Taekwon - TK Reion's Leveling Guide

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Hi guys! I'm TK Reion, a current TK Ranker of TalonRO. This is my first leveling guide, so please bear with me.

I made this guide for everyone interested in making a TaeKwon [TK].


Taekwons [TK] are great characters that require a lot of discipline and zeny if you wish to go for the ranks. They are the prelude to our favorite soul-linking slaves and butt-kicking miracle Star Gladiators.

About rankers, they are some of the craziest Vanilla NT WoE (>.> NT WoE) characters you would ever meet. One problem, though, is that TKs are hard to level and to rank if you aren't familiar with it.

But hey, x3 HP/SP and unlimited kick combos (for 2sp per kick) rocks, and there can only be ten of your kind at any given time!


Low Budget

Pantie-Undershirt Set
Gives: Agi + 5, Flee Rate + 10
Price: ~100k
Gives: Agi + 1
Price: ~120k zeny
Sting Hat
Gives: Str + 2, Vit + 1, MDef + 3.Increases damage against Fire Property monsters by 5%. Increase resistance to Earth Property attacks by 5%. Add a 1% chance of auto casting Level 1 Earth Spike on an enemy when doing a physical attack.
Price: ~100k zeny
Crystal Pumps
Gives: Luk + 5, MDef + 10
Price: ~50k zeny
Gives: Luk + 2, MDef + 5
Price: 15k (NPC-buyable)

Mid Budget

Mythical Lion Mask
Gives: for Taekwon, Dex + 2, Atk + 2*RefineRate, 10% chance to stun
Price: 5 TC, but usually sold for cheaper
[Echio] Armor
Gives: Atk + 15
Price: 1 TC for Echio card
[Porcellio] Armor
Gives: Atk + 25, Def - 5
Price: 3 TC for Porcellio card, but usually sold for cheaper
Vidar's Boots
Gives: Maximum HP and SP + 9%
Price: ~1 Million zeny

Note: We only need the HP/SP boost from the shoes, so taking the entire set is kinda meh

[Flame Skull] Stone Buckler
Gives:Add a 30% resistance against Stun, Curse, Blind, Stone Curse. Add a chance of auto casting Stun, Curse, Blind, Stone Curse when the user receives Physical Damage.
Price: ~500k zeny for Flame Skull card, ~700k zeny for SBuckler

Note: The stat resist is just so good that I had to put it here. The stat proc is also good when you are getting mobbed. According to my guildmate who I gave this to, Flame Skull works even when you are dodging.

[Mantis] Ring
Gives: Str + 4
Price: This item is usually sold for a total of 5 million zeny
Dark Blinder
Gives: Blind immunity, 2% stun resistance
Price: ~300k zeny

High Budget

Morigane Set
Gives: Str + 4, Luk + 13, Atk + 26, Perfect Dodge + 21, Critical rate + 16
Price: Approx. 15 million zeny
[Mysteltainn] Bunny Slippers
Gives: Flee + 20, Atk + 30, Luk + 3, Mdef + 3
Price: 20 TC for Mysteltainn card, ~2.5 million zeny for Bunny Slippers

Notes: This is what an autoattacking or passive Taekwon will need.

[GEC] Bunny Slippers
Gives: Every 10 seconds, you recover 100 HP and 100 SP. Increases Maximum HP by 20% and Maximum SP by 20%.
Price: 12 TC for GEC card, ~2.5 million zeny for BSlippers

Notes: This is what a Chuck Norris or Running FSK Taekwon will need.

[Tirfing] Stone Buckler
Gives: 25% dmg reduction from Medium monsters (which is the most common size), 5% dmg reduction from Large monsters
Price: 10 TC for Tirfing card, ~700k zeny for Stone Buckler
[Bloody Knight] Str/Agi Mid
Gives: Atk +30, Add 2% chance to cause [glow=red,2,300]External Bleeding [/glow] on target when attacking.
Price: 12 TC for BK card, ~9 Million zeny for the mid headgear
Lord Kaho's Horns
Gives: Str+ 20 , Int + 20, Dex + 20 , MDef + 20
Price: 50 TC
Eversong Greaves [1]
Gives: Mdef + 10, MaxSP + 10%. Enables Fast-Move all the time. Additional bonus when upgraded. MaxHP + 10%, HIT + 25 for Taekwon. MaxHP + 20% for Star Gladiator.
Price: ~130m.

Note: Taekwon's Class SQI.

Gives: Str + 30, Mdef + 7
Price: ~230m

Note: SQI Accessory


TKs are a major pain, training them to like 60+ (for stuff like Morrigane's set).

Luckily, we have our novice training grounds where a novice can easily get to level 30-40.

Novice Stage: Novice Training Grounds.

31 - 60:

  • Wolves
    • Best Location: Pay_Fild02
    • Good Drops: Mantle [1], Strawberry
    • Element: Earth
  • Elder Willow
    • Best Location: Pay_Fild07 and Moc_Fild03
    • Good Drops: Rough Elunium, Red Blood, Trunk, Dead Branch
    • Element: Fire

61 - 70:

  • Myst Cases
    • Best Location: Toy Factory 2
    • Good Drops: Myst Case Hat, Chiqita's Jewelry Box, Piece of Cake, Pearl, 2Carat Diamond
    • Element: Neutral
  • Mummy
    • Best Location: Moc_Pyrd03
    • Good Drops: Rough Oridecon, Glove, Silver Ring
    • Element: Undead
  • Marc, Phen, Swordfish
    • Best Location: Byalan Dungeon
    • Good Drops: Marc Card, Swordfish Card, Fin, Gill, Mystic Frozen, White Herb
    • Element: Water
  • Alligator
    • Best Location: Cmd_Fild01 (north of Kokomo Beach)
    • Good Drops: Rough Oridecon, Yggdrasil Seed
    • Element: Water
  • Sohee
    • Best Location: Pay_Dun03
    • Good Drops: Stilleto [3], Muffler [1], Authoritative Badge
    • Element: Water

71 - 80:

  • Dryads
    • Best Location: Um_Fild01
    • Good Drops: Chemeti Whip
    • Element: Earth
  • Siroma
    • Best Location: Ice_Dun01
    • Good Drops: Ice Cubic, Glacial Heart
    • Element: Water
  • Zombie Prisoner, Skeleton Prisoner
    • Best Location: Glast Heim Prison, Glast Heim Churchyard
    • Good Drops: Formal Suit [1]
    • Element: Undead
  • Kaho
    • Best Location: Magma Dungeon 1
    • Good Drops: Fragment of Lord Kaho's Horns
    • Element: Fire
  • Grand Peco
    • Best Location: Yuno_Fild08 (outside Kiel Dungeon)
    • Good Drops: Gold, Wind of Verdure, Mastela Fruit
    • Element: Fire
  • Nine Tail
    • Best Location: Pay_Fild11
    • Good Drops: Old Blue Box, Royal Jelly, Dead Branch
    • Element: Fire

81 - 90:

  • High Orc
    • Best Location: Gef_Fild14
    • Good Drops: Steel, Rough Oridecon, Orc Voucher
    • Element: Fire
  • Goat
    • Best Location: Ein_Fild06, Yuno_Fild06
    • Good Drops: Anetlope Skin, Antelope Horn, Blue Herb, Goat Horn
    • Element: Fire

90 - 99:

  • Pinguicula
    • Best Location: Spl_Fild02 (East of Splendide)
    • Good Drops: -
    • Element: Earth
  • Anolian
    • Best Location: Cmd_Fild03
    • Good Drops: Royal Jelly, Oridecon, Brooch [1]
    • Element: Water
  • Ice Titan
    • Best Location: Ice_Dun03
    • Good Drops: Frozen Rose, Oriceon, Elunium, Mystic Frozen, Glacial Heart
    • Element: Water

Skill Build

Skill Rec Level
Running 10
Break Fall 1
Flying Side Kick (FSK) 7
Peaceful Rest 5
Enjoyable Rest 5
Fighting Chant 5
Warm Wind 7
High Jump 5

Remaining Skill Points: 3

Passive TK - Try this if you don't wanna keep pressing your keyboard while waiting for the Prepare stances. Passive TKs are built primarily on Agi and Str with a hint of Dex for Hit. I also recommend not to activate your Prepare stances when leveling a passive TK from 1-89 since we TKs have a very low SP pool. If you are a Morrigane set user, you will want to put some Luk stats.

For the Passive TK, focus on using the appropriate Warm Wind level, buffing yourself with Running Spurt, and Breakfall-ing at times. You should familiarize yourself with your Warm Wind elements.

What is Running Spurt?

Well, Running Spurt is a buff obtained by stopping your Running skill before bumping into something. It can be done by using Running Skill again, teleporting with a Fly Wing, Warm Wind, or entering a portal. It adds 10 Str, and +10*SkillLvl% dmg to your kicks for 150 secs if Running is Level 7-10. Damage also increases by +100 maximum at level 10.

Running FSK (aka Chuck Norris) TK - Do this if and only if you have a GEC. It is very easy to actually do this. First, use Running Spurt (the buff). Then, use Running towards or away from an enemy. Before you bump anything, use FSK. Voila! A Chuck Norris stunt!

Note: Chuck Norris or Running FSK deals double damage when you have Spurt on. Another damage multiplier if you have the correct Warm Wind.

Pro Tip: If you are in an open area like Sograt Desert wherein when you look at your screen, you don't see anything you could bump into while running, you can simply Run FSK repeatedly without clicking on the ground. This is because you are in the same position or tile as the monster you FSK'ed, giving you freedom to use Running again without bumping into it.

Chuck Norris relies on hitting the FSK. You know what that means.

Carded Accessories Switching

This section is a response to a question asked by GM Azul in the game.

Here are several accessory cards, their definition, and my insights.

Card Function Remarks
Horong Enables use of Level 1 Sight. Use it against Hide/Tunnel Drive/Cloaking.
Hydrolancer Add a 10% chance of auto casting Level 1 Spell Breaker on the enemy when attacking. Not really a big help for WoE NT. PvM-wise, not sure.
Ifrit Increase ATK, Critical Rate, and HIT every 10 Job Level. It would give a maximum of 5 base atk, 5 crit, and 5 hit. Not bad, specially if you’re gonna go Passive TK or break Emps. Not the best card for a Chuck Norris TK though.
Joker Enables use of Level 1 Steal. You should have made a Thief class instead if you just wanna steal.
Kobold Crit Rate + 4%, Str +1 Good for Passive TKs, not for Chuck.
Mantis 3 Str If you like it then you should get a [1]Ring with it, Woah oh oh~
Marine Sphere Enables use of Level 3 Magnum Break. Mentioned already in the TK Leveling Guide.
Obeaune Enables use of Level 1 Cure.
  • Blind, Confusion and Silence? Well, for Blind and Confusion, sure, why not? But silence, you can’t Cure yourself when you are silenced. /heh
  • I would rather go for some Panacea so that I won’t have to switch accessories.
Poison Spore Enables use of Level 3 Envenom. Thief, please.
Poporing Enables use of Level 1 Detoxify. Green herbs, green potions, Panacea. Still Panacea for me.
Smokie Enables use of Level 1 Hiding Hmm, We TKs do not Hide from enemies! XD
Stapo Enables use of Level 1 Pick Stone and Level 1 Throw Stone. Stahp.
Wickebane Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 1 Strip Armor on the enemy when attacking. PvM-wise, not sure. PvP-wise, why not?


What's a TK Ranker?
A TK Ranker is a TK whose name is on /taekwon list
How does a TK get points?
By using TK Mission. Please read skill description. You have to kill 100 of the certain monster to get 1 point.
What sets a TK Ranker apart from other TKs?
At level 90 and above, a TK Ranker will master ALL skills, get x3 hp/sp, and be able to chain the 4 Prep kicks. You can also use a different kick when a certain prepare stance shows up, like using Whirlwind Kick after a Prepare Round Kick stance.
What's a Ranker's stats?
Mine is a WoE ranker TK, so I use 90ish str, 80ish agi, 30ish vit and 30ish dex.
Why go for TK Ranks?
TK Rankers are TKs with OMGsorz bonuses.

Well, this is it for now for my TK leveling Guide. If you have questions or feedback or whatever regarding TKs, just post it here or PM me in-game: (see my signature)