Tips for Mouse Issues

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Tips for Mouse Issues - Dual Clienting, Alt+Tabbing, and More

by: Star

Does your mouse do funny things when you're playing TalonRO? Do you experience issues when dual clienting with things like mouse position, your character moving on its own, or other problems? This FAQ is meant mainly for dual clienters (more like massive dual clienters) and should help you both diagnose and treat your mouse issues.

Why you shouldn't use the free mouse...

For those who don't know about it, the free mouse enables you to move freely between your client to other applications without having to use alt-tab. It can be downloaded at The free mouse is fine as long as you're not dual clienting. If that's the case, you'll have many many issues with the mouse as well as a massive lag when playing.

My mouse acts weirdly when I alt-tab outside the game, how can I fix this?

This is quite easy. You should always leave a window opened in the background. This could be anything... a notepad document, an explorer folder, whatever will do the trick. When you alt-tab out, you should aim for that window and the first thing you want to do is right click on anywhere on it. Then your mouse will be as good as new when you alt-tab back in the client and left click on your character!

When I alt-tab back in the game, my character moves on its own!

This is solved by doing exactly the same as the previous tip. This problem doesn't come from you alt-tabbing in the client, but it comes from you alt-tabbing outside the client without right clicking. When you start going back in your clients, you have to left click in the middle of the screen where your character stands; this sets the position of the mouse (how the mouse saves the position will be explained later in this FAQ).

When I alt-tab between clients, my mouse is at weird spots, but never in the middle even though it was in my previous client!

The mouse saves its position to the last spot it was before alt-tabbing out. However, when you alt-tab a lot, the mouse gets confused and the position is lost sometimes. When that happens, the client has to find a new spot and it will be where your real mouse is on your screen.

If your real mouse position is outside the client and the client mouse position is lost, then this could be troublesome. If it's on the right side, you will suddenly stop seeing the mouse because it's hidden on the far right of your client.

To prevent this from happening, you should leave your real mouse in the middle of the client at all time. There are two ways of doing that (you can't simply move your mouse in the middle, because then you'll have other mouse issues; it's not the right way to do it).

  1. Put your right clicking window on top of your RO clients, and before alt-tabbing, make sure your mouse is in the middle.
  2. When you are inside a client, press alt-tab, release tab, but don't release alt. You will be able to move your mouse freely, so simply put it back in the middle. Then you can simply release alt to go back to your client.

The next time your mouse gets lost, it will be centered. You can ensure the position of the mouse by always left clicking where you want it, and then you can use alt-tab to go in another client. The mouse should, theorically, never get lost.

There is also another way to make sure your mouse NEVER gets lost as long as you never leave your clients. If you're using Windows 7 (not sure about other versions), you can alt-tab by using WindowsKey+0 to WindowsKey+9. Obviously you can't have too many windows with this, but you'll have less problems than switching with alt-tab. You should open your clients so that they're the first ones in the taskbar and try to keep them together. You can also minimize the active window by doing the same shortcut. This gets really useful when you have only one client because you won't have to minimize it manually!

There is a mouse pointer in the middle of my screen.

You can easily remove this weird looking mouse sprite by doing the following : alt-tab out of the client, right click on any window, then alt-tab back in and left click in the middle.

Why does this happen? This happens when you move back in your client without using alt-tab (if you have multiple clients). For example, let's say you opened... the windows calculator on the right of your screen and the client is on the left. If you move the mouse from the calculator to the client and left click to start moving the character, your other clients will have a mouse sprite in the middle. You should always use alt-tab to go back in or click on the client from the taskbar. But don't forget to put the mouse in the middle.

My window is not where I want but I'm having a hard time moving it!

This isn't exactly a mouse issue, but whatever. You can move a client quite easily by doing the following (works only for Windows Vista and Windows 7) :

  1. Alt-tab out of the client.
  2. Shift+Right click on the program from the taskbar (the client should NOT be minimized)
  3. Press M or select Move (it will be hard to select Move from the mouse since you can't see it)
  4. Move the window with the arrow keys at least once to be able to move it from the mouse. Press enter or left click to set the new position! You need to close this client last for the new clients to open at this spot.

The mouse automatically moves to the top left/bottom right corner of the screen.

  1. Right click on TalonRO.exe and go to Properties.
  2. Click on the Compatibility Tab.
  3. Check the box that says, "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and choose "Windows 8" (for those using Windows 8.1; otherwise use an earlier version).
  4. Check "disable scaling on high dpi settings".
  5. Check "Run this program as an administrator".
  6. Click Ok.


I believe this pretty much sums it up! So here are some general guidelines if you didn't bother reading the FAQ:

  1. Always right click on another window when you're leaving your clients.
  2. Always put your mouse in the middle by the steps descrived above before going back in a client, and always left click on the middle of your character.
  3. You shouldn't have problems!


  1. Guide written by Star on the TalonRO forums. Additional information and formatting supplied by GM Howl.