Traditional Weapon Quest

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Initial Quest

1. Speak with Gatti (dew_fild01, 127 240) near the gate of the Jati Tribe entrance.

2. Gatti doesn't know the name of the place. Answer "Dewata Island" when he asks. After that, he will laugh at you and say you're crazy.

3. Gatti will then tell you about an old lost blue print of a traditional weapon he found in Dewata. He will ask you to gather 250 Comodo Leather to create it.

4. Speak to him after collecting the required number of item and he will just create a handle of the weapon from the items you gathered. Obtain a Kris Hilt.

  • Note: Do not lose the hilt or you will have to repeat step 3.

5. To complete the weapon, talk to him again and he will ask you to bring 250 Comodo Leather, 20 Steel and 10 Oridecon.

6. Bring the items including the Kris Hilt to Gatti and he will finalize the weapon. Receive a Kris [1].

Creating Another

After you've done the initial quest, you can create as many you as wish. Just to talk to Whitesmith Gatti and bring him the required materials.

1. Talk to him after you've done the initial quest. Tell him you need another weapon.

2. He will then ask you to collect 125 Comodo Leather and 1 {{item |id=7201 Log} to create a new hilt.

3. To finish the weapon, he ask you to collect 150 Comodo Leather, 20 Steel and 10 Oridecon.


  • You can make more than 1 hilt as long as you don't have it on your inventory. To finish the weapon, same procedure applies.

Weapon Enchantment

After completing the weapon, you can ask Gatti to further enhance the capabilities of the weapon. He will ask you for 100,000 Zeny for each enchantment attempt. He can add MATK, ATK, DEF, FLEE, CRIT, MDEF, HP, SP and also Stat bonuses on the 2 hidden slots of the weapon.

Possible Enchantments
AGI +1 ~ +3
DEF +2 • +3 • +4
DEX +1 ~ +3
INT +1 ~ +3
LUK +1 ~ +3
MATK +1% ~ +3%
Max HP +100 • +200 • +300 • +400
Max SP +50 • +100
Mdef +2 • +3 • +4
STR +1 ~ +3
VIT +1 ~ +3
Crit +3 • +5
ATK +2% • +3%

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