Spawn Rate Changes

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There are several locations with altered spawn rates to enhance the overall gameplay. Below you will find a few of the most popular maps and the changes to them (note: this wiki entry only shows the mobs that were changed, not necessarily the full mobs and types that are on the entire map):

Glastheim Underprison (gl_prison)

Gl prison.gif Normal:
  • Hunter Fly [10]
  • Rybio [15]
  • Zombie Prisoner [30]


  • Hunter Fly [0]
  • Rybio [0]
  • Zombie Prisoner [60]

Explanation: Glastheim Prison has always been a popular leveling spot in TalonRO. The monsters are slow, making it easy for people to hit & run. Very popular for Acolytes, Mages and Archers.

West Orc Village (gef_fild14)

Gef fild14.gif Normal:
  • High Orc [70]


  • High Orc [140]

Explanation: High Orcs are very good to train for almost any class.

Glast Heim Churchyard (gl_chyard)

Gl chyard.gif Normal:
  • Ghoul [35]


  • Ghoul [0]
  • Skeleton Prisoner [90]
  • Zombie Prisoner [90]

Explanation: Glastheim Churchyard is a nice alternative for Glastheim Prison. Furthermore, it has Skeleton Prisoners added, which drop the very popular Formal Suit [1].

Toy Monitoring Room (xmas_dun02)

Xmas dun02.gif Normal:
  • Myst Case [50]


  • Myst Case [90]

Explanation: Toy Factory 2 is an excellent place for newer players to train and to earn some good zeny. Popular for most melee & ranged classes, Lv40+.

Clock Tower B4 (alde_dun04)

Alde dun04.gif Normal:
  • Bathory [50]


  • Bathory [65]

Explanation: As a fast-paced server, it is useful to have good healing items, too. Bathories drop Witch Starsands, required for Consensed White Potions which are the main WoE healing items.

Skellington, a Solitary Village in Nifflheim (nif_fild01)

Nif fild01.gif Normal:
  • Disguise [50]
  • Dullahan [20]
  • Gibbet [10]
  • Quve [30]


  • Disguise [75]
  • Dullahan [72]
  • Gibbet [15]
  • Quve [25]

Explanation: Skellington is probably the most popular training, partying and zeny farming map. Popular for priests, blacksmiths, crusaders and many more.

Ayothaya Field (ayo_fild02)

Ayo fild02.gif Normal:
  • Leaf Cat [50]


  • Leaf Cat [80]

Explanation: Ayothaya Field 2 is easy to access and the Leaf Cats give a good amount of Job EXP for low level players.

Kokomo beach (cmd_fild02)

Cmd fild02.gif Normal:
  • Mobster [1]
  • Seal [20]


  • Mobster [35]
  • Seal [40]

Explanation: Seals and Mobsters are good EXP for mid-level players. Furthermore, they drop items that are worth a lot when selling to NPC's.

Dremuci Forest (mosk_dun03)

Mosk dun03.gif Normal:
  • Mavka [15]
  • Uzhas [35]


  • Mavka [20]
  • Uzhas [25]

Explanation: Mavka are a good way to earn money, even for newer players. To prevent the map being extremely mobby, the Uzhas spawnrates have been lowered.

Inside Pyramid B2 (moc_pryd06)

Moc pryd06.gif Normal:
  • Ancient Mummy [20]
  • Arclouse [20]
  • Mimic [20]
  • Verit [10]


  • Ancient Mummy [30]
  • Arclouse [10]
  • Mimic [10]
  • Verit [15]

Explanation: Ancient Mummies give good EXP for mid-level players. Priests and hunters are often trained in here. Furthermore, rare items such as Glove[1] are dropped.

Lutie Field (xmas_fild01)

Xmas fild01.gif Normal:
  • Garm Baby [1]


  • Garm Baby [20]

Explanation: Having only one monster on a field is just silly. It spices up the Lutie maps a bit more.