The Eden Group

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The new Eden Group will replace the former Monster Board NPC. In its place comes a huge wealth of expansive additions from the Eden Group - including so much more than just a hunting board! We're talking about completely new equipment that's friendly to both newcomers as well as experienced players, a wealth of exclusive new rewards, buffs, and amazing items, a wide variety of brand new exclusive services, and so much more! The Eden Group on TalonRO isn't like anything you may have tried before - which is so true of a lot of TalonRO content! We've redesigned and reimagined the Eden Group experience from the ground-up, unveiling a whole new way to experience the game that you love. Let's dive in together to explore the latest that the Eden Group has to offer!

Getting Started Eden.png

To access the Eden Group you must locate the Eden Teleport Officer which you can find at every major city location close to the spawn point.

Secretary Lime Evenor

Secretary Lime.png

This is the first place people should find themselves at. Talk to him and he will get you set up at the Eden Group with the Eden Group Mark which you can then start doing the many Eden Features with.

The Eden Group Mark itself will allow you to teleport back to the Eden Group instantly from anywhere in the world. It has a 15 minute cool down and a 1 second startup animation when used. If you die during the startup animation, you will not be warped back!

Secretary Lime Evenor will also find you after every 25 jobs you complete for the Eden Group and recommend you to the Eden Group Captain, Arquien. The applicable jobs that count toward this feature are the following:

  • Mission Boards (only hunting, not item).
  • Gramps.
  • Dieshin Corporation Delivery Quests.
  • Bounty Board.

You can find more information about Captain Arquien and what she rewards you at the Captain Arquien Bonuses section.

Main Eden Quests

Instructor Boya.png

Instructor Boya

You can start the main eden quests by first talking to Instructor Boya. In order to participate you must first be at least base level 12. If you aren’t, then you can always do the first Mission Board (1-11) and take on some of those missions until you are.

If you are within level range she will recommend you a different mission depending on what level you are. These are as follows:

Mission Set Monster Kill Count NPC Item Reward
Option A Condor 5
(prt_fild09 308,190)

Eden Group Hat

Eden Group Manteau

Eden Group Uniform I

Eden Group Boots I

Baby Desert Wolf 10
Savage Bebe 5
Option B Thief Bug 10
(prt_sewb1 131,262)
Tarou 10
Familiar 5