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So... I wanted to post this guide, because every other day or so, People kept on asking at main what to start when they first joined the server.

And... 6 of 10 people you ask, people will tell you the old Cliche "start the server with a rogue and grind / farm"

Warning: this guide will explain why rogue is not a good starting class to farm. However, no one will stop you from choosing a choice of your class that you like and suffer a little before getting into action. Without Further ado, lets get down to business.

Rogue is the least effective class without proper gears.

1) Dagger Rogues' stats are very hard to distribute among Str, Agi, Dex. Dagger rogue relies heavily on Flee to "dodge" monsters attacks, however, if you put too much stats into flee, you will do low dmg or you dont have enough "hit" to actually hit the monster 100% on every hit.

A level 70 rogue-->
  • Str 49
  • Agi 81
  • Dex 30
With this kind of stats, you can barely even kill two high orc w/o using any healing items. its not effective nor earning any money with its efficiency killing the monster.

2) DO NOT confuse Rogue with stalker

By all means, we do acknowledge that stalker is the best class farming geffenia due to SQI--sherwood bow, and the skill "steal" which makes him an ideal Geffenia farming class. However, you will need tons of investment before going into stalker.

3) Myst case is not a good place to start your starter gears fund, especially with a rogue class. As others mentioned, hourly rate with a rogue level 65-70, can only earn 400k or 500k at most if any lucky Chiq box drops. (Hunter, for example can probably kill 3 myst case with DS, while a rogue can kill 1. In other words Quantity over Quality)

4) Some will argue: "Then i will go Bow rogue and double strafe!" ---> then why not use hunter which excels in using a bow, finish level 99 as a hunter and Cross trans to Stalker.

5) So you want to do auto attack with monk's triple attack? In case you don't realize, Plagiarism skill will be overriden by monster's skills, and you will lose your triple attack that you learned from players.

Making Money

The guide here focuses on level 70, which is about the time you job change to 2nd class.

Now, Couple things to point out before getting into grinding mode. Newbies dont really know how to make money which is OK.

1) There are many purchasing Vend-buying strawberries at 2000z each, Elus at 9k each, Oridecon 7k each (instant zeny). Make use of these Vend, if you dont feel like the need of setting up a vend just yet. (imagine you have about 500 strawberries, 2000z each = 1mil)

2) Always spend money on NPCable items like fly wing and b wings, it saves you lots of time walking, they might be a little expensive at start, but eventually you will realize they are much worth for its price.

3) Always use a merchant to buy or sell loots, with a merchant's Overcharge, Discount, selling item for 1000 will become 1240, buying item at 1000 will only cost 760.

4) Focus killing and leveling, and looting everything (we have 3x3 cells area looting, this is why mobbing is great as you pick up all the items stacked in 1 single click)

5) If you are a good artist, i strongly suggest you do some commission for some nice starter budget :)

Class Suggestions

As pointed above, Exactly what class should newbie start with when they first joined the server?

The answer is not a rogue, and I know throwing this out there will piss off some rogue lovers, but for a gearless player, I think there are only 4 options:

1) Hunter

Hunter is the easiest class that can access to element damage with just equipping the arrow. If you are lazy, you can just equip the right arrow and go ahead and start Double strafing monsters. (around 2.7k to 3k dmg) But if you want to push it a little further with NPC hunter bow and hunting arrow, use a sage to endow yourself, you are pretty much using a carded bow with damage boost already. (around 4.8k to 5.5k dmg) (hunter is best leveling at place with the same element, so you are focused using 1 single type of arrow) If you are a pro trapper, you can even use claymore trap and arrow shower to do nice AoE dmg.

Normal sniper.jpg

Weapon: Hunter

Arrows: Silver, Hunting and Fire arrows can be bought from NPC (Sunken ship)

Armor: Pantie

Garmet: Undershirt

Budget Total: 170,000 z

Stats for a 70 hunter should be as follow



2) Priest

You can level up at Anubis around level 70, with very little gear, stats will cover yourself enough, you can grind at that place till 99.

Bless / silence the anubis, Gloria yourself, and start TUing.

Cheap Gears for TU Anubis build


Headgear: Poop Hat or Beret

Rod: any kind

Accessory: NPC rosary

Armor: Pantie

Garmet: Undershirt

Budget: 200,000z

Stats for a 70 Priest should be as follows




3) Wizard

You can use firewall to level at zombie monsters, you can litteraly go 99 int, 1dex, (firewall has almost no cast time even with low dex) and you will still level very fast. (all you need is an NPC rod that boost magic attack by 15%) (you can make at least 500k zeny-750k zeny per hour if you are killing them zombies effectively at Glast Heim Prison, glast heim Church, direct warp too....)


Weapon: any Rod that gives you 15% matk.

Budget: 0z

Stats for a 70 wizard should be as follows



4) Knight

If you like mobbing, knight with a -30% race reduction shield will be more than enough for most old school maps (high orc for example). Easy and original. I strongly suggest going Spear build for brandishing for mobbing, Bowling bash is great too, but less superior than brandishing spear. (mob about 4-8 monsters and brandish spear them till they drop, bring Meat (1 weight—tRO’s custom weight) to recover HP lost)

1 RO Lord Knight.png

Weapon: Lance from NPC or endow yourself using the weakness with the map you are grinding

Armor: any high defense armor or simply Mantle

Shield: any

Budget: depends on what u have access to.

Stats for a 70 knight should be as follows




Special Mention: Once you are level 99, you can cross trans to another class, you dont have to be the same class you first pick unless you want to....

Meaning... Archer--> Hunter --> high novice --> Free to pick any class of desire.

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