The Sign Quest

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Base Level


Items Required

Umbala Kid, get Jellopies, Fluff and Clovers for Meat

  • 11 (or more points) Various Art Items. (Refer to Part 1, Step 13 for more information.)

Note: It will cost less if you use Golden Anvil rather than an Emperium Anvil. Golden Anvil can be bought from NPC at Blacksmith Guild House (Einbroch)

  • 1 Level 4 Weapon (Refer to Part 5, Step 5)

(Will not be consumed)

Money Needed

  • 100,000z

Quest Prerequisite(s):


  • Item(s): 1x Lucifer's Lament, 1x The Sign
  • Experience: ??
  • Access to Geffenia Dungeon level 1, 2, 3, and 4


Part 1: Crumbs of Sobbing Starlight

1. Read the Announcement on a notice board in one of the cities. All the announcements are the same, so it is only necessary to read one.

  • Alberta [1]: (35, 241)
  • Morroc [2]: (168, 265)
  • Payon [3]: (160, 183)
  • Prontera [4]: (147, 305)
  • Geffen [5]: (168, 175)
  • Al De Baran [6]: (54, 223)

2. Enter a Prontera building (prontera 263, 275) and talk to the Archeologist, Metz (prt_in 227, 45) about the announcement. Speak to him again, and agree to help him. Once he mentions Arian, travel to Morroc to find said man for the first test.

The building:


Metz (the Archeologist):


3. Go inside a Morroc buildng (morocc 283, 173) and talk to the rogue, Arian (morocc_in 115, 154) for the first test (use second option, if you tell him that Metz sent you, he will teleport you outside the building, just enter inside again and talk to him again). He desires the following sets of items (bring only the set he asks for each time and NO other sets, i.e. not 100 Fluff and 50 Poison Spore at the same time. Otherwise, he will take all the quest items and you'll need to recollect):

The building (be careful, the door is oriented to the North):


Arian (the Rogue) and Gaanan next to him (Young Man in the counter):


4. After Arian has all the items he wanted, speak to the Young Man, Gaanan (morocc_in 114 162) above him. Gaanan will asks 5 questions, to which the answers are:

  • 1. Stranded on an island: Fourth option
  • 2. Stuck in a collapsed building: Fourth option
  • 3. Lost in a dungeon: Third option
  • 4. A murder is committed: First option
  • 5. The world is going to end: Fourth option (save the world)

After answering correctly, talk to Arian to be rewarded with a Crumb of Sobbing Starlight and 54,000 Base EXP. Now journey to Payon to find Daewoon for the second test.

5. Go inside a Payon building (payon 130, 204)


And talk to Daewoon (payon_in03 11, 31), go three times west, until you see him on the northern part of the room.


Select any option to "Do you have any idea what that jewel you're holding actually is?" and begin his test. You will receive different EXP based on your response here. Whether you succeed will depend on how much your answers appeal to him. The best choices are:

  • 1. Option #1, Yes, I do
  • 2. Option #2, I hate people who do that
  • 3. Option #2, I can't destroy such beauty...
  • 4. Option #1, Yes, of course!
  • 5. Option #1, Yes

You can take the test again if you failed. If you succeeded, Daewoon then hands over a Crumb of Sobbing Starlight and gives you 54,000 Base EXP, bringing the total to two. Note: For question 3, the option "Close my eyes and attack/smash it" is also accepted. Now, he will send you to talk to Sir Jore, in Aldebaran.

6. Enter the lower right Aldebaran building (aldebaran 223, 56):


And find Sir Jore (aldeba_in 155, 101).


He asks for the following items after he fails his experiment:

7. After collecting the items, Sir Jore requires information about the Stone of Sage from two famous alchemists. Talk to Piru Piru (aldeba_in 156, 118, just north west from Sir Jore) and she'll reveal the location of the two alchemists: the south forest.

8. First, find the daughter Pleur on the second floor of the Hidden Temple (prt_maze02 57, 151).

  • If entered the maze from prt_fild01: go up, down, left, right, down, up, left, up, up, left to reach the second floor.
  • If entered the maze from mjolnir_12 (suggested; one south of Aldebaran): go down, down, left, right, down, up, left, up, up, left to reach the second floor.

Once near her, one of two things will happen.

  • You'll be teleported and catch up with both father and daughter alchemists on the same map, thus completing this portion of the quest.
  • You'll become "lost" and be teleported to either (prt_maze01) or (prt_maze03).

Upon becoming lost, return to (prt_maze02) and continue finding Pleur until you "catch up." However, finding her again from (prt_maze03) is very difficult and time consuming:it is faster to just return to a save point and come back to the maze again from either (prt_fild01) or (mjolnir_12).

  • Note: It is possible to use Teleport level 1 or Fly Wings to get to the spot where the father and daughter alchemists are. It may take a while, but can potentially be less stressful than getting "lost".

9. Once caught up with them (prt_maze02 14, 183 & 16, 183), talk to Gordon and select the option about the Stone of Sage. After that expect to be teleported to one south of Aldebaran (mjolnir_12).


10. Tell Sir Jore what was discovered about the Stone of Sage from Gordon. When he asks what the Stone of Sage is, enter the response [Red Gemstone]. He'll hand over the third Crumb of Sobbing Starlight and mentions Lady Jesqurienne in Geffen.

11. Inside the top right Geffen building (geffen 168, 170)...


... is a female drinker, Jesqurienne (geffen_in 59, 74).


Tell her you've heard of her, and then call her a stuck-up chick to accept her challenge. Talk to her boyfriend Aaron at the same table to begin the challenge. In order to win, more questions must be answered correctly than Jesqurienne. The ten multiple choice questions presented will also be chosen at random. Examples of some questions are:

  • Choose the property that is unrelated to the Mage's Bolt type skills: Earth
  • Choose a monster that is a different type than the others: Penomena
  • Choose the job class that cannot equip Silk Robe: Hunter
  • Choose the weight of an Empty Bottle: 2
  • Choose the monster that doesn't drop a Yggdrasil Leaf: Marduk
  • Choose the defense of an Indian Fillet: 3
  • Choose the defense and stat bonus of a Bunny Band: 2 def, 2 luk
  • Choose the monster that takes extra damage from fire property weapons: Mace Goblin
  • Choose the armor that a novice cannot equip: Wooden Mail
  • Choose the monster that stone curse won't work on: Evil Druid
  • Choose the monster that is of a different size: Marine
  • Choose the item needed to make a gladius: Sapphire
  • Choose the location closest to Yuno's weapon upgrade shop: Weapon Shop
  • Choose the NPC not needed for the Blacksmith change quest: Barcardi
  • Choose the NPC that looks different from the others: Prontera Hollghrenen
  • Choose the item not needed to make condensed whites: Empty Bottle
  • Choose the correct name of the ruler of the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom: Tristram III
  • Choose the prefix or suffix that is incorrectly matched with its Monster Card name: Golem - Immortal
  • Choose the building that is the closest to the Item Upgrade Place in Yuno: Weapon Shop
  • Choose the item that cannot be equipped by Novice class characters: Wooden Mail
  • Choose the Hunter's Trap Skill which does not inflict Property Damage: Shockwave Trap
  • Choose the level requirement for entering the PvP Room: 31
  • Choose the item that is necessary for a Blacksmith to create a Gladius: Sapphire
  • The city closest to Turtle Island: Alberta
  • Which item is not relevant to the creation of a Counteragent: Karvodailnirol
  • What is the Bunny Band's DEF and its added ability: 2: LUK + 2
  • Which NPC is not relevant to the Blacksmith Job Quest: Barcadi
  • What is the correct weight for 1 Empty Bottle: 2
  • Four thousand five hundred sixty divided by four, divided by two, plus three is equal to: 573
  • Three thousand one hundred two added to five hundred, plus four, divided by six: 601
  • Fifty-one times fifteen divided by three plus 5: 260

There will not be much time to look up the answers on other websites. If taking too long to answer, the quiz will be restarted. After beating her, key in your character's name to receive a fourth Crumb of Sobbing Starlight. Now she well send you to look for a guy called Dearles, and that he loves gambling.

12. Go inside the Comodo casino (comodo 139, 112):


And proceed to the second floor (cmd_in02 190 78). Talk to a Strange Guy, Dearles (cmd_in02 88 51). First, he needs: 30,000 zeny


13. Now he'll ask for artsy items. You must collect 11 or more points worth of //different// artsy items in order to continue. Here are all of the known examples: (w/ point values and npc location listed next to them)

After you hand them to him, you will receive 39,000 EXP.

14. Finally, Dearles proposes a dancing test.

  • To be honest, this part needs a bit of confirmation. The text in game is a bit confusing, and I'm not sure if you'll get what the diagrams to the right mean (I didn't). I gathered info here and there and found an easier (or more understandable) way of knowing where you have to be. When I tried, so far up to the ending part, the steps were right on the spot. I wasn't able to confirm further as things got confusing and had to focus on following the "Hide" spot.
  • I made the 2 diagrams below with so people would get a better image of what to do. Hope it helps.
  • Any confirmation of the info given here is welcome.

Steps: up left down right down left & up right down right down left & up right & up left & stay center down left & down right & down left down right & center & down right down left & up left & up right & down right & center down left & up right & up left & down right up right & down right & up right & down right up left & up right & center & up right & down left & down right

  • Any movement speed enhancing items/buffs are recommended, but not necessary.
  • You don't have to reach the end of the spot, just touch one of the first lines of the step to make it count. This strategy helps out to successfully finish the test.
  • When a "Hide" spot is seen at the dancing test room (type /effect to enable it if you can't see), move to it to "Unhide" the spot, indicating a dance move was performed correctly. Turn on Sound Effect, and every dance move performed correctly will give a sound too.
  • The last part is tricky: sometimes it's the center sometimes it's down, even if it says center. Be sure to check the "Hide" for the last part

This is an easier way to follow that.

The following Table is made out of the Script. It show all Steps and the Time in which them have to be finished. Actually the Speech seems not 100% synchron with the Steps checked from Script. As far as i know you could do (maybe) 1-2 mistakes sadly all others explanations here are using them already up and leave you no room for mistakes.

Number Dancesteps Time to finish
1 up 2
2 down 2
3 left right 3
4 down 2
5 left right up center 5
6 left down left 3
7 down center down 3
8 left up right down center 6
9 left right up down 4
10 right down right down 4
11 up right center right left down 6

Here follow the old explanation i left them here because i could only test the Steps of the Table once and it may still be they are right. (after dancing is finished a new Quest is needed to test! so please help updating this Wiki with your experience!)

And these the movements you will have to make (I'll redo it according to the script):


Other way of memorizing this is, you give each square a number:


And then, follow this sequence:

  1. up (2)
  2. down (2)
  3. left right (3)
  4. down (2)
  5. left right up center (5)
  6. left down left (3)
  7. down center down (3)
  8. left up right down center (6)
  9. left right up down (4)
  10. right down right down (4)
  11. up right center right left down (6)

1524 5241 3252 5352 1453 2415 4545 1434 25

Or this:

  1. 1
  2. 5
  3. 24
  4. 5
  5. 2413
  6. 252
  7. 35
  8. 21453
  9. 2415
  10. 4545
  11. 143425


  • Another option is just follow the "Hide/Unhide" animation and you will succeed.

15. After the dance examiner states the test was passed, talk to Dearles for the fifth Crumb of Sobbing Starlight and 51,000 EXP.

16. Leave to Alberta to find Bakerlan, the Wealthy looking Merchant. He is located inside a top left Alberta building (alberta 93, 203)


In the first room upstairs (alberta_in 125, 101).


He's busy and needs to know where his butler, Refined Steward, Mahatra (alberta_in 114, 178) is. Find Mahatra on the first floor.


He requires a Stone to be sent to a Knight in Yuno.

17. Go to Yuno and find a Knight (though it's a Crusader sprite), Leibech (yuno 330, 100). He gives a Receipt in turn for the Stone and you'll get 33,000 Base EXP for the delivery. Then head back for Mahatra.


18. Mahatra needs you to find his boss, Bakerlan. Bakerlan will say you still need experience and asks you go back to Mahatra and ask for another test! Mahatra gives you a quest to help the Maid, Seylin (alberta_in 154, 171) in the second floor corridor.


Seylin will ask your help to get Vigorgra as a gift for her brother.

19. Proceed to the Alchemist Guild in Aldebaran (aldebaran 68, 56) - note: camera is rotated in the screenshot:


Find an Alchemist, Melkaba (alde_alche 169, 162), he's downstairs, in the North East room.


He'll create Vigorgra with the following ingredients:

Note: He does have a chance to fail so you might have to look for these items again.

20. After receiving the Vigorgra, go back to Seylin. She'll need the Vigorgra and a letter send to her brother at Prontera Castle

21. Go to Prontera Castle and find her brother, Maruin (prt_castle 107, 58).


22. After he gets the items, return to Seylin. Then go downstairs and talk to Mahatra. Mahatra will send you up to Bakerlan. Finally Bakerlan say you've passed the test and gives you the sixth Crumb of Sobbing Starlight and 60,000 Base EXP too.

23. Return to Metz in Prontera. He will give you the 7th & last Crumb of Sobbing Starlight. He'll tell you more information about the Crumb of Sobbing Starlights.

Part 2: The Complete Sobbing Starlight

1. Continue talking to Metz. He tells you that if you can merge all the Crumb of Sobbing Starlights into the Sobbing Starlight, he'll reveal more secrets. But there's only one Blacksmith who has the skill to forge it and no one knows his whereabouts. Metz tells you his family lives in Geffen.

Note: You'll need to talk to him few times to activate the second quest.

2. Go to a Geffen building (geffen 138, 101):


Find a Lonely Looking Woman, Brenda (geffen_in 159, 48).


You'll need to key in her husband's name [Engel Howard]. She'll tell you they moved to Geffen because it's near her husband's work place. After that, go talk to Cute Girl, Liana (geffen_in 171 42). The cute little girl will ask you to send a Picture Letter to her father.

To get the drawing you must select the "..." answer after telling Liana her dad misses her.

3. Head to the Coal Mines to find her father. Go to second floor of the dungeon and find Engel (mjo_dun02 88, 295) by using the hidden path from (mjo_dun02 64, 295).

The Hidden Path:


Engel, the Flaming Spirit Man:


Give the Picture Letter to him and tell him your intentions. He'll ask you to find the required ingredients to forge the Sobbing Starlight.

After you pass over the items he needs, he'll ask you send the a letter to his Wife while waiting for him to complete the forging.

4. Go back to Geffen and pass the letter to his Wife, Brenda. Before you leave make sure to talk to the Cute Girl, Liana for a reward.

5. Go back to the Coal Mines and talk to Engel. If he failed to forge it, recollect the ingredients and a higher quality anvil instead (Golden Anvil or Emperium Anvil only). If it succeeded, you'll get the Sobbing Starlight. Go back Prontera and talk to Metz.

6. When you tell Metz the good news, he's very happy you repaired the Sobbing Starlight. Unfortunately, he can't read the ancient words inside of it, so he sends you to the Magician, Dhota in Geffen.

7. Go to the Geffen Tower (geffen 120, 110):


Find Annoyed Man, Dhota (gef_tower 118, 36) at the highest floor.


Key in the [Sobbing Starlight] and he'll ask you to go to Umbala to get the solution instead.

The Umbala Language Quest must be completed in order to continue.

8. Go to Umbala and talk to a Native named Laotan (umbala 163, 256) for clue.


But he will only exchange the clue for a Mr. Smile.

The Mr. Smile quest can be done to craft a Mr. Smile mask.

9. According to the Native, you must go to the building in Umbala Dungeon (um_dun01 129, 90) on the ground level, south of the spawn point.


When you enter, you find a Fastidious Looking Guy, Cyon (um_in 27, 23).


After you tell him your intentions he'll ask you to collect 10 Worn Out Pages.

Note: even if he says 10, he just takes 7.

After bringing him the required items, he hands over a Record of Ancient Language. Return to Prontera for Metz.

Part 3: The Ancient Document

1. Metz states Frank needs to translate the Record of Ancient Language.

2. Go to Alberta and to find a Fastidious Old Man, Frank (alberta 165, 83).


But he seems to talking to himself and mumbles about his eyesight.

  • Go to Alberta's Armor Dealer and buy him a pair of Glasses.

3. Once he receives the Glasses, he'll help translate the Ancient Document. Once he finishes, keep talking to him until he gives you the Translated Ancient Language (2% chance).

4. Now go collect these items and bring them to the Giant Telescope in the West Geffen Field (gef_fild07 178, 244).


Move onto one of the chairs (gef_fild07 182, 241) there to find an entrance to the Valkyrie Temple.

5. Keep going up to find Valkyrie, Sandra (himinn 48, 85). After speaking to her, she kicks you out to Geffen.


6. Talk to Metz again and he'll refer you to Niffleheim.

Note: The Witch's Piano Keys Quest must be completed to continue.

7. When arriving at Nifflheim find a Pleasant-Featured Lady, Serin (niflheim 313, 70).


She requires help: answer "Sure, go ahead" followed by "Sure, let's do it". The next answer determines how you wish to continue the quest.

A. Sure, why not? (Longer quest but receive Serin's Gold Ring as a reward along with some experience)

B. Why should I help them. (Shorter quest)

Most NPCs here are DEAD NPCs. So in order to talk to them, walk near them to let them initiate a conversation. To talk back, click on the NPC's head.

CAUTION: Your choice here affects your options in Part 6 of the quest. If you decide to do 4.A (Sure, why not?), you can go either route in Part 6. However, should you choose the shorter quest here (4.B, Why should I help them), you don't receive Serin's Gold Ring which is needed for step 6.A (the witch Kirkena will ask for it but you wouldn't be able to get it from Serin later as she wanders away and only Kirkena can find her), leaving 6.B as the only option. However, if you do accidentally do 6.A after doing 4.B, wait for a few hours after talking to the witch and when she prompts you for the Gold Ring. Just waiting for a bit seems to bypass that requirement but this isn't confirmed by the GMs and may not work for everyone.

Part 4a: "Sure, why not?"

1. Go to a building in Niflheim (niflheim 169, 162).


And look for a Child, Alakina Ann (nif_in 156, 93):


She'll cry about wanting to go back home. After talking to her again "About the curse", she'll spew hints.

Walk near her and let her speak to you first then start clicking her head.

2. Go next to (don't click on it) the Cursed Spirit, Ashe Bruce (niflheim 350, 258).


He senses your strength, select the pull and read the 3rd book. You would be prompt to enter a spell, select the following options: Klaatu, Verata and Nictu (hidden 4th option).

It takes a few tries of inputting this spell until his curse is finally broken.

4th option is tricky, as it's in white.

If you try to initiate the conversation by clicking it, the options read 'touch the book...' and not pull and read. Even if you continue the dialog and enter the spells, this will not break the spell. Just go next to the spirit and wait for it to auto talk to you.

3. When the curse is successfully broken, the Witch's Spell Scroll will be received.

4. Go near Ann and she'll ask for help to go back. Choose "How are you going to get home?" and then go find the Witch at the Witch Tower.

5. The Witch is in the highest building (niflheim 254, 191) in Nifflheim.


Follow the carpet in the Piano room, then, walk again near the piano (the same as you did in the Piano Keys Quest) and enter the Witch's Room.


DO NOT CLICK ON, but go stand next to the Witch, Kirkena (nif_in 188, 168) (if you click on her you will be teleported back to Umbala) so she begins talking.


Give her the Witch's Spell Scroll and ask "Send a child back". She'll hand over a Crow Wing. The only way to escape from her room is to use a Butterfly Wing, Warp Portal, or click her head and be sent to the Umbala Jump Point.

6. Go near Ann and she'll thank you. Then go near Ann again and she'll say you lied to her, and she still can't go back.

7. Go back to Kirkena for an explanation. She'll say the Crow Wing only can be used by living people, which means Ann is dead.

8. You did your best, so you head back and talk to Serin. Even though you can't help Alakina, she still thanks you. And as she promised, she'll give you her important item, Serin's Gold Ring as reward. Talk to Serin again and she'll ask you to find Crayu the Poet.

  • Don't equip Serin's Gold Ring during the quest, or it'll be confiscated by certain NPCs!

9. Go inside a Nifflheim building (niflheim 187, 241)


You'll find Crayu (nif_in 105, 81).


Go near Crayu. After answering a few questions he asks you to find Gen.

10. You find a Depressing Man, Gen (niflheim 146, 241) just West of the building you enter.


Talk to him and you find out he was the chosen one once, but failed, and he cautions you. He advises you to find the Witch for help.

Part 4b: "Why Should I Help Them?"

1. Once you choose "Why should I help them?," find a Depressing Man, Gen (niflheim 146 241) just West of the building you entered. Talk to him and you find out he was the chosen one once, but failed, and he cautions you. He advises you to find the Witch for help.

2. The Witch is at the highest building (niflheim 254 191) in Nifflheim. Follow the carpet in the Piano room and you'll enter the Witch's Room. Go near the Witch, Kirkena (nif_in 188 168) and she'll auto talk to you first. She'll ask you to find her Witch's Spell Book.

3. Go near the Cursed Spirit, Ash Bruce (niflheim 350 258). He senses your strength, select the pull and read the 3rd book. You would be prompt to enter a spell, select the following options: Klaatu, Verata and Nictu (hidden 4th option).

  • 4 is tricky, as it's in white.

4. Go back to the witches castle. Enter the witches room by clicking on the speech bubble next to the portait in the 2nd floor (nif_in 139, 176), return the Witch's Spell Book to Kirkena.

Part 5: Proving Yourself

1. Go near the Witch, Kirkena and she'll tell you about the dangers of the quest. She also tell you to prove yourself is by bringing her the Symbol of the Nine Realms and asks you to keep it as a secret. Go near her again and she'll ask you to come from the headstone near the stairs on the second floor the next time you visit.


2. Go to Serin. You need to click on her 3 times. She'll tell you things that the Witch didn't tell you. She also wants you to inform her first-hand once you get the Authority Of Nine World from the Ruler of the Dead and listen to the reasons why she needs these powers.

3. Now go back to the Giant Telescope in West Geffen Field (gef_fild07 182, 241) to teleport to Valkyrie Temple (No need to bring any ingredients). Talk to Valkyrie, Sandra and she'll say she can't help you, but she'll give you support mentally.

4. You're on your own now. So you go back Nifflheim to find more clues. You find a Mad Man, Laichin (niflheim 102, 54) and he seems to have information you need for the quest! Keep talking to him as he needs you to pay him twice, 40,000 Zeny and 20,000 Zeny.


5. Listen carefully to the locations he mentions. The locations are random for each person and there are 4 locations you need to go out of a total of 8. Follow the sequence he mentions.

Number Description Coordinates
1 big 10 o'clock gl_dun02 43 251
2 small 11 o'clock gl_dun02 123 230
3 big 1 o'clock gl_dun02 263 267
4 very small 11 o'clock gl_dun02 118 183
5 big 4 o'clock gl_dun02 273 97
6 small 6 o'clock gl_dun02 138 72
7 big 7 o'clock gl_dun02 19 27
8 big 5 o'clock gl_dun02 268 33

The locations he mentions are in The Lowest Cave of Glast Heim (gl_dun02). Bring a level 4 weapon from before the 10.1 update. Click here for a list of pre 10.1 level 4 weapons. After the July/2018 patch, Mes and Silver Shotel also work. Keep the weapon in your inventory (not equipped). Ice Pick [1] apparently does NOT work.

6. Once there, click on the Mysterious Environment and it'll pop up with 4 types of message.

  • The mysterious energy flows out. However, the environment seems to be creepier.
    • Wrong sequence. Find another spot.
  • With the weapon you have currently, it's impossible to break the seal.
    • Wrong weapon.
  • It shakes but there isn't any further response. Maybe it needs a greater impact to be activated.
    • Keep clicking the Mysterious Environment.
  • Perhaps you need something more powerful. (while having a pre-10.1 update level 4 weapon in your inventory NOT equipped)
    • Keep clicking the Mysterious Environment.

7. You'll get a Piece of Spirit once you break a seal. And when you break the fourth seal, you'll get the Spiritual Whispers . Go back to Nifflheim and talk to Depressing Man, Gen.

8. Gen will identify himself as a servant to his master, Lady Hell. His master is looking for the Spiritual Whispers and he'll send you to her mansion, Eljudnir where his master resides.

9.9. Head up to the Unknown Area. You'll pass a fountain, but don't click it yet.yet. Curiosity killed the cat. Keep moving upward and you'll find the Queen of the Dead, Lady Hell.

ADVANCED NOTICE: Do not leave the map before talking to the next NPC or else you can not go back.


10. Talk to her and she'll give you Symbol of the Nine Realms in exchange for the Whisper of Soul.

  • You can click the fountain now. If you bring Empty Bottles you'll exchange for a Cursed Water each time you click the fountain.

11. Now you have two choices. Either give the Symbol of the Nine Realms to:

  1. Witch, Kirkena (requires defeating more monsters, but can bring friends to help)
  2. Pleasant-Featured Lady, Serin (requires defeating Incarnation of Dark Lord, aka 1 Dark Illusion, with NO help from friends)

Part 6a: Kirkena the Witch

1. If you chose the Witch, Kirkena, go find her in her room through the headstone near the stairs on the second floor. She'll ask for the Symbol of the Nine Realms and explain the reasons she needs it. If you got Serin's Gold Ring earlier, she'll take it but will return it later and you can store the ring in kafra now (before that you couldn't store it). After that she'll give you 1 Witch's Tonic and 5 Witch's Medal.

  • With 5 Witch's Medal, you can bring 4 more partners in your party to assist you in defeating the quest monsters later on. You need to talk to the Witch to enter Serin's room before others can follow. In order for the others to help you fight, they will need to talk to the same gravestone that you do in order to get into the witch's room. They will need to have the seal on them. Do not let the extra partners lose any of the Witch's Medal, they will need to be returned.

Kirkena found the location of Serin. Once you're ready, Kirkena will send you to a copy of nif_fild02 with many monsters on it: Ghouls, Succubus, Wraiths, Injustices, Evil Druids, and Ancient Mummies, which do not give EXP or drop anything. You must fight your way past them to get to the portal on the other side. Enter it, and you'll be in Serin's room. If you have people helping you, they'll be sent to Serin and must talk to her to get to where you are.

2. You'll find Serin at the Unknown Area. Talk to her and chose "Stop her."

3. Serin will summon monsters to attack you. Try not to stand near her when you talk to her. You'll need to defeat these monsters:

4. Once you beat the monsters, Serin will reappear. She'll tell you she's happy that she met you and she'll give up her dream and live peacefully in Nifflheim. Later on she'll send you back to the Witch's room. There is a 10 minute time limit on this battle. Every time you are kicked from the room due to a loss or a time out, there is a chance that you will fail the quest.

5. If you fail, the Nifflheim NPCs will no longer talk to you.

Part 6b: Serin the Pleasant-Featured Lady

1. If you chose Pleasant-Featured Lady, Serin, go find Serin and she explains that the witch is going to summon Dark Lord which will devastate the world, instead, to pass her the Symbol of the Nine Realms to stop the witch. She'll send you directly to her room.


2. In the room listen to her reasons for using the Symbol of the Nine Realms. Serin has tricked you and she was the one who wanted to summon Dark Lord and so you must "Stop her". After talking to her, Dark Lord will appear.

After the Dark Lord appears (NOT the actual monster, but an NPC. Do not talk to Serin if the Dark Lord attacks you), talk to Serin once again. She will talk some more and you will receive a menu three times. In order, click the following:

1. "But why...?"

2. "But if Dark Lord comes to Rune-Midgard..."

3. No, you have to be stopped. (if you chose the wrong option here, click "I changed my mind for Rune-Midgard" afterwards. If you click the "I do, and it's alright..." option, you will fail the quest immediately)

After this, 1 Dark Illusion is summoned to attack you. There is a 10 minute time limit on this battle. Every time you are kicked from the room due to a loss or a time out, there is a chance that you will fail the quest.

(WARNING: Do not talk to Serin before defeating Dark Illusion or else you will be immediately warped out of the room and fail the quest)

3. Once you beat the Dark Illusion, Serin will reappear. She'll tell you she's happy that she met you and she'll give up her dream and live peacefully in Nifflheim. Later on she'll send you back to the Witch's room.

Part 7: The Sign

1. Talk to Kirkena and she's happy you stopped Serin. You'll get 900,000 experience points as a reward. And she asks you to talk to Lady Hell once more. (if you took the witch path above, you need to have all 5 Witch's Medal in your inventory)

In case you took path 6a:

  • Note 1: Serin (in Nifflehiem town) will give you 500,000 base exp if you return her ring to her (if you took the path that gave it). This must be done before talking to Lady Hell, otherwise Serin will tell you "....." and /sob.
  • Note 2: DO NOT enter the portal inside Kirkena's room, or you won't be able to turn back to get the EXP or finish The Sign quest.

2. Talk to Depressing Man, Gen to enter to Lady Hell room. When you meet Lady Hell, she won't have much to say to you.

3. Next, go the Valkyrie Temple and talk to Sandra. She's happy that you can complete the quest, and proved your courage to God. She'll give you The Sign as proof that you are God's Chosen One.

4. Go back to Prontera and pass The Sign to Metz. He's pretty excited when you pass The Sign to him and he is glad you completed the quest. He'll start to study The Sign.

  • Metz takes some time to study The Sign. Come back after from 30 minutes to 3 hours interval.

5. After taking The Sign, Metz asks you to bring it to Engel Howard (mjo_dun02 88, 295) to fix it.

  • Engel takes some time to fix The Sign (into an equippable accessory). Come back after from 30 minutes to 3 hours interval.

6. Bring The Sign back to Metz. After he finds out the truth of The Sign, his wish is fulfilled. He will then give you 2,000,000 base EXP.

7. Bring The Sign and Sobbing Starlight to Gen (niflheim 146, 241). Gen will warp you to his Master's room. Meet Lady Hell and pass the Sobbing Starlight to her. Then sit back and watch the fireworks display! After the fancy display, Lady Hell will give you Lucifer's Lament. (Lucifer's Lament is ACCOUNT BOUND but transferable to Kafra, which means you may use it on any character on an account.)

8. Go to the Geffen Fountain and click on it to enter Geffenia. The portal will open temporarily North of the Fountain, and anyone regardless of class, level, or having done the quest may enter it. Be warned however that this map has strong monsters.


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