Soul Ring Quest

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Item Requirements


Step 1

The first NPC is a bit south in pay_fild04(Poring Island, Prontera->South->South->East):


The poring will tell you that brave porings can turn into angelings bla bla bla.

Step 2

He'll tell you that you have to find 3 hints in the map in order to find the Master Angeling Location. These are the locations:

First one is North East:


Second one is North West:


Third one is in the center:


The hints are these:

“I will be in a small piece of a field. Just like this island.” “My hideout is next to two cities.” “Once you find the map where I am you will have to walk a bit more to other map and then go into my hideout.”

Step 3

The answer to this riddle is prt_fild08, the one between Prontera and Izlude, the Master Angeling is on southwest part of the map. Get there from the map in the south of this:


Step 4

The Master Angeling is going to ask you a proof of your power and request 35 Jellopies (Which will require sooooooo much power, of course):


Step 5

After showing him you are "powerful" he is going to give you the real ingredient list for the headgear!



Soul Ring Headgear

Pretty nice, in my opinion, the Assumptio 1 autocast on 1% chance is good for mobbers, and can be combined.


  1. Credits to Gabrieel for this guide