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Swordsmen are often referred to as the leaders of the pack. They are well known for their brute force as well as their ability to take on mobs of enemies, which they can accomplish very well thanks to their access to Provoke and Endure. In addition to this, they are armed with a basic, but rather powerful single target attack: Bash and their AoE skill: Magnum Break. Swordsmen are fearless and are ready to take on the leadership role in a party.

Pros and Cons


  • Swordsmen have a wide variation of weapons and armors to use.
  • Swordsmen are very capable of taking on a lot of enemies at a time.
  • Swordsman can achieve a very high offensive output.
  • Swordsmen have the ability to provoke as well as the ability to avoid flinching with endure.


  • Swordsmen are powerful, but they aren't the fastest class in the world either naturally.
  • Swordsmen have no ranged attacks naturally.
  • Swordsmen aren’t made for magic, so don’t expect to be casting spells naturally.
  • Swordsmen are prone to running out of SP quickly, assuming you use their skills often.

Brief Details

Base Job: Novice
Job Type: First Class
Changes at: Izlude
Skill Count: 10
Skill Point Total: 70
Quest Skill Total: 3
Job Bonuses
Str Agi Vit Int Dex Luk
+7 +2 +4 +0 +3 +2

Stat Build Recommendations

Note: these builds are with approximately base level 65 in mind!

Generalized Swordsman

  • Str: 60+
  • Agi: 40+
  • Vit: 40+
  • Int: 1+
  • Dex: 30~40
  • Luk: 1

This is a generalized swordsman build. This is assuming you prefer to have a little bit of everything when it comes to Attack Speed, Flee, HP, Bulk, Recovery, and Offense. If you plan on using this build, always make sure to remember to stat around 30 or 40 Dex so that you don’t miss more than necessary. It’s also important to make sure you want to start getting more Agi or more Vit. While it’s smart to have a minimum of 40 in both, you would be much better off having a little more than the other later on. Finally, you could also consider having a little bit of Int if you wish to have extra SP Recovery.

Bulky Swordsman

  • Str: 60+
  • Agi: 1
  • Vit: 60+
  • Int: 1+
  • Dex: 30~40
  • Luk: 1

This is a bulky swordsman build. If you want maximum HP and Defense, this is the route you want to take. You’ll be giving up a lot of attack speed and flee in order to do it, but it will pay off in the form of handling maximum enemies at a time. Another advantage to this build is having maximum HP recovery. This build is especially effective when combined with the Endure skill. Also keep in mind that 97-100 Vit is really the most you’ll require. From there, you could continue getting as much Str/Atk as possible. You can also have a small portion of Int to improve your SP Recovery as well, but it’s not required.

Agile Swordsman

  • Str: 60+
  • Agi: 60+
  • Vit: 1+
  • Int: 1
  • Dex: 30~40
  • Luk: 1+

This is an agile swordsman build. This build favors players that want to avoid hits rather than take them. This build also takes full advantage of attacking normally, rather than spamming skills. This is due to this build also giving you a high attack speed rate, resulting in some efficient DPS. As such, you can also double this build up with critical hits by also investing into some Luk. You could also alt to invest into some Vit if you want to take full advantage of the HP Recovery. Daggers work great with this build, as they’re much faster than most other weapons swordsmen can use, especially two-handed ones. Daggers can also take advantage of Sword Mastery. Kitchen Knife or Muramasa would be preferred weapons for this build considering its high attack speed and high critical bonus.

Recommended Equipment

This is a list of recommended gears specifically with swordsman class in mind. You can find additional ideas in the following hotlink below:

  •  Also see “Popular Universal Equipment and Cards” for additional gear ideas! (Work in progress!)

Equipment Contents:

Headgears - Armors - Weapons - Shields - Garments - Shoes - Accessories - Rental


Helm.gif Helm (0)/Helm(1)

  • 6 Defense

Cap.gif Cap (0)/Cap(1)

  • 4 Defense

Magnis Cap.gif Magni’s Cap (0)

  • 5 Defense, +2 Str
  •  [+ Odin's Blessing, Stone Buckler(+2 Str, +5 Defense, +5 Magic Defense, and +6 More Defense if Swordsman)

Goibnes Helm.gif Goibne’s Helm (0)

  • 5 Defense, +3 Vit, +3 Mdef
  •  [+ Goibne's Armor, Goibne's Greaves, Goibne's Spaulders(+5 Vit, +15% HP, +5% SP, +5 Defense, +15 Magic Defense, 10% Resistance to Fire, Water, Wind, Earth)

Morriganes Helm.gif Morrigane’s Helm (0)

  • 4 Defense, +2 Luk, +3 Attack
  •  [+ Morrigane's Manteau, Morrigane's Belt, Morrigane's Pendant(+2 Str, +9 Luk, +13 Crit, +18 Attack, +13 Perfect Dodge)

Bone Helm.gif Bone Helm (0)/Bone Helm (1)

  • 7 Defense, Reduces 15% of Shadow Damage.

Pirate Dagger.gif Pirate Dagger (0)

  • +5 Attack

Samurai Mask.gif Samurai Mask (0)

  • 1 Defense, +1% Attack

Iron Cain.gif Iron Cain (0)

  • 1 Defense

Fin Helm.gif Fin Helm (0)

  • 2 Defense

Robo Eye.gif Robo Eye (0)

  • +2% Attack, +2% Magic Attack, +1 Dex

Sunglasses.gif +1 Str Mid-Headgears (1) *

  • +1 Str

Monocle.gif +1 Agi Mid-Headgears (1) *

  • +1 Agi

Visit the Mid-Headgear Quest guide here!

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Odins Blessing.gif Odin’s Blessing (1)

  • 6 Defense
  •  [+ Magni's Cap, Stone Buckler(+2 Str, +5 Defense, +5 Magic Defense, and +6 More Defense if Swordsman)

Wooden Mail.gif Wooden Mail (0)/Wooden Mail (1)

  • 4 Defense

Padded Armor.gif Padded Armor (0)/Padded Armor (1)

  • 7 Defense
  •  [+ Armor Charm(+5 Defense, +150 HP)

2377.gif Chain Mail (0)/Chain Mail (1)

  • 8 Defense

2376.gif Full Plate (0)/Full Plate (1)

  • 10 Defense

2364.gif Meteor Plate (1) [High/Trans class only!]

  • 10 Defense, 30% Resistance against Freeze and Stun

Goibnes Armor.gif Goibne’s Armor (0)

  • 7 Defense, +10% HP
  •  [+ Goibne's Helm, Goibne's Greaves, Goibne's Spaulders(+5 Vit, +15% HP, +5% SP, +5 Defense, +15 Magic Defense, 10% Resistance to Fire, Water, Wind, Earth)

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Blade.gif Blade (3)/Blade (4)

  • 53 Attack

Flamberge.gif Flamberge (0)

  • 150 Attack

Thin Blade.gif Thin Blade (2)

  • 125 Attack, +10% Attack Speed, 3% chance to cause Curse status on the enemy

Excalibur.gif Excalibur (0)

  • 150 Attack, Holy Element, +5 Int, +10 Luk, -1 Dex

Nagan.gif Nagan (0)

  • 120 Attack, +5% more damage against Demi-Human enemies, enables level 5 Double Attack

Katana (3)/Katana (4)

  • 60 Attack

Bastard Sword.gif Bastard Sword (2)/Bastard Sword (3)

  • 115 Attack

Broad Sword.gif Broad Sword(1)/Broad Sword (2)

  • 140 Attack, +5 Defense

Claymore.gif Claymore (0)/Claymore(2)

  • 180 Attack

Two Handed Sword.gif Two-Handed Sword (1)/Two-Handed Sword (2)

  • 160 Attack

Muramasa.gif Muramasa (0)

  • 155 Attack, +30 Crit, +8% Attack Speed

Gladius.gif Gladius (2)/Gladius (3)

  • 105 Attack

13036.gif Damascus(1)/Damascus(2)

  • 118 Attack, Indestructible

Kitchen Knife.gif Kitchen Knife (0)

  • 75 Attack, +30 Crit, +3% more damage against Demi-Human, 50% chance to drop Meat versus Brute enemies

Mes.gif Mes (3) [High/Trans class only!]

  • 120 Attack, 5% chance to cause External Bleeding status on the enemy

Pike.gif Pike (3)/Pike (4)

  • 60 Attack

Brocca.gif Brocca (0)

  • 100 Attack, +25% more versus Neutral element, pierces all defense

Brionac.gif Brionac (0)

  • 190 Attack, Holy Element, +5% more versus Boss enemies, enables level 5 Heal, 10% chance to auto-cast level 3 Soul Strike when attacking

Flamberge.gif Smithed VVS Elemental Flamberges *

  • 150 Attack, +50 Passive Damage, Fire/Water/Wind/Earth Element

Claymore.gif Smithed VVS Elemental Claymores *

  • 180 Attack, +50 Passive Damage, Fire/Water/Wind/Earth Element

13036.gif Smithed VVS Elemental Damascus *

  • 118 Attack, Indestructible, +50 Passive Damage, Fire/Water/Wind/Earth Element
  • These weapons must be created through a Blacksmith or Whitesmith.

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Buckler.gif Buckler (0)/Buckler (1)

  • 4 Defense

Shield.gif Shield(0)/Shield(1)

  • 6 Defense

Stone Buckler.gif Stone Buckler (1)

  • 3 Defense
  •  [+ Odin's Blessing, Magni's Cap(+2 Str, +5 Defense, +5 Magic Defense, and +6 More Defense if Swordsman)

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Manteau.gif Manteau (0)/Manteau (1)

  • 4 Defense

Goibnes Spaulders.gif Goibne’s Spaulders (0)

  • 3 Defense, 10% Long Range reduction, +1 Vit, +2 Magic Defense
  •  [+ Goibne's Helm, Goibne's Greaves, Goibne's Armor(+5 Vit, +15% HP, +5% SP, +5 Defense, +15 Magic Defense, 10% Resistance to Fire, Water, Wind, Earth)

Morriganes Manteau.gif Morrigane’s Manteau (0)

  • 3 Defense, Luk +2, Perfect Dodge +8
  •  [+ Morrigane's Helm, Morrigane's Belt, Morrigane's Pendant(+2 Str, +9 Luk, +13 Crit, +18 Attack, +13 Perfect Dodge)

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2435.gif Greaves (0)/Greaves (1)

  • 5 Defense

2437.gif Fricco’s Shoes (0)

  • 3 Defense, +2 Agi, increases heal rate of Red, Orange, Yellow, and White Potions by 20%
  •  [+ Odin's Blessing, Falcon Muffler(+5% HP/SP, +3 Agi)

Goibnes Greaves.gif Goibne’s Greaves (0)

  • 4 Defense, +3 Magic Defense, +5% HP/SP
  •  [+ Goibne's Helm, Goibne's Spaulders, Goibne's Armor(+5 Vit, +15% HP, +5% SP, +5 Defense, +15 Magic Defense, 10% Resistance to Fire, Water, Wind, Earth)

Shackles.gif Shackles (0)

  • 3 Defense
  •  [+ Bloodied Shackle Ball(+50 Attack, 20% less damage from Zombie Prisoner and Skeleton Prisoner)

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Ring.gif Ring (0)/Ring (1)

  • +2 Str (Non-Slotted)
  • +1 Str (Slotted)

Rosary.gif Rosary (0)/Rosary (1)

  • +2 Luk (Non-Slotted)
  • +1 Luk (Slotted)

Glove.gif Glove (0)/Glove (1)

  • +2 Dex (Non-Slotted)
  • +1 Dex (Slotted)

Necklace.gif Necklace (0)/Necklace (1)

  • +2 Vit (Non-Slotted)
  • +1 Vit (Slotted)

Brooch.gif Brooch (0)/Brooch (1)

  • +2 Agi (Non-Slotted)
  • +1 Agi (Slotted)

Critical Ring.gif Critical Ring (0)

  • +5 Crit

Gauntlet of Hit.gif Gauntlet of Hit (0)

  • +1 Str, +15 Hit

Armor Charm.gif Armor Charm (0)

  • 1 Defense, +50 HP
  •  [+ Padded Armor (0) or Padded Armor (1)(+5 Defense, +150 HP)

Safety Ring.gif Safety Ring (0)

  • 3 Defense, +3 Magic Defense

Iron Wrist.gif Iron Wrist (0)

  • 1 Defense, +6% more damage with Bash and Mammonite

BSB.gif Bloodied Shackle Ball (0)

  •  [+ Shackles(+50 Attack, 20% less damage from Zombie Prisoner and Skeleton Prisoner)

2651.gif Morrigane’s Pendant (0)

  • +2 Str, +3 Crit
  •  [+ Morrigane's Helm, Morrigane's Belt, Morrigane's Manteau(+2 Str, +9 Luk, +13 Crit, +18 Attack, +13 Perfect Dodge)

Morriganes Belt.gif Morrigane’s Belt (0)

  • +5 Attack, +3 Crit
  •  [+ Morrigane's Helm, Morrigane's Pendant, Morrigane's Manteau(+2 Str, +9 Luk, +13 Crit, +18 Attack, +13 Perfect Dodge)

Bradium Brooch.gif Bradium Brooch (1) [High/Trans class only!]

  • +4 Flee, +2% Attack Speed, +1 Agi

Bradium Ring.gif Bradium Ring (1) [High/Trans class only!]

  • +2% Attack, +1 Str, +1 Vit

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Brocca.gif Refined Brocca

  • 149 Attack, +20% more damage against Medium sized enemies, pierces all defense
  •  60 Bronze Coins

Excalibur.gif Refined Excalibur

  • 199 Attack, +10 Int, +10 Luk, Holy Element
  •  60 Bronze Coins

Muramasa.gif Refined Muramasa

  • 204 Attack, +30 Crit, +8% Attack Speed
  •  60 Bronze Coins

Nagan.gif Refined Nagan

  • 148 Attack, +40% more damage against Demi-Human enemies, enables level 5 Double Attack
  •  175 Bronze Coins

1482.gif Lance

  • 220 Attack, +50% more damage against all size enemies
  •  60 Bronze Coins

Bloody Axe.gif Refined Bloody Axe

  • 205 Attack, +20 Str, +5% Attack Speed, Increased movement speed
  •  60 Bronze Coins

BSB.gif Refined Bloodied Shackle Ball

  • +30 Attack
  •  60 Bronze Coins

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Ideal Cards

Card.gif RSX

~ +3 Vit, Prevents knockback, can be very useful for mobbing in some situations, such as in High Orcs, where you will often get pushed around with Shield Bash.

Card.gif General Egnigem Cenia

~20% HP/SP and 100 HP/SP Recovered every 10 seconds. This card is immensely useful for its HP/SP boost and 100 SP recovery and can save you a lot of money and time as a result.

Card.gif Hell Poodle

~ Increases meat recovery by 100%, +1 Hit, 0.5% chance to cause External Bleeding status when attacking. This item is extremely useful on Swordsmen due to the over abundance (as well as commonly used) meat consumable. This item also works fantastically when combined with the bulk type swordsman build, since the skill "Increase Recuperative Power" increases the amount healed further, as well as Vit stat.

Card.gif Anything that boosts Attack!

~Cards such as Andre that give +Atk and cards such as Turtle General that give %Atk are both great for improving your offensive game.

Card.gif Anything that boosts HP!

~Cards such as Peco Peco that give %HP and cards such as Thief Bug Egg that give +HP are both great for improving your overall HP.

Card.gif Anything that boosts Defense or Magic Defense!

~Cards such as Comodo that give +Defense and Gibbet that give +Magic Defense are great for improving your overall bulk.

Swordsman Card Set

This set can be a worthy investment considering all the benefits you will receive. It's especially ideal if you can get your hands on it very early on.

Card.gif Assaulter

~ +7 Crit against Demi-Human

Card.gif Heater

+3 Crit

~ [Swordman Class(+3 Perfect Dodge)

Card.gif Freezer

+300 HP

~ [Refine Rate 9~10(+10% more damage with Bash)

Card.gif Permeter

+15% Resistance against Shadow and Undead property

Card.gif Solider

+2 Defense, +2 Magic Defense

Combo Effect

  • Add a 0.3% chance of auto casting Level 3 Weapon Perfection on the enemy when attacking.
  • HP Recovery + 50%
  • Maximum HP + 20%
  • STR + 10
  • Add a 30% chance of gaining 'Red Potion' item each time a monster is killed.

[Swordsman Class]

  • Red, Yellow and White Potions restore 50% more HP.

Recommended Leveling Spots

This is a list of some possible leveling spots for players getting started with the swordsman class. Click the leveling spots name to get map information!

Note: High Orcs, Toy Factory Floor 2, and Leaf Cats all have buffed spawns (more enemies than usual) in this server.

Visit the Moscovia Quest Guide here!

Existing Guides

Job Change Guide

Note: If you’re wishing to become a High Swordsman, all you need to do is talk to the NPC that originally promoted you into a swordsman, you don’t need to do the quest again!

Method A – Job Changer

  1. Make sure you achieved job 10 and have level 9 basic skill on your Novice.
  2. Visit the job changer in the stat/skill building at Prontera located at: (prontera) 136,186.
  3. Talk to the Job Changer NPC and he will allow you to become a High Novice.

Method B – The Legitimate Way

Note: This method will actually reward you with an achievement and bronze coins. It’s also strongly recommended to do the official job quests prior to this one to avoid complications, in other words, don't use the Job Changer NPC! Also note that doing the job change this way will not allow you to cross trans!

  1. Make sure you achieved job 10 and have level 9 basic skill on your Novice.
  2. Make your way to Izlude City where you’ll find the Swordsman Guild at: (izlude) 51,169
  3. Go inside this building and talk to the swordsman guild leader in the center of the room behind the desk.
  4. After talking to him, he directs you to the guard at the west side. Talk to him and he will bring you to a new room.
  5. Talk to the guard in this new room and the test will begin.
  6. This first map is extremely simple, all you need to do is walk to the other side, and doing so will bring you to the second part.
  7. The second map is where things start to get harder, but with common sense you should be alright. You will notice this is a room with two bridges. Simply walk across without falling off and you will advance to the third and final room. It would be a good idea if you simply clicked the ground, rather than holding down the left mouse button. This reduces your odds of accidently falling.
  8. The third map looks a lot like the first one except now it has an upper as well as a lower level. Be careful and make your way to the lower level by carefully clicking. There will eventually be a point where there’s a gap in the top level, click on the lower level to jump down, then do the same to go back up.
  9. This marks the end of your training, you can then return to the same swordsman guild leader and he will promote you to a swordsman, congratulations!

Skills and Job Bonuses


Skill Brief Description Level(s) Type
Sm magnum.gif   Magnum Break Deals 5x5 Fire AoE damage, pushing victims back 2 cells. This will also give you a temporary boost to your hit rate and extra fire damage. 10 Offensive
Sm provoke.gif   Provoke Decreases target defense by up to 55% but increases their attack by up to 32%. 10 Active
Sm endure.gif   Endure Defends against flinching for up to 7 hits and 37 seconds. This skill will also add a temporary 10 Magic Defense. 10 Active
Sm sword.gif   Sword Mastery Gives additional passive damage with one-handed swords and daggers. 10 Passive
Sm twohand.gif   Two -Handed Sword Mastery Gives additional passive damage with two-handed swords. 10 Passive
Sm recovery.gif   Increase Recuperative Recovery Increases your natural HP recovery and also increases the amount healed from HP items. 10 Passive
Sm movingrecovery.gif   Moving HP Recovery Enables HP Recovery even if you’re walking or attacking (Quest Skill). 1 Passive
Sm fatalblow.gif   Fatal Blow Adds an extra 5% Stun chance to every Bash level above level 5 (Quest Skill). 1 Passive
Sm autoberserk.gif   Auto Berserk When your HP drops below 25%, you will cast level 10 Provoke on yourself: 32% Attack and 55% less Defense (Quest Skill). 1 Active
Sm bash.gif Bash A basic attack that deals a maximum of 400% of your attack as well as a maximum 50% extra hit rate. 10 Offensive

Job Bonuses

  +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7
Str 2 14 33 40 47 49 50
Agi 30 46          
Vit 6 18 38 42      
Dex 10 22 36        
Luk 26 44          

Applicable Weapons

This is a list of all the weapon types equipable on Swordsman class.

  • Dagger
  • Mace
  • One-Handed Sword
  • Two-Handed Sword
  • One-Handed Spear
  • Two-Handed Spear
  • One-Handed Axe
  • Two-Handed Axe

Did you know?

  1. Using a combination of Magnum Break’s Hit Bonus and Bash’s Hit bonus is a great way to hit enemies with very high flee, especially at lower levels.
  2. Spear weapons allow you to attack from 3 cells away, this allows you to level on some immobile enemies with ease, such as Greatest Generals.
  3. Purposely staying under 25% of your HP can actually be beneficial in some cases, thanks to auto-berserk. This works very well when combined with flee type builds.
  4. You can start the next job quest once you hit job level 40. But if you have patience and get the max, job 50, instead, you’ll get greater rewards from the quest!

Job Advancement

Swordsman can become one of the following classes:

Knight – Crusader

High Swordsman can become one of the following classes:

Lord Knight – Paladin

(Click the classes name to visit their wiki page) Stay tuned! Work in progress~