

-Monster: Gold Acidus - Abyss Lake03 - (From Hugel - 1 South, 1 West) must have 3 Dragon parts (1x Dragon Canine, Dragon Scale, and Dragon Tail)

Please note that you do NOT craft Rough Winds or Great Natures but BREAK them down into Wind of Ventures and Green lives respectively. Use arrow craft on Wind of Ventures and Green Lives to make arrows

Q. Difference between Ranked Pots vs Non-Ranked Pots?

Ranked Potions heal 50% more than regular NPC bought potions or Non-Ranked Potions. To become ranked, a creator must brew enough points to be within the top 10 on the server. To check rankings, type in /alchemist. These ranked brewers worked hard to obtain these rankings so support your Rankers! (If you can spare the Zeny of course lol) Note: Ranked Slim Potions weight 1 and heal 50% more.


Stay stocked with Grape Juice. Here is a good guide on that quest:


A good cheap source of healing consumable, NPC are located at: Izlude Town: (97, 145) and Prontera: (6, 125)

Armory Extended

Armory Demonstration Two - General Frost's Comprehensive Sniper Guide

List of Armors

Armor Name Armor Definition Card Effect
Sniping Suit of Zephyrus   Sniping Suit (Dokebi)   Enchant Armor with Wind property +1 Def
Unfrozen Sniping Suit   Sniping Suit (Marc)  Gain protection from Freeze status and increase Water resist +5%
Abyss Sniping Suit   Sniping Suit (Gloom Under Night)  Increase damage +20% to Holy, Shadow, Angel, and Demon monsters
Sniping Suit of Wildcat  Sniping Suit (Porcellio)   Increase Attack +25 and -5 Def
Jack Frost Sniping Suit   Sniping Suit (Ktullanux)  Increase damage +20% to Fire monsters and +3% chance to cast L5 Frost Nova when attacked
Evil Sniping Suit   Sniping Suit (Bathory)  Enchant Armor with Shadow property
Hasty Shoes   Shoes (Moonlight)   Increase max HP by +25% and +5 Dex and Enable Fast-Move all the time
Shoes of Regeneration   Shoes (General Egnigem Cenia)  Increase HP/SP by 100 every 10 secs and Increase Max HP/SP by +20%
Monsoon Muffler  Muffler (Stem Worm)   Increase Dex +5
Meteoric Mischievous Fairy  Elven Ears (Bloody Knight)  Increase Attack +30 and +3% chance to cause External Bleeding when attacking
Valkyrie Circlet Kaho   Custom Lord Kaho's Horns  Increase +20 Str, +20 Int, +20 Dex, and +20 Mdef

Armor effects:

Sniping Suit: +6 Critical Rate and Bonus Crit based on (Luk/10). Increase Mdef +5 and reduce after-cast delay by 23%

Elven Ears: +1 Agi

Example of an Artemis carded with Abysmal Knight card for maximum MvP damage - General Frost's Comprehensive Sniper Guide

Current Ideal End-Game Gear

Equipment Name Equipment Definition Equipment Effect Card Effect
Wild Old Valkyrie Helm Old Valkyrie Helm (Gryphon) Increase +20 Vit +20 Agi +20 Luk and +20 Mdef    +20 Critical
Wild Dark Blinder Dark Blinder (Gryphon) Increase Agi + 1    +20 Critical
Cold Breath Bell Cold Breath Pussy Cat Bell  Increase Def +5
Abyss Sniping Suit Sniping Suit (Gloom Under Night) Look above for description
Triple Explosion Artemis Artemis Bow (3x Turtle General)  LUK and INT +5; see below for SQI bonuses to add to character. Increase damage on all enemies by 20% × 3 = 60%
Double Liberation Slicing Artemis Artemis Bow (2x Abysmal Knight 1x Paper)  LUK and INT +5; see below for SQI bonuses to add to character. +25% damage to Boss-type monsters and +20% Critical Damage
Cursed Hood Hood (Chung E) Decrease Luk by -5. Increase Luk and Critical +1% per refinement of equipment
Anti-Small Sleipnir Sleipnir (Mysteltainn) MHP/MSP +20%,+15% SP recovery, +10 Mdef and Fast-Move   Attack +30 and Flee +30
Supreme Brisingamen Brisingamen (Sting)  Increase All Stats +6 but Dex + 3 and +5 MDef   Dex + 4
Inferno Brisingamen Brisingamen (Ifrit) Increase All Stats +6 but Dex + 3 and +5 Mdef    ATK and HIT + (JobLvl/5) Crit + (JobLvl/10)

When equipping an Artemis Bow you are to able to trigger SQI bonuses for that character bound Sniper. Below are my chosen upgrades:

+15 Luk, +10% Crit Damage, +15% Double Strafe Damage and +15% HP

Pantry (Luxury items)

Example of various stat foods - General Frost's Comprehensive Sniper Guide


Snipers are the best Chefs to make Stat foods due to their:

  • - SQI bonus +15 Luk and +5 Luk from Artemis Bow
  • - Natural High Dex and Luk gain from Job levels (At max job, +24 Dex and +8 Luk)
  • - L10 improve concentration (+12% Agi/Dex)
  • - True Sight (+5 to all Stats)

Notable Foods

  • - Honey Grape = +1 Dex
  • - Green Salad = +5 Dex
  • - Special Toast = +8 Dex
  • - Hwergelmir's Tonic = +10 Dex
  • - Rune Strawberry Cake = +5% to Attack and Magic
  • - Schwwartzwald Pine Jubilee = +10 HIT and +20 Perfect Dodge
  • - Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich = +7 Critical
  • - Guarana Candy = Increase Agi and Increase Agi +12

Current Cooking Setup

  • - Valkyrie Circlet Kaho
  • - Gossip Raven
  • - Artemis Bow
  • - Mantle +3 dex with Baby Leopard Card
  • - Muffler with Stem Worm Card
  • - Shoes with Moonlight Card
  • - 2x Bris Stings

Total Stats: Dex +214 and Luk +180 (with Bless and Gloria, I need to double check and put screenshot later)

My success at cooking +8 Dex foods (Special Toast) is 96.5% (721/747) and the ingredients are fairly easy to hunt.

Quick Breakdown of Stats

Every Str increases you weight limit by 30

Roughly every 5 Str increases your Attack by 1

Agi at 40 base Agi you can spam DS at 1.5 shots per sec

Agi at 70 base agi you can spam DS at 2 shots per sec

At 185 ASPD you can spam 3 DS per sec without Bragi

At 185 ASPD you can spam 1.5 SS per sec without Bragi

At 185 ASPD you can spam 3 SS per sec with Bragi

At 265 Flee you can dodge a majority of monsters normal attacks 95% of the time

Every 10 Int increases Bird damage by 50

Every 20 total Int increases Grape Juice effectiveness by roughly +18SP

Every combination of 10 Dex is an increase in roughly 30 base Attack (the moment u break it)

Every Dex increase ASPD by (Im guessing 0.78 ASPD for each dex)

Every Dex increase FLEE by (Im guessing 0.60 ASPD for each dex)

Every 10 Dex is 10 Base Bird damage

Luk every luk increases Crit by 0.3

Every base 10 luk increases Crit by 1.3

Every 10 luk increases chance to auto-blitz by 3%

(Introduce 5 main Sniper Builds) - All- Rounder, Pure DS build, Falconer/DS hybrid, Autolooter and Trapper Build

Leveling Areas

-Bunch of leveling ares. Go focus on making Zeny. Zeny >> Levels because Gears >>> Levels.

Farming Areas

(will make a table and organize this list better later, for now I just put up the map and the monster that should be farmed- please look above under game mechanics to locate map and directions)

Category terms and definitions:

Difficulty: Wood --> Bronze --> Silver --> Gold --> Platinum --> Diamond. Each rank corresponds to the ideal sniper rank to farm said area, if you have more gears than said rank = the map is easier to farm for you.

Profit: Liquid vs Potential. Liquid profit is zeny made through overcharge selling to NPC while Potential zeny is made through selling to players. Low Liquid = 1mil/hr Medium Liquid = 2mil/hr High liquid = 3mil+/hr

Access: Requires Quest or Free-Access or Item-Access

Items: notable items that are you hunting for

Tactics: my way of farming the map, feel free to experiment

-Pay_Dun03 - Sohee

Difficulty: Wood

Profit: Potential

Access: Free-Access

Items: Sohee Card, Muffler(1), Authoritative Badge, and Black Hair

Tactics: Bring a Perma-Autolooter Sniper with (No Longer Applicable because autoloot was changed to arealoot) Silver/Water arrows (if your sniper is too weak to one-shot sohee, bring wind arrows) and DS Sohees, kill Nine Tails with Water.

-Xmas_Dun01 - Myst Case

Difficulty: Wood

Profit: Low Liquid and Potential

Access: Free-Access

Items: Chiquita Box, 2 carat diamond, Myst Case Hat, Myst Case Card, Pearl, Piece of Cake, Sandals(1), Hood(1), Dark Green Dye, Candy Cane, Gift Box, and Well-Baked Cookie

Tactics: Bring a Perma-Autolooter Sniper with (No Longer Applicable because autoloot was changed to arealoot) Elven Arrows and DS Myst Cases, Cruisers, and Cookies. MVP Stormy Knight: Bring my main sniper with Unfrozen Sniping Suit, Stone Arrows, White Slims, and Guarana Candy in case of Decrease AGI. Use SS + 3 auto attacks + move, rinse and repeat till dead. If I have a tank, just auto-attack till death. Kill time: under 9 secs.

  • -Ein Field 01 - Demon Pungus and Punks
  • -Ein Field 09 - Porcellio
  • -Glast Heim Prison - Everything
  • -Glast Heim Churchyard - Everything
  • -Lighthazen Field 02 - Stemworm, Breeze and Demon Pungus
  • -Gonyrun Dungeon L1 - Peach Tree, Zipper Bear
  • -Yuno Field 06 - Sleepers
  • -Ayothaya Dun 02 - Kraben and Tamruan
  • -Rachel Sanctuary 04 - Ecchio and Agav
  • -Niff Field 01 or 02 - Everything on map
  • -Yuno Field 11 - Goats
  • -Geffen Field 11 - Gobin Archer
  • -Glast Helm Knight 01 and 02 - Raydric, Raydric Archers, Khalitzburg
  • -Beach Dungeon 03 - Thara Frog and Hydra
  • -Moscovia Dungeon 03 - Mavkas
  • -Aldebarren Dungeon L4 - Bathory
  • -Comodo Field 03 - Anolian
  • -Abyss L3 - Gold Acidus, everything but Hydros
  • -Odins Temple 02 - Frus
  • -Thor L1 - Kasa and Imps
  • -Thanthos Tower 05 - Elder, Owl Duke and Owl Baron
  • -Magma Dun 02 - Everything on map
  • -Bio Labs 3 - Cecil
  • -Geffenia - Succubus and Incubus

Guide is under construction!

Thanks for your patience,

Gen. Frost