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Hello to my guide for those new to Talonro or Ragnarok itself. (Yes, this still happens!)

This Guide is made for all who are new to TalonRO, or Ragnarok in general. Feel free to add your own knowledge to this guide!

Basic Knowledge and Links

Account Management System

If you're new and don't have an account, or have problems adding your Game Account to your Forum Account,
This is very helpful in that case.

Installation Guide and Troubleshooting

All well explained, some common Problems with easy fixes.

Getting Started - A Guide for Beginners

Nice explanation about your first steps, and very important NPCs like Job Changer and Skill Reset NPC

Interface Guide

In depth knowledge that will provide new knowledge even to a RO veteran

Player Commands

Unique Talonro Commands you'd definitely want to know about.

Command Guide

A complete list of commands and shortcuts available to players in game.

Card Groupings

All Cards sorted by effect with descriptions! Very useful!

Leveling Guide

This collection of level areas ought to inspire you. Though the Hunting Board Quests aren't up to date due to some changes at it.

About Upgrading Weapons and Armor

Just ignore the Part about "Renewal." +10 is the maximum at TalonRO because we are a pre-Renewal server.


What does DDTT mean?

Chat Box Guide

How to edit or fix your Chat

How to look for information Guide

Everything that doesn't fit anywhere else or everywhere

Interesting Stuff

  • It's possible to add stat points by text command "/str+ 89" "/agi+ 38" "/dex+ 99" "/int+ 9" "/luk+ 12" or "Vit+ 50" (there is a space between the + and the number).
  • Meat heals a bit less than Potions but cost less than 50 zeny each. It has the best HP recovered:zeny ratio!
  • It's possible to open TalonRO multiple times. Use this to make yourself another account with a character that can buff you up. For example a Priest, Soullinker or Endowsage
  • It's good to have a Merchant in every Account Because he can with the right skills buy Items 24% cheaper and sell for 24% more Profit. If your a try hard you can even make a Rogue for a 25% discount from NPC.
  • You can Cross Trans in this Server. That means, for example, your level 99 Priest can be reborn into any other class, not just High Acolyte. But once you claim the first job as a trans your locked into that 2 branch class tree.

First Zeny

Well done, at this Point you're probably around Level 20-60 and think you need cash. You're right! Before we get to a discussion about which class gets the easiest/fastest zeny, with the lowest investment, IT'S A ROGUE!

Don't listen to the late night online guys from the Main Chat. Their ideas are good and all true but since you're reading, you likely do not own several Million Zeny or Gear with MVP Cards, and do not have any Transcendent Characters (such as a Stalker, which farms much more effectively than a Rogue..).

Step 1 - First Income

  1. If you're playing any class other than Thief / Rogue or a novice at the moment, make a new character and become a Thief, and try following these 2 guides: [[Zeny-Farming Rogue Guide] and [[Rogue - Leveling Guide]
  2. After that, level your Thief at Payon Cave until you get Steal level 10.
  3. Ask for a Warp to Niflheim from Priests. Maybe use the main chat channel with @Main command to ask for a Warp.
  4. Steal from and kill all Blue Plants there (and the next Map to left side) to farm Blue Herbs. Respawn is ~20 - 30 Minutes. If you see any walking monsters just go back through the Portal ;)
  5. You need up to 200.000 Zeny for your first equipment (that's around ~100+ Blue Herbs, if you're starting from 0). The market price is around 1200-2200 Zeny per Herb.
  6. Sell them at the city Moscovia there are mostly enough Buying Shops for Blue Herbs. Otherwise try the command "@Whobuy Blue Herb" or this web page, which is a listing for Buying Shops (You have to be logged in)

Step 2 - A Usable Weapon

  1. Next, a good weapon is needed. A Damascus is the best early-game weapon for us (for the cost). NPCs sell this Dagger for 49k, or perhaps a player might be selling a few as well (usually with more slots). Note: If this sounds too expensive, try taking a look at step 5!
  2. Use the WhoSell Webpage and search for "Damascus," or use the in game command "@whosell Damascus."
  3. Now be careful: we want a +5 Damascus, which is worth around 140.000 zeny.
  4. Check the Market - a Damascus without the "+5" Attribute has a worth of around 37k+, and every +1 is another 20k (~15k per Oridecon, 5k upgrade fee).

Step 3 - Pantie & Undershirt

  1. Purchase a Skill Reset at the Reset Girl (If you don't know where, click here)
  2. Go Back to leveling at Payon Cave and put your skills in "Increase Dodge" and "Double Attack"- both should be raised to level 10 as soon as possible.
  3. If this is done and you have around 160+ flee and ~25 Points in Dex go to Sphinx lvl 1 or Sphinx lvl2 if you can and hunt Zerom`s till you get a Pantie from this Itemcombo
  4. Then use in game the command "@whosell Undershirt" and buy a cheap one (~30.000 zeny). You could also use the WhoSell Webpage, though you may have to wait for someone to sell one either way.

Step 4 - Become a Rogue

Now you just have to level up to Job Level 40+. Look here if you are bored of your current map for some alternatives. Good spots to level fast are at Wolves, Alligators, Mukas, or Siromas. Just note that without proper equipment you have to stay longer on easy maps! Even if some people tell you they leveled with light speed at Anubis, it doesn't mean you can. Sadly they forgot how hard a fresh from scratch was and give sometimes useless advice. Just keep this in mind when looking for new areas to level in. It's always worth the walk to try a new area but don't let yourself get down if you had back to the Map where you got your last 10 levels.

Step 5 - Make a Merchant

Once you get a Dagger from an NPC Make yourself a new character :) This Time it will be a Merchant. Just hit the link and Read the Skill descriptions of Discount and Overcharge ! It's much, much harder to level a Merchant - nowhere near as easily as a Thief. Use your Thief's Dagger and Pantie /Undershirt Combo on him/her for those few job levels. After this is done you can buy your 49k zeny Damascus [1] for only 37k and sell your Loot for 24% more zeny! Even if you don't buy your Dagger from an NPC a 'Merchant is a must have!

With this you are now able to get fast Money for a minimum investment. Your Rogue gets 1 extra Item per Monster and your Merchant let you sell it for 24% extra!

The Rogue is mainly a Money farming Character and even if its fun to play him/her you will definitely want to try other characters soon. If you want to make a Acolyte->Priest or Mage->Sage, I suggest that you make them on a separate account. Every other Class can stay in your Rogue's account. This is because if you start farming harder monsters you can open a 2nd or 3rd window of Talonro and buff your Rouge or other characters.

Step 6 - Improvements

As you already have now the basic gear of a +5 Damascus, Pantie/ Undershirt Set as well as lvl 10 discount/ overcharge on your merchant you may want to improve. There are many ways or items which will help you. I just add some basics which may you wish to be known earlier. Don't limit yourself to recommendations, explore, try and find new ways to play Ragnarok in your way!

I recommend doing the Baby Chick Hat Quest at best you already spend some time at biblian dungeon as a thief to find some earthworms for the picky egg. The eggshells can be found withing a few hours eggyras or picky its just some patience to get the quest done. While the improvement for use with a Dagger isn't that big, you see its true potential by using a bow. The Baby Chick Hat allows to use double attack lvl 2 with any weapons. If you have lvl 10 double attack skilled the Hat uses lvl 10 instead of lvl 2 double attack. Also Bow weapons use DEX for damage improvement instead of STR which helps greatly since you benefit double from DEX (+ damage and +HIT chance)

Another Headgear option is the [1]Sakkat its cheap adds +1 AGI. Its again as for most quests just a question of patience. One Agi inst much but it adds up.

The next recommendation is the Pirate Dagger Quest it is a bit expensive with the 600.000 zeny fee but you will use it for a very long time. Rotten Fish and the Bandana just takes patience again.

At lvl ~80 give the Moscovia Dungeon Entrance Quest a shoot. Leveling on Mavkas rewards good Zeny and XP. Using a Gakkungbow with fire-arrows and a Baby Chick Hat rewards with a acceptable damage output. Bring as many Meat and Fly Wings as you can carry. Save your Zeny for GEC shoes if you plan to play with Bows or for a Ice Pick if you want to play on Sleepers. Both items have stable prices and can always be sold again for the same price or with just a little expense or selling patience.

At around lvl 90+ Stings are a good place to hunt for accessories. They drop Slotted Gloves which adds 1 DEX and their Card adds 4 more DEX. Its a long hunting for two Sting gloves but they are usable on nearly all classes! With 90 base AGI, Improved Dodge lvl 10 and Pantie Combo you get around 230 flee (you need ~256 for full dodge) which is acceptable. Same as for Mavkas use a Gakkungbow with fire arrows and a Baby Chick Hat. The Range will compensate the missing flee points as long as you avoid close combat and use Fly Wings for escaping dangerous situations. The Mud Lumps pay for the used Arrows, Fly Wings and Grape juice. Having GEC Shoes helps greatly to Double Strafe the Stings.

If you decide to give Sleepers a try you want a Ice Pick and a Sage on a 2nd Account with the Endow skill to imbue your Ice Pick with the fire element. There isnt much magic to farming sleepers just do the Ore Downgrading Quest and break the Great Natures to maximize the Profit. You can do Sleepers with a Bow or Damascus too but they have so many Defense that a Ice Pick with endow is the only reliable strategy for the Rogue Class.

Alternative zeny guide or Where to Farm - some good ways for further progress, just to know where you could go in the near future.

Leveling/Farming Improvement

Get familiar with Rate My Server or RMS how its often called. Select Monster Searchfrom the left column (some Monsters have different states/ drops you can look them up at the Talonro Monster Database)


  1. Add ~20 Points to your Flee and insert it
  2. Add ~20 Points to your Hit and insert it
  3. For MVPs, choose exclude
  4. For Minibosses, choose exclude again
  5. Activate the checkbox to exclude monsters from events
  6. Choose a sorting format that fits you the most. For example, by the most EXP.

Now check through the list - these are all Mobs you can hunt, that fit your preferences. When choosing a monster, look carefully! There might be stronger ones on the same map that require more Flee / Hit. At this point a Stats point reset may be helpful. Go for as much Agi as you need to reach maximum Flee rate. 5 Points less will be ok, remember you get 1 Flee per Base Level too. Do the same for Hit, allowing up to 10 Points less than needed for maximum Hit rate. Add Strength in multiples of 10 (10, 20, 30, etc.) until you have no more points for another 10 stat bonus. With the remaining points fill your Agi /Dex Points you spared before. This will give you maximum Damage and Avoidance.

Bronze Copper and Talon coins

Bronze Coin

Are used for rental Equipment which disappear after 1 week. Obtained by Monsters at the Map of the Week, Hunting Board Quest (HBQ) (only 1 Time per Day) and by doing job change quest instead of using the Job NPC (you have to do all the Quests starting as novice! Once you used the Job NPCfurther Quests give no copper coins!)

Talon Cash

Are used for creating Talon Coins or to buy the [[talonro/Reward Services reward service] for 1 Week. 100 Talon Cash trade into 1 Talon Coin Obtained by killing [[talonro/Monster of the Week Monster of the Week in the TamTam Oddysey regions], some Events / Minigames

Talon Coin

Are used to buy Items of all sorts from the Reward guru in central Prontera. Obtained by Talon Cash or Donations


Character Calculator

Understanding Status Points

  • STR [Strength]: Each point increases Attack (ATK) by 1. Every 10 Points there is a multiplicative bonus (only for melee weapons) Its usually advised unless you have a very specific build to always go for the 10 stat break point and not overstat beyond that unless you can guarentee another break point.
  • AGI [Agility]: Each point adds 1 to Flee and every few points increases Attack Speed (aspd).
  • VIT [Vitality]: Each point increases your Hitpoints by 1% and add 1% resistance against status ailments and 1 VIT Defense. Every 5 points, you gain +1 HP Regeneration.
  • INT [Intelligence]: Each point increases your SP (Spellpoints or Mana) by 1% and adds 1 point to soft MDEF. Every 5 Points increases Maximum and every 7 Minimum Magic attack damage for Spells. Every 6 Points you gain 1 SP Regeneration.
  • DEX [Dexterity]: Each point adds 1 to HIT and reduces casting Time by 0.66666% (2/3 of a percent). 5 Points will add 1 Attack for melee weapons (Ranged attacks with Bows/Guns gain attack like Str for Melee).
  • LUK [Luck]: For the most part, each point in Luk adds such a small bonus that it's not worth it. Avoid this unless you know what you're doing, in general (For reference, it increases Critical chance, ATK, Perfect Dodge, and Status Resistance) BUT if you are maxed on your job levels and have a few extra stat points to spend, go ahead and get the 10 stat break point to get that 1 extra lucky never know IT MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE. Happy gambling.
  • ATK [Attack]: Your Attack Damage, based on your weapon(s), stats, skills, and other factors. The 2nd number is ATK from upgrades on your weapon, which bypass enemy defense.
  • MATK [Magic Attack]: Pretty much the same as ATK, but only applies to spells and other attacks that count as magical.
  • HIT: Determines your chance to hit a Monster. Obtained mostly from DEX, and 1 point per Base Level.
  • CRITICAL: Critical attacks always hit and ignore DEF. Sounds great, but a high Critical build needs quite a large investment.
  • DEF [Defense]: The first number is your 'Hard Defense': all non-magical Damage you receive is reduced by this number in %. It comes from your armor. The 2nd number is your 'Soft Defense' (more commonly known as VIT DEF) and is subtracted from the damage you receive. It comes from your VIT.
  • MDEF [Magic Defense]: Same as DEF, but for Magical Damage. Soft DEF here is obtained from INT.
  • FLEE: The first Number determines your chance to avoid a melee attack (if there are more than 2 Monsters attacking you your flee is split among them, reducing your dodge chance). This only dodges melee/physical attacks. The 2nd number after the + is Lucky / Perfect Dodge and is obtained via LUK and equipment. This allows you to dodge all attacks.
  • ASPD [Attack Speed Delay]: How fast you can attack - the more the better. It also decreases delay (AKA after-cast delay) after skills by a small %. ASPD Calculator

Chat window and Channels

Chat Box Guide There are also some extra channels to talk in them just type its shortcut in the Chat Whisper box to engage in the conversation of the respective channels. #Main "Hello all", #Recruit "LFP Novice lvl 7 Porings" #Market "B>Dagger 100k" To activate or deactivate a specific channel Simply use the whisper tab and start talking and you will automatically enter the channel. To leave the respetive global chat use the command (exclamation point) "channel leave" (#channel name) for example... "!channel leave #main"


Used for general discussion like the weather, news, your panties color or why Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and no one else. NEVER ask here for arties/member or item price! Make sure to use your manners and not use this global chat to take our your frustrations on anyone.


Used for any Recruitment like getting a Party/ Member or for Guild Common Shortcuts are LFP> (Looking For Party)/ LFM> (Looking For Member) or LFG> (Looking For Guild) / RGM> (Recruit Guild Member) / R> (Recruiting)


For everything that is Market related Buy/Sell or a Pricecheck. common shortcuts are B> (Buy), S> (Sell), PC (Price Check)

Done! Done? Been there. Already a hundred Times? Then join the Wiki and share your knowledge other People.