Taekwon - Maximum Speed Ranking as a Taekwon

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The aim of this guide is to help you gain Taekwon ranking points as fast as possible. Kudos to Tiduskun for the guide.

My Taekwon Ranker "Never Ending Combo", ranked at #1 consistently for months.

At my peak, I could do 25 points a day - but this was with maxed gears, so don't be disheartened if you don't reach this amount at the start.


TKR - Taekwon Ranker

TKM - Taekwon Mission

FSK - Flying Side Kick

RFSK - Running Flying Side Kick

BFSK - BreakFall Flying Side Kick

Skill Descriptions

Why make a Taekwon Ranker?


  • Unlimited combo's give you great damage and stun-lock potential when you have max ASPD.
  • Running Flying Side Kick is a powerful hit and run skill which also dispels soul links.
  • Warm Wind allows you to deal decent damage to anything and access to all elements except poison
  • With the right equips and practice, you should be able to solo MVP's such as Orc Lord.
  • Break Fall (20% dodge to physical and magic) is a fun skill, especially when it proc's against an Asura Strike or a full SG
  • Extremely tanky due to triple HP/SP bonus



  • No weapon (I guess it's also a pro since you save zeny?)
  • Very weak when not a ranker
  • Limited equipment choice since it is a 1st job class


Early Leveling

Suggested leveling method:

  • Dual-client with a Priest.
  • Heal-bomb the crap out of everything.
  • Start in Payon Dungeon, moving up the levels, then move on to Glastheim Churchyard and continue heal-bombing.

You should level till your Taekwon has maxed the skills: Taekwon Mission, Warm Wind, Running and FSK.

Late Leveling

Leech or Missions. But mainly leech.


Mainly - Max out your STR/ATK everywhere. More STR/ATK = More RFSK damage and that's all you want.

PVM: What you should be aiming for

PVP Vanilla: What you should be aiming for

The Missions

Acquiring Mission Phase

Classes needed

  • Priest for Blessing
  • Bragi to reduce casting time of Taekwon Mission
  • Optional: Professor for SP


  1. Reset stats
  2. Put all points in DEX, any leftover in INT
  3. Return to town where your Priest and Bragi should be waiting (Tri-client them)
  4. Buff up your Taekwon with Blessing and Bragi
  5. Start spamming Taekwon Mission
  6. When you get a suitable mob you stop

Selecting Monsters with TalonRO Calculator and Ratemyserver

TalonRO Calculator

Introduce all your stats and equipment on the calculator and select the monster.

  • Take in mind that you need enough Hit to get a 100% on it (so that you always hit).
  • Consider the monster's element. TalonRO Calculator lets you pick whichever you like, so try them out and see what's the best.

A mob is suitable when: You can kill it in 1-3 RFSK's, and the map has loads of the mob you need and little others (preferably non-aggro). To find that out, use Ratemyserver:


(As a reference point, the toughest mob I would farm points against was Zombie Prisoner, which I could kill in one RFSK of 14k damage.)

This is the most important part. Getting a suitable mob which you can kill in 30 minutes without stress is much easier than killing one which you know nothing about, taking lots of hours and could end up killing your drive to farm points. So, if you don't get a suitable mob just keep spamming Taekwon Mission! An extra ten minutes to get an easier mob is much better than trying a harder mob (which could take hours to kill 100 of).

Doing the Mission Phase

Classes needed

  • Priest for Blessing/Increase Agi/Warp Portal
  • Taekwons are weak when they are not rankers. They may have problems reaching certain maps.
  • They may have sustainability problems (running out of hp/sp before killing 100 mobs). So, we bring in our trusty Priest again.


  1. Bring Priest to the map you have selected, using teleport if needed (save on FW's and Taekwon can carry more pots).
  2. Save the map as your memo point. Or if you can't (e.g. MVP map) then save on the maps adjacent to it.
  3. Teleport back to town.
  4. Buff Taekwon, use warp portal to the map.
  5. Activate your "Spurt" state buff. You do this by activating Running then ending it immediately after.
  6. Taekwon enters warp portal and starts to RFSK everything.
  7. If Taekwon dies, or runs out of buffs/sp, then go back to Step 4.
  8. Upon completion of killing 100 mobs, you will be rewarded with one Taekwon point, and a new mob for your next mission.

Important notes for ranking

  • Do not kill a mob that you have for Taekwon Mission if you do not plan to kill 99 more
  • If you kill the mob/ it will count towards the Mission and you will not be able to get a new mob no matter how much you spam Taekwon Mission
  • Note that you will lose 5% of your points every Monday, long period inactivity will tend your ranking points toward 0.
  • BFSK (Break Fall Flying Side Kick), if you enter the Break Fall state by getting hit, you can immediately follow up with a FSK which will do as much damage as a RFSK.

Important notes on playing TKR

  • They wreck Vanilla WoE even without equips.
  • Whilst spamming combo's, you may enter the Break Fall state and not follow it up with a FSK. If this happens, you will be able to use FSK, and when you press it you will just stop what you're doing and stand still. To break out of this, you must either activate Break Fall again and use FSK whilst in the Break Fall state, or use a skill from an item such as Jaguar Hat.
  • If you spam your combo's too fast, you may get dc'd for skill spam. This is affected by your aspd, the higher your aspd the more you can spam without the risk of being dc'd. So the higher aspd you have, the more effectively you can spam. I have inquired about getting this skill spam cap removed for TKR's but alas it is not possible.
  • Getting max aspd on TKR? Use a linked Whitesmith and use Full Adrenaline Rush to fulfill your dream. (No wep no doppel *cries*)
  • Which SQI bonuses? 50% FSK damage, 130 ATK, 30% ASPD, 10 CRIT.
  • Example of TKR PVP equips: