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Star Gladiators (also known as Taekwon Masters) are not a hard character to play once you are familiar with the skills and how they operate. To be a good SG you don't need fancy high end equips you just need to know what you are doing. You need to have good reflexes, concentration and switching skills. SG's focus on strength, the more strength you have the more damage you heat skill will produce (card modifiers also help). Making a pro SG is NOT cheap! If you are serious about making a SG you can spend anywhere up to 700m zeny. So prepare yourself~!!


SG and SL combo is a must in my opinion. SL's have 2 very important buffs that will assist you in farming, leveling and leeching. If your SG is married to a SL it is more convenient to receive these buffs so you don't have to triple client or leg/relog. Kaahi helps you in HP regeneration while Kaizel will res you upon death on the same spot so you don't have to walk back to the map. 

Kaahi Sl kaahi.gifWhile this buff lasts, every time you are successfully attacked (skill attacks are not affected), it takes 5*SkillLV SP and heals 200*SkillLV HP. If you receive many attacks in a short time, the skill will heal you for the total of the attacks (up to the heal limit).

Kaizel Sl kaizel.gifWhen you die, you are immediately resurrected with (10*SkillLV)% HP. After being resurrected Kaizel is dispelled but you have 2 seconds lasting Kyrie Eleison buff.

Useful Cards 

  • Abysmal Knight - Increase damage on Boss monster by 25%.
  • Kiel D-01 - Add a 10% chance of gaining 5% of the damage inflicted upon an enemy as SP with each attack. Add a 10% chance of decreasing enemy's SP amount by 5% when attacking.
  • Sniper - Reduces HP recovery by 10%. Add a 10% chance of gaining 20% of the damamge inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack.
  • Phreeoni - Hit + 100
  • Gloom Under Night - Increase damage on Holy property, Shadow property, Angel monster, Demon monster by 20%
  • Alice - Receive 40% less damage from Boss monster. Receive 40% more damage from normal monster.
  • Golden Thief Bug - Nullify all magic spells, including supportive skills, that target the owner at the cost of doubling SP consumption cost when using skill.
  • Maya - Mdef + 20. Enable use of Auto-Guard lvl 2.
  • Deviling - Add a 50% resistance against Neutral Property attacks. Receive 50% more damage from other attacks.
  • Lady Tanee - Maximum HP + 30%. +1% additional MaxHP per 8 base AGI. +1% ATK/MATK per 8 base VIT. +1 Perfect Dodge per 8 base LUK.
  • Dark Lord - Maximum HP + 50%. [+ Dark Illusion] Reduce casting time by an additional 5%.
  • Dark Illusion - Maximum HP & SP - 10%. Reduce casting time by 5%. [+ Dark Lord] Reduce casting time by an additional 5%. Increase Maximum HP/SP by an additional 20%. 
  • Bloody Knight - ATK + 30. Add 2% chance to cause External Bleeding on target when attacking.

Note : Sniper card is really under rated here. I think it is one of the best cards for mobbing, especially with SG. Imagine you have 8+ monsters you are fighting, sniper card can give you HP regen so you don't have to worry so much about healing or dying. I can mob 8+ monsters in Morroc while using K/P/S book and Kaahi buff and not have to worry about dying. In Odin I have tried AK/S/K book and I don't die at all. For those people who tell you it's useless (their opinion) you best try it out for yourself first. As mentioned I've been playing SG over 1 year and I've used sniper card. 


  1. 20% HP
  2. 130 ATK
  3. DEX + 10
  4. LUK + 15 or 20% SP

Odin Temple

Odin Temple Floor 3 - Star Gladiator Leeching Guide

Feeling of the Sun Sg feel.gif - should be set in this map (Odin Temple 03)

Hatred of the Sun Sg hate.gif - should target Skeggiold (Blue one gives more exp, but Brown one has more annoying skill sets)

Warm Wind Tk sevenwind.gif - Shadow and Holy


  • Upper - Kaho, or any head gear that gives you STR attributes.
  • Mid - BK or DI str mid
  • Lower - PCB
  • Weapon - AK/AK/K or AK/Sniper/K elemental book
  • Armor - Gloom Glittering Jacket, Formal Suit, Odin's Blessing, etc...
  • Shield - Alice Valk Shield or Anubis carded shield, Maya Guard
  • Garment - Deviling muffler, manteau etc...
  • Shoes - Dark Lord/Lady Tanee Eversong, Dark Lord/Lady Tanee Sleipnir, boots, shoes etc...
  • Accessory - Megs, Brys, Celebs, str accessories, tele clip


  • STR - 90+
  • DEX - 70 - 80
  • VIT - 50
  • LUK - 15 - 25

remember to round STR, DEX to be a multiple of 10 for bonus. If you're using Lady Tanee carded shoes, make sure your VIT is a multiple of 8

Odin is a great place for beginners to test skills and get more comfortable in using SG's. It's also the best place for non trans characters to get EXP. You can ask a HP/Priest to assist and mob for you as well.

Monsters in Odin


Skeggiold (Blue) - This one is the stronger of the two types. Not very hard to kill just make sure your buffs are up.


Skeggiold (Black) - This one is the weaker of the two types. Easy to kill, just be careful of it's strip armor skill.


Frus - When fighting this monster change wind to holy.. also REMEMBER to not use alice shield~!! It has a dark attribute attack (if you wear alice and develing same time.. can do 8k damamge to you~!!)


Skogul - Same for Frus.. it has a dark attribute attack so remember change shields.


Valkyrie - Don't bother unless if you're wearing Angeling carded armor. 

Dimensional Gorge

(I only suggest Morroc if you have above average gears or you will have a very hard time level/killing)

Morroc Field 21 - Star Gladiator Leeching Guide

Feeling of the Moon & Stars Sg feel.gif - should be set in this map (Sograt Desert 21)

Hatred of the Moon & Stars Sg hate.gif - should target Golem & Angel

Warm Wind Tk sevenwind.gif - Holy and Ghost


  • Upper - Kaho
  • Mid - DI or BK str mid
  • Lower - PCB
  • Armor - Gloom Fire Armor
  • Weapon - AK/P/K or Sniper/P/K
  • Shield - Alice Valk Shield, GTB Valk Shield and Maya Guard
  • Garment - Develing
  • Shoes - Dark Lord/Lady Tanee Eversong or Dark Lord/Lady Tanee Sleipnir
  • Accessory - Megs, Brys, Celebs, tele clip


  • STR - 80 ~ 90
  • DEX - 80+
  • VIT - 60 ~ 70
  • LUK - 15 - 25

remember to round STR, DEX to be a multiple of 10 for bonus. If you're using Lady Tanee carded shoes, make sure your VIT is a multiple of 8

Morroc can be a very tough place to survive, you will need good switching skill and lots of practice to survive here. If you are new to this map I recommend you bring a well geared HP with you.

Monsters in Morroc


Incarnation of Morroc (Angel) - Be careful when you fight this one, it is very strong. Pulse strike can do 4 - 10k damage to you. It also can dispel all your buffs! When fighting Angel, start with Alice shield, when you damage it about 50% it will cast dark grand cross (you will see the casting bar) this is when you switch to GTB shield.. after he finish casting switch back to Alice. This is the easiest way kill Angel.


Incarnation of Morroc (Golem) - This monster is quite strong and hits fast. Make sure you are wearing fire armor when facing him as it casts Magnum Break (fire property attack) and you should have no problem. It can also cast Earthquake!


Incarnation of Morroc (Human) - This monster looks so scary.. so ugly (I was so scared the first time I saw it) But it's easy to kill. This monster has the highest flee rate in the whole map. It also casting critical wound which is very annoying. 


Incarnation of Morroc (Spirit) - This monster is GHOST property, make sure change your warmth to GHOST!!! Weakest monster in the map, you should have no problems at all killing this.


Keep practicing, don't worry if at first you don't understand or you think it's too hard. Practice makes perfect!! Once you have played SG you will love it! 

Thanks Kogepan for this guide!