Soul Linker - Leveling Guide

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Attention Readers: This guide is currently incomplete and hasn't been worked on in over 1 1/2 years. Feel free to fill in the blanks!



Soul Linker is an extended first class in the Taekwon Class tree. They use various spirit link skills to enhance the abilities of other classes as well as powerful offensive and defensive magic. They're magic or "spells," however are limited on what they can be used on. A unique thing about Soul Linkers is that they are naturally immune to Dispell. Also when a soul linker and a star gladiator are married in game. You can bypass the requirement to use Ka Buffs (can only be used otherwise when soul linked) with the star gladiator you are married to.


Melee Type

Caster Type

  • STR- 1
  • AGI- 1
  • VIT- 20-30(Left over points here)
  • INT- 99
  • DEX- 70-80 (Whatever you need for decent casting speed)
  • LUK- 1

This build is to maximize Esma damage combined with Warm Wind. Unfortunately this means you can't take a lot of damage, however with your ka buffs that will be easier and evasive skills like High Jump or Running you can make a quick getaway (asides from Fly Wing). If you're looking for something a bit more in between just add some more VIT and AGI.

Woe Support

  • STR- 1
  • AGI- 1
  • VIT- 20-50 (basically as much as you can spare since you won't be attacking, its for surivival)
  • INT- 90-99 (You'll be linking/buffing a lot of people)
  • DEX- 70-90 (same reason as INT)
  • LUK- 1

This build focuses on WOE with Ka and Spirit Link Skills. They get only a few to none Es skills, as those are usable in PvM only. Their most important skills are their Ka buffs such as Kaite, Kaupe for support as well as the Bard, Dancer, and Soul Linker Spirits for buffs. The rest of the soul links you would consider for woe are Assassin, Rogue, Wizard and Crusader Spirits. With this build you could also go full VIT and just reduce the dex, it really depends on what you have to work with. The build above is more suited to vanilla WOE.

WOE Melee


Notes: To start off with, if you plan to use your soul linker as just a buff slave you probably don't need to level to job 50 on Taekwon. If you are serious about playing Linker you MUST level it to job 50. Number of reasons but basically you've weaken your character if you don't. Once you've changed into Soul linker the following Taekwon Skills can only be used: Running, High Jump, Peaceful Rest, Enjoyable Rest, Fighting Chant, Warm Wind and Breakfall.

Here is my soul linker's TK skill tree:

An example of Soul Linker skill placement.

By the time you've hit job 50 you should be between 50-60 Base You'll need to start with a melee dagger build, adding points to Estin and Estun until you can use Esma. Try Metalings or if thats too hard go to Payon Dungeon with Warm Wind (Holy). Leaf Cats with Warm Wind (Fire). You mainly want job xp so you can change to the caster build.


With Esma and Warm Wind the world is your oyster. You can go to Geographer, Stings at Glast Heim Sewers, Glast Heim Prison, Glast Heim Churchyard.


Sphinx 04

You will mainly kill Anubis here. They are one of the best sources of EXP, both base and job. However, this doesn't come with any drawbacks. Anubis casts a bunch of skills, noticeably LV 9 Dark Soul Strike and LV 10 Sonic Blow. Eswoo helps here, Anubis is quick-moving, and you don't want it to Sonic Blow you. Dark Soul Strike is something you should watch out for, though with some decent INT, you should be able to survive them. Kaite is... well, you can use it, but it only reflects the first 3 hits, while Anubis casts LV 9 Dark Soul Strike, which summons 5 missiles. Kaupe is something you should take advantage of, in case Anubis gets close to you, and tries to Sonic Blow you, it will miss completely. Kaizel, though not required, is definitely is a skill you should consider, with it you won't need to walk all the way again when you die. Anubis is an Undead 2 property monster, you know which level of Warm Wind to use.

Loots here aren't that expensive. Cultish Masques and Rotten Bandages are SQI Bonus ingredients. Wand of Occult and Staff of Recovery are wanted at times. You can also get Oridecon from Anubis. Anubis Hat and the card can fetch a nice sum of zeny.

Anubis, Ice Titans, Rachel Sanctuary. Eswoo the mobs before you cast the Es skills. Making sure you have the correct elemental damage (Holy wind).


Manuk Field 02

Your primary target here would be Bradium Golems, while they are powerful, they are weak to fire and also very slow. Tatachoes and Centipedes are also manageable, but they can overwhelm you if you're not careful. Most monsters here might be able to kill you in a single hit, so you may find Kaahi to be not so useful. Not only the EXP here is great, monsters in this map also drop a few rare items. To note, they are Bradium Shield (from Bradium Golems), and from Tatachoes are Luna Kaleet, Chello, and also the somewhat unpopular Tatacho Card. Centipedes drop noteworthy items, but they aren't really sought out by players in game, such as Cursed Lyre, Black Cat, Cold Heart, and also the card.

To fight the monsters, you may or may not need Eswoo. Basically, Eswoo just makes things easier by allowing you to not have to run often. The map itself is pretty mob dense, so the hit and run technique, while viable, will be a bit harder. Against Bradium Golems, most likely there'll be no need for Eswoo, they're very slow already without it. Against Centipedes and Tatachoes, though you will use them most of the time. As they are both fast, and dangerous. Bradium Golems and Tatachoes are weak to fire, while Centipedes aren't weak to any element. So use the correct level of Warm Wind, they'll help a lot.

Other options would be Luciola Vespa, Pinguiculas, and perhaps Thor. Similarly, deal with Eswoo and Esma.


  • Dagger of Counter
  • Survivor Rod
  • Combat Knife
  • Swordbreaker
  • Mailbreaker
  • Cursed Dagger
  • Apple of Archer
  • Robo Eye