Twelve Judges of Midgard

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The Twelve Judges of Midgard is an ongoing, interactive live event series which first debuted in TalonRO on January 20th, 2012. The event is a twelve-part miniseries taking place over several years and features live and interactive elements, which players need to solve in order to advance the storyline. The event series is considered a "dynamic event line" - meaning that the actions and outcomes of each chapter influence the story arc and objectives of each subsequent chapter. The miniseries continues the original TalonRO Storyline and follows the tale of Father Kilgannon and his discovery of an ancient threat which threatens to bring about the end of the world unless halted. Through the aid of many brave adventurers, magical artifacts, and the power of the gods, Father Kilgannon and the citizens of Midgard will aim to save the world from a deadly force from the past.

Currently, the miniseries is on its ninth chapter of the twelve, having entered into its final arc. The Ninth Chapter has yet to be scheduled, but the title has been confirmed as "Flight of the Nagilfar".

Plot Summary

Prologue - The Era of the First Ragnarok

[Known plot summary through Chapter Eight] Life here began out there. In a grand awakening, the forces of existence shaped all of life into a single sphere of energy. Striking with the hammer of creation, existence split the orb into nine pieces: known to all as the nine worlds of the cosmos. Throughout the arc of time, these nine worlds would be doomed to repeat phases of a cycle of destruction and rebirth, known as Ragnarok. After this period, a new era of understanding and advancement would be ushered in. But all of this has happened before, and all will happen again.

Across the endless scape of the nine worlds, the most ancient dwellers of the nine realms began extracting the energy of the universe: the basis for all magic. These ancients, collecting their powers together, planted a tree and named it Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil grew for thousands of years through each of the nine worlds, connecting them as one.

New life began as the warm winds of Thor reached the cold lands of Niflheim. The effect of the worlds on one another began an abundance of life on each world compared to before. Though many races emerged, the two worlds richest in magic began fighting for dominance as "gods" of creation: The Æsir of Asgard and the Vanir of Vanaheim. The Æsir–Vanir War ultimately ended in a truce, resulting in the unification of the two tribes into a single tribe of gods. The Æsir, led by their king Odin, his brothers and sisters, the Valkyries, and the Einherjars (Odin's greatest warriors) built their capital city of Valhalla in Asgard, and began ruling over the worlds. The Vanir on the other hand, ruled without being seen throughout the epoch of time, ruling from the shadows in their sacred city of Vanaheim.

There was a time of peace, and the nine worlds grew in depth and breadth during this Golden Age. Advances in technology, magic, and creation emerged; learning and reason became paramount and proliferated across the nine worlds. With this, so too did darker proclivities, such as desire, ambition, conflict, and jealousy. As time passed, the gods became fractured along their desires, with some favoring the world of Midgard and the cities of men, and others lending their wisdom to the worlds of Niflheim and beyond. Through the centuries, their schism grew, until one day from deep within Niflheim the beings known as Demons began their uprising. In the depth of their rage, the demons began their assault on the nine worlds, aiming to forever be free of the subjugation imposed on them by the gods. In this dark hour, the remaining eight worlds had a choice: to unify and expel the demons back into Niflheim, and thus seal them for eternity, or to challenge them individually – ceding their unification for autonomy and thus be concerned with the preservation of their world alone. Thus with the attack on Asgard, the dye was cast: this was the age of the first Ragnarok.

According to an ancient legend passed down through the centuries by the Normans (the human dwellers of Midgard), the world of Midgard and its many city-states were left with very little resources to defend their world against the onslaught of demons who challenged the other eight worlds. The wisest among them, Lord Gaelbog of Rune, called together his twelve most powerful and trusted warriors to fight the demons in an alliance with the Æsir, the Vanir, and the inhabitants of the remaining worlds. As the legend goes, the gods of Asgard and Vanaheim bestowed upon the twelve warriors incredible strength and power, enough to challenge the demons directly. With their newly anointed powers, these twelve warriors became known as The Twelve Judges of Midgard. With incredible magic at their fingertips from the wisest mages in the Beleriand at Vanaheim, coupled with their mighty Super Quest Weapons from Asgard's Valhalla, the Twelve Judges exacted their skills upon the demons, repelling them back into the underworld, and with it ending the period of the first Ragnarok.

Through the prosperity of the Normans, Midgard grew into a flourishing kingdom and world, with the earliest city-states forming the Kingdom of Rune-Midgard. At last, the era of Ragnarok had ended. Millennia had passed, and the lengthy peace eventually led the humans to forget their memories of the scars and hardship from the war. As they forgot faults of the past, selfishness, corruption, and arrogance slowly spread throughout Midgard.

Finally, the balance of peace broke and strange occurrences started happening. There came a strange howl from the boundaries that divided the gods, humans, and demons. Peaceful creatures became aggressive and attacked innocent villagers. Violent earthquakes ripped whole continents apart. Great hail storms drove some species to the brink of extinction. The legend of the demons were rediscovered. As the fragile peace began to fall apart, stories about the parts of Ymir protecting the peace began to spread among the adventurers. Forgetting the true nature of the ancient relics, people set out to seek the pieces out of selfishness and the promise of wealth that would come with it. All of this has happened before, and all will happen again.

This period of strange occurrences have encapsulated the events of the modern era, and with it the discoveries made in the Schwartzvald Republic, the advances of the Arunafeltz States, the discovery of the Dimensional Rift and the New Worlds, along with the resurrection of Satan Morroc and other demons from the underworld. Although the era of the first Ragnarok has long since passed, the stories of the Twelve Judges remained in the public consciousness as stories passed down from family member to family member, or enshrined within the great and noble history of Rune-Midgard. For many centuries, no one had known precisely what had happened to the Twelve Judges themselves. Some say that they were interred into the great halls of Valhalla when they passed on, others say that they simply faded away out of existence. What was for sure is that no one precisely knew what had happened to the Judges for many centuries. This was all about to change one fateful winter's day deep within the Great Library of Yuno.

Chapter One - The Manifest


It was a cold January day in the Sage libraries when a visiting scholar, a High Priest of the Prontera Cathedral named Father Kilgannon, was examining several ancient tomes within the library. Earlier in the day, he had consulted with his colleagues at the Sage Guild on retrieving an ancient manuscript that had just been unearthed within the Thanatos Tower. Found within the tomb of the great Einherjar, Thanatos, the newly discovered book intrigued Father Kilgannon enough to make the journey from Prontera to Yuno in order to examine it. Simultaneously, an expedition team had been sent into the Thanatos Tower to further examine the recently discovered ruins.

As Father Kilgannon studied the text, he realized that it was a copy of the tale of the Twelve Judges of Midgard. To anyone's knowledge, only one official recording was ever known to have been discovered, as it was kept within the Prontera Castle and property of the King of Rune-Midgard. This auxiliary text, revealed to in fact be the original Tome of the Twelve, began to reveal a much different historical account of the Twelve Judges of Midgard. Kilgannon, sensing an awakening aura deep within the Tome itself, sent for the expedition team to be recalled to Yuno at once. However, the order came too late - and the expedition team led by Captain Branford of the Schwartzvald Republic vanished within Thanatos Tower.

With the recent discovery of the Tome and the strange disappearance of the expedition team, Father Kilgannon sent out a hunting request to gather up as many brave adventurers of Midgard as possible to answer the call for help on this expedition. The objective of this trip was to try and locate the missing team, while also discovering more about the remnants of what lied within the new tomb underneath the Thanatos Tower. After many messages were sent out, a large team of adventurers showed up prepared to explore deep within the tower. It was discovered that the entire expedition team had been murdered, with only a small passageway open that led into the crypt below. There, Kilgannon and the team were met with a large maze of windy vines and ancient bricks - a tomb which had not been opened for many centuries.

Upon reaching the end of the maze, Kilgannon and the rest were confronted with a large, brilliant, and shining Crystal. This Crystal housed a deep and dark power, which made some adventurers sick and others feint. As the adventurers gathered closer to the Crystal, a powerful voice echoed throughout the chamber, warning them that their actions would not stop the force that has been put into motion. Confused and scared, some adventurers tried to run away, while others stood their ground. Soon, within a matter of minutes, monsters began to flood the chamber. The mobs were feverishly drawn to the Crystal, attempting to attack it and break the power within it free. Father Kilgannon, drawing on his powers as a master exorcist, began to seal the Crystal's power using an old but powerful incantation. During this time, the adventurers fought to keep the Crystal safe, and in the end Kilgannon was able to seal the majority of its power.

However, after the ritual was complete, the Crystal vanished and, from the smoke and stench, arose a man dressed in ancient battle armor. His power was menacing and his mere presence caused some to drop to their knees from the weight of his aura. Father Kilgannon demanded to know who he was. The man identified himself only as the Justice Sagittaron, Drace Meili. Father Kilgannon could not believe his ears or eyes - for the name Drace Meili was contained within the Tome of the Twelve. This man to Kilgannon could not have been one of the Twelve Judges, for their time was both in myth and more than a thousand years ago.

Dispensing with introductions, the man before them began to release his own power and transformed into a hideous and powerful-looking Valkryie. The adventurers fought against him for many hours until finally there were able to overtake him and quell the evil beast. Drace, the Justice Sagittaron, warned them that his death was only the beginning - that something wicked had been unsealed and that the fate of the Normans would soon be closed. Though Father Kilgannon attempted to converse more with Drace, he simply vanished into the air, and the evil aura around the chamber soon lifted.

Chapter Two - Catalyst


Following the defeat of Drace Meili at the hands of the Normans, Father Kilgannon went back to Prontera to compare the stories found within the original book containing the story of the Twelve Judges with the newly discovered Tome of the Twelve. There within the Tome were many inconsistencies with the copy in Prontera, including notations about the origin of the Crystals, the nature of the Judges, and regarding a magical pathway rite known as the Path of Yggdrasil.

According to the new Tome of the Twelve, the original Twelve Judges of Midgard had grown in power after the original quelling of the Demons back into Niflheim and Muspelheim. Emboldened with their newly acquired powers, the hubris of the Judges grew as they soon set their sights on conquering the rest of the worlds. While the Tome of the Twelve was not specific with regard to their final acts, it does make mention of them being sealed away by the Vanir in magical chambers - called the Crystals. Why they have been sealed away in Crystals was uncertain, but the motive of the Judges soon became apparent: these were not the mythical Judges from the stories in Rune-Midgard, but rather agents of a more malevolent force.

Further located in the Tome of the Twelve were notes on the Path of Yggdrasil. A form of magic once developed by the Vanir of Vanaheim, it was unclear what this magic would bring about. Kilgannon, however, knew that it must be of some significance if it was recorded within the Tome.

Knowing that he would require the help of expert Mages, Kilgannon and the rest of the adventuring team set out for Geffen to speak with the High Mage Umair at the top of the Geffen Tower. Upon their meeting, Kilgannon inquired about the nature of the Crystals and of the Path of Yggdrasil. Umair mentioned that the powers of crystals were first established in ancient times, and that crystals have many properties which can change as suited to the caster. As an example, Umair pointed to the use of Gemstones as catalysts for commonly used magical spells. He also mentioned that Crystals, in the hands of expert magicians, could be used to seal or bind even powerful forces. However, all crystals end up decaying over time, with their magical power becoming less and less strong. Therefore, it was possible that Crystals used to seal power away could be overtaken by that same power. Though Umair was not able to witness the discovery underneath the Thanatos Tower, he remarked that many of the Mages in the academy were beginning to detect strange and potent magical forces cropping up all over the world. One such dark force was coming from underneath the Geffen Tower. Kilgannon inquired too about the Path of Yggdrasil, but Umair said that this magical rite could not have been written by any Norman - for the complexity and intricacy of the spell was even beyond his own skill level.

With that, Kilgannon and the rest of the adventurers worked their way deep within the Geffen Tower and came upon a swirling tempest of evil power springing out of the ground. Using a spell to force the malevolent beacon open, Kilgannon revealed that it was a portal to yet another identical chamber to the one they found beneath the Thanatos Tower. It soon became apparent that other tombs must exist like this throughout the worlds, and he soon knew that they were about to discover the same kind of Crystal at the end of this chamber. Upon sealing the Crystal after battling many monsters, another figure emerged from the interior, announcing himself as Wodan Draclau, the Justice Scorpia.

At Kilgannon's insistence, Wodan confirmed that he and Drace were members of the Twelve Judges of Midgard. He also revealed that their sealing in the Crystals was due to the immense font of their power preventing them from death, thanks to a special cultivated magic they stole from the Vanir. Instead of attempting to kill them, the gods sealed them away in the Crystals in an indefinite stasis, but they failed to take into account a special contingency plan that the Judges managed to implement before their sealing. Though it took 1,000 years to evolve, the time had finally arrived for their plan to be placed into motion - for what was a millennium to an eternal being? With that, Wodan transformed into a massive dragon and began to attack the group of adventurers.

After many hours, Wodan fell. With his last breath, Wodan revealed that Kilgannon was too late to stop the inevitable rise of the Judges - and with that, disappeared out of existence.

Chapter Three - Worthy of Survival


With the confirmation that the battles in the chambers were with two of the Judges, Father Kilgannon went back to Yuno to confer with the scholars and sages in the Schwartzvald Academy on the subject. Meanwhile, the forces newly acquired by the Judges' awakening were beginning to gather for a massive invasion on Rune-Midgard. With their sights set on three major cities within Midgard - Comodo, Einbroch, and Izlude - the minions of the Judges began to march on to level these cities to the ground.

At each of the cities, however, the forces of the Judges were intercepted by three seasoned and skilled warriors: Ocin in Einbroch, Reira in Comodo, and Ruth in Izlude. Holding the Judges' forces back with their own allies, the three commanders rallied a massive counteroffensive against them at each of the cities. In what would come to be known as The Battle of Deor, the forces of the Normans repelled the sentries of the Judges successfully. The leaders of each of the sentries gave up small notes as to the location of a third Justice Chamber located somewhere outside of Yuno.

The adventurers rejoined Kilgannon in Yuno, and then set out to find the area where the Justice Chamber might be found. After considerable searching, the adventurers found the opening inside of a small cave located outside of Yuno. Upon entering it, Kilgannon and the group found another Crystal - which housed the Justice Libran, Sabin Deftinwolf.

In the conversation with Sabin, he revealed that the nature of the gods were not always tipped equally. The gods, particularly the Vanir, were subject to their own desires and whims. Some were noble and just, others were petty and malicious; even a select few had evil intentions. Sabin challenged Kilgannon to think outside of his normal paradigm and ask himself not about how the Judges are able to resurrect and come back to life, but rather to ask why and for what ultimate purpose? With this, Sabin transformed into a giant snake beast and attacked Kilgannon and the group to defend his chamber.

Upon his defeat, Sabin remarked that his death will not be permanent, and that he will rise again unless Kilgannon and the others can find their way through the secrets of the Tome of the Twelve. In an unusual departure from the former two Judges, Sabin explains that he will need to take the Tome to someone who can understand the ancient Valandian language and decipher the meaning of the Path of Yggdrasil. Perhaps only then would Kilgannon be able to comprehend the nature of the Judges and how to stop them. In his final breath, Sabin quietly hopes that Kilgannon will succeed so as to free him of the curse of his existence.

Chapter Four - The Obdurate Sentinel


The knowledge gained from Sabin Deftinwolf pushed Kilgannon to take the Tome of the Twelve and consult with the Rachel Sanctuary of Sessrúmnir in the Arunafeltz capitol of Rachel. Given that the Arunafeltz religion was founded on the event of the Vanir Goddess Freya's descent upon Rachel, it was likely that they would have knowledge of the Vanir's world of Vanaheim and information regarding the Path of Yggdrasil.

Upon his arrival in Rachel, Kilgannon and the group of adventurers met with a high priestess of the Sessrúmnir, named Roslin. Roslin had heard whispers of Kilgannon's discovery, but only fully believed him when gazing upon the lost Tome of the Twelve with her own eyes. She closely examined the markings within the passages relating to the Path of Yggdrasil and was able to identify the writing as Valandi - the language of the Vanir. Roslin would need to consult the writings held deep within the Rachel Sanctuary in order to verify the Tome and to use their combined knowledge to fill in the missing passages.

Roslin and Kilgannon believed that the Path of Yggdrasil might have been a means for Normans to be able to access the mythical world of Vanaheim. According to Roslin, the pathway into Vanaheim was sealed shortly after the end of the first Ragnarok era for reasons fully unknown. However, Roslin confirmed that the pathway into Vanaheim might be accessible once again if they were able to complete the ritual of the Path of Yggdrasil. To Kilgannon, accessing Vanaheim would surely reveal more about the nature of the Judges, as it was alluded by Sabin that their ability to resurrect originated from stolen Valandian magic. Therefore, the connection of the Judges to Vanaheim was most certainly evidence enough to pursue the Path of Yggdrasil. However, in order for this happen, Roslin and Kilgannon would need to study the manuscripts found deep within the Holy Grounds of the Rachel Sanctuary.

During their meeting, a strange tempest of dark energy began to emerge from beneath one of the oldest trees in Rachel - which turned out to be a beacon to a new Justice Chamber. During their exploration and confrontation with another Crystal, they were greeted by the fourth Judge - the Justice Aerilon, Gesta Danorum. Gesta starts off as defiant to Kilgannon and the adventurers, and so immediately transformed into a giant lost dragon with flapping wings and fiery breath. Though the effort was incredibly difficult to defeat Gesta, the group was able to do so. In acknowledgment of his defeat, Gesta's tone began to change as he revealed more about the origins of the Twelve Judges of Midgard.

According to Gesta, the Twelve Judges were gathered together by the king of the city-state of Rune. An emissary of the Vanir came to the king and promised him the power to defend and defeat the incoming wave of demons that threatened to obliterate all Normans. With no other choice left, the king of Rune gathered together twelve of the wisest and most skilled warriors in all of Midgard. Gesta remarked that, upon meeting the emissary of Vanir, his eyesight went dark and his knees became weak. The power of the Vanir was overwhelming; it felt to him as if a great cloak of force too heavy for any mere mortal to wear suddenly fell upon him. Gesta went on to explain that the Judges were given immense power from the Vanir's emissary himself, and suddenly the cloak of power became accessible - as though he possessed the power to bend the will of the world at his command. With this newly acquired power given to the Twelve, an alliance was formed between the Normans and the gods of Asgard in order to defeat the demons and devils. The gods of Asgard gave each of the Twelve Judges a separate Super Quest Item - weapons and armor that were so powerful that none would be able to challenge their authority.

However, Gesta remarked that the power given to them by the Vanir slowly eroded their own free will and consciousness. As time wore on, Gesta's own identity faded away as his humanity left him. It was only in his recent defeat that Gesta gained a brief moment of clarity and sense of his own free will; he explained to Kilgannon that he would be resurrected again through a process known as Valandian Resurrection - a magic that was taken from the Vanir, which would resurrect them throughout all of time and space. When this happened, Gesta's will would be fully subjugated and he would be nothing more than a monster devoid of discernment. Finally, Gesta explained that the Judges at the end of the first Ragnarok Era knew they were to be sealed up for eternity, so using their newly acquired gifts of vast intelligence and magic, they created a beacon of magical power that would initiate the Valandian Resurrection spell 1,000 years later - and that this spell only finally activated in the present time era. With Gesta's final coherent breath, he told Kilgannon and the group to seek out the path to Vanaheim, for they would surely be able to find a way to dispell the Valandian Resurrection and forever end Gesta's eternal nightmare.

Chapter Five - Vanaheim


Back within the Rachel Sanctuary, Kilgannon, Roslin, and a team of researchers began their work on synthesizing the passages from the Tome of the Twelve, the literature in Rachel, as well as Gesta Danorum's final words. The clues found within each of these were conflicting, and confused the research team greatly. The Tome of the Twelve spoke of the Path of Yggdrasil only as a pathway which opened to a Vanir when the eight branches of the Ygggdrasil bloomed. The Rachel Texts spoke of a power gathering around the myth of the sleeping Vanir, while Gesta mentioned that the Path of Yggdrasil was a pathway into the realm of Vanaheim. Though the sum of their research suggested that the power gathered around a "sleeping Vanir" it was impossible to activate the spell without having a Vanir present.

After considerable deliberation, the research team was at a loss on how to proceed. Kilgannon, retreating to a private room to collect his thoughts, recalled seeing a large statue of the Vanir goddess, Freya, on his way into the Sessrúmnir. Recalling that a large avatar of Freya was first established at the Sky Temple where the Pope of Arunzfeltz resided, it occured to Kilgannon that the texts spoke of that area as a kind of font for the Path of Yggdrasil. The sleeping Vanir, in that case, referred to the Statue of Freya.

With this discovery in his mind, Kilgannon ran back to the research group to share his findings. Though the consensus was that Kilgannon's hunch was likely correct based on their research, Roslin had concluded that the Path of Yggdrasil would require eight spells concatenated by eight magic users, with a ninth as the recipient or traveler who would be the subject of the incantation. Roslin also speculated that the recipient on whom the magic was forced would also be subject to extreme space-time pressures, and that there was a probability that the recipient, being a Norman, might not survive the journey.

Despite these fears, one of the researchers named Aya volunteered as the explorer. With his mind made up, Aya and the rest of the team joined Roslin for an audience with the Pope to discuss using the Path of Yggdrasil at Sky Temple's Freya statue. Following their audience with the Pope, they were given permission to invoke the Path of Yggdrasil at the avatar of Freya within Sky Temple.

Positioning themselves in a large circle with Aya at the center, Kilgannon and the others began to recite their various magical lines from the Tome of the Twelve and the Rachel Documents. At they did so, large tempests of magical energy began to form at the center of the circle where Aya stood. At the conclusion of the spell, the vortex of magical energy swallowed Aya into a dimensional rift portal, where he disappeared. Though the group feared that Aya had perished in the spell, Aya had in fact been transported into the sealed world of the Vanir - Vanaheim. Upon waking, Aya was greeted by the image of a boy in white robes with white hair who wore the traditional robes of the Arunafeltz religion. He declared himself to Aya at the Avatar of Kvasir - a Vanir spirit who lingered on in Vanaheim.

Kvasir transported Aya back into Midgard, and accompanied him to meet with Kilgannon and the adventurers. Kvasir remarked that he was astonished that the Normans were able to open up the Path of Yggdrasil Magic after a thousand years - and to honor the covenant of the magic, offered to take the group into Vanaheim for a single visit. Once inside of Vanaheim, Kvasir spoke to the group to tell them more about the nature of the Judges and how to potentially defeat them.

In Kvasir's explanation - long ago, during the height of the war between the gods, man, and the devils, Asgard sought to meet with the humans of Midgard in order to broker a peace agreement. The Vanir are, by their very nature, generally neutral in all things. Some of the Vanir, however, have their own predispositions to certain arrangements; in Kvasir's case, he admitted that he was partial to the plight of the Normans. Kvasir, like all other Vanir, lived exceptionally prolonged lives thanks to their magic - though like the gods of Asgard, they were not immortal. However, they would outlive even the gods of Asgard thanks to their magical techniques and one in particular: the magic of Valandian Resurrection. According to Kvasir, during this time, Freya appealed to Asgard to halt their attacks on the humans and form an alliance with the Normans. Another of the Vanir, in Kvasir's words, "felt that the humans needed a level of power beyond their abilities in order to supress the devils. Without displaying their loyalty to the alliance, this Vanir convinced the others that mankind was...untrustworthy." In exchange with this peace accord, twelve of the Norman's most able warriors were imbued with powers from the Vanir. It gave them immeasurable strength, knowledge, insight, and power.

However, with this power came full corruption. The twelve were given powers of a dark nature - the Vanir responsible for giving them their power saw to this. Furthermore, the Twelve were taught the power of Valandian Resurrection, which was stolen from the Vanir and used against them. Using Valandian Resurrection, anyone can be revived within any time, with full power, ability, and even enhanced form and function; time becomes a variable in the magical technique. The power and magic of the Valandian Resurrection at their command, the Twelve Judges began their reign of terror upon the remaining worlds - bent on the idea that they alone would conquer them. The remaining Vanir, along with the gods of Asgard, then sealed the Twelve Judges away in powerful crystal tombs, for as long as they were armed with the power of Valandian Resurrection, they would be functionally immortal.

Kvasir, however, surmised that the Judges were able to hone their powers and the Valandian Resurrection technique into a central magical device. Through Kilgannon's confirmation via Gesta Danorum, Kvasir was able to state that the power of the Judges would be unstoppable unless the group could find and destroy the beacon of the Valandian Resurrection - known to Kvasir as the Resurrection Hub. Kvasir mentioned that he had once designed plans for such a device, but those plans along with various magical techniques were stolen by the rogue Vanir, who endowed the Judges with their dark powers. According to Kvasir, unless the Hub is destroyed, the Twelve have the ability to resurrect endlessly and with greater power. Each time of the twelve is eliminated for eternity, their power leaps into their successors. To illustrate this point, the group had up to that point battled against four Judges. Each time, the collected power of the twelve consolidates and grows exponentially. Thus the fifth Judge is stronger than all four previously. The ninth Judge is more powerful by factors. Even if all the Normans were able to destroy the Resurrection Hub, defeating the final group of Judges may prove to be impossible. Furthermore, Kvasir implored the group to seek out two essential pieces to defeat the Twelve: The Resurrection Hub and the location of a device known as the Nagilfar. The Nagilfar was an ancient transportation vessel of the Vanir used to leap between dimensions and worlds. With the Nagilfar, one would be able to "jump" between the nine worlds in order to find the base of the Twelve Judges.

With his parting words, Kvasir told the group of Normans that the Path of Yggdrasil would be forever sealed once again. At the close of the first Ragnarok, it was decided that an armistice between all other worlds would be achieved in Vanaheim and that the Vanir would emigrate to Asgard. This is why Kvasir himself was merely an avatar - for his original body and spirit lay in Asgard. As Kilgannon and the others left Vanaheim forever, Kvasir gave them the location of the only other Judges' tomb he was aware of, and urged them to stop the Resurrection Hub and to locate the Nagilfar. Kvasir's final gift to the group was a parchment map, written in Valandi, which may be useful to locating the Resurrection Hub.

Using Kvasir's coordinates, the group charged on to find the tomb of the Justice Canceron: Campion Heimdallr. Unlike the preceeding Judge, Campion dispensed with all formalities and launched into a vicious and brutal assault on the group in the form of a massive crab demon. Though the battle proved to be fierce, Campion was defeated by the group. With his dying breath, Campion pondered the fate of the Normans who battled him, wondering if perhaps the gods really had passed their favor onto this new generation.

Chapter Six - Ve and Vili

With the map in hand from Kvasir, Kilgannon, Roslin, and a small team of adventurers began the task of deciphering its contents. Though there was not much to go on, the contents of the map could be read in broken Valandi. Using the clues found within the map along with references in the Tome of the Twelve, the group was able to determine that the base of the Resurrection Hub was hidden inside one of the military outposts of the first Ragnarok, known as a Ragnar. Though thought to be located within the Arunafeltz Shore of Tears, the precise method of locating the Resurrection Hub would be difficult. The probable location of the Resurrection Hub was inside a structure known as the Ragnar Varanas, a lost military outpost which some of the Judges were believed to have gathered during the Ragnarok era.

If the Ragnar Varanas could be found, the map indicated that three components would be necessary to infiltrate the base: the magical barrier placed upon it could only be undone using a magical catalyst of mythical proportions. The Tome of the Twelve referred to these at the Diadems of Ve and Vili. Though there were hints that these two gems could be any size or shape, references to them were as "two falling stars shooting out from the sky." It was unknown to the group if these were literal or metaphorical stars, but what was certain was that their location were all but lost. Finally, the key which would unlock the Ragnar Varanas itself was a legendary blade; the blade would be able to cut through the barrier and permit the group to rush through the base in order to presumably destroy the Resurrection Hub.

Of the three artifacts, finding the first two would be the most paramount, as the map provided the most details about their nature and probable location. With the map in hand, the small group of adventurers along with Kilgannon and Roslin set out through the Plain of Ida in search of the Diadems of Ve and Vili. Though they searched for days using the clues of the map, no such location was revealed to them. Dejected from their lack of success, Kilgannon, Roslin, and the team set up camp in the Plain of Ida for the evening.

While sitting around the campfire, Kilgannon's three companions - Saniteli, Aresh, and Sneakerton - remarked about their journey through the plains. Though they had looked left and right, Aresh noted that they had yet to look up. Gazing into the stream of stars above their heads, Aresh wondered if the map could in any way be read by the light of the stars. Saniteli commented that she had heard of magical writing in documents known as celestial maps. If the map in their possession was a celestial map, then it would be possible to infer more details from the map's contents. Kilgannon began to hold the map into the starlight - and with a magical burst. two red and blue glowing orbs fixed themselves in positions overhead. Suddenly, the group had been presented with two new positions using the constellations overhead to guide them. Their logic was that if the wandered to the locations underneath those orbs, they may find the Diadems of Ve and Vili.

Reconvening inside of Veins, the Normans joining Kilgannon's quest gathered to split into two camps to search for the Diadems. Kilgannon took one group into the El Mes Plateau, while Roslin took the other group out toward the Kiel Hyre Academy. At both points, they discovered the Diadems of Ve and Vili - though they ran into the forces of the Judges who were busy seeking the Diadems as well. Upon defeating the minions of the Judges, Roslin and Kilgannon met up to combine the two Diadems together at the Yuno Library. However, upon doing so - the library of Yuno shook with a tremendous force, opening up a small portal to a Justice Chamber.

Upon making their way through the chamber, the adventurers were met with the Aquarius Judge, Ambellina Prise. Earning her nickname as "the tsunami," Ambellina addressed Kilgannon and Roslin with the force of her mighty power. Laughing loudly, Ambellina remarked that as long as the Resurrection Hub remained operational, death was neither something to be feared nor considered in the balance of her attack. With that, Ambellina transformed into a mighty aqua elemental and attacked the group with total abandon. Though the struggle was great, Ambellina was defeated. In her spite and malice, Ambellina called out to Kilgannon with the temptation of Valandian Resurrection. She stared into his eyes as the light left her own, asking Kilgannon to, "imagine a world where you could bring back anyone you loved, anyone you wanted? Take the magic for yourself! Taste immortality!" With Ambellina's last breath, she told Kilgannon that she would see him again and take his life for her own.

Chapter Seven - Oathbreaker

Kilgannon and a small group of adventurers gathered in a pub within Yuno after their ordeal with Ambellina Prise. Although they were talking about their attempts to discover the third and final artifact to enter the Ragnar Varanas, Kilgannon's thoughts were anywhere but with the group. The final words from Ambellina echoed deep within his mind; the allure of Valandian Resurrection was a tempting offer, if it was anything more than a hastily worded trap to lure Kilgannon. Maudlin and pensive, Kilgannon overheard a bard within the Yuno pub begin to play an older ballad. The ballad was the story of a man and a woman in love, and as the man lie in his sorrow and thinking of his lost love, he cries out into the night for his three wishes to be granted. The singer wishes in his first wish that his love be spared the pain of a dark and laughing rain; the second wish is for the day that when she finds love, that it be true love; in the third and final wish, he sacrifices his own life if one day she would come back to life.

Transported into his own mind, Kilgannon recalled the earliest days in his career in the Prontera Church. While coming back from a recent mission into the Payon Dungeons, Kilgannon runs into a young priestess, Cressida, with whom Kilgannon is instantly struck. Though she seems to mind her own business and wonder why Kilgannon continues to follow her around, she does not particularly mind. Later on as their work continues, Kilgannon and Cressida are assigned to work at the Saint Capitolina Abbey on the outer shores of the Prontera's coast. During their work together, the two began to develop mutual feelings for one another; in that time, they decided they perhaps they would someday marry once their own journeys and adventurers were able to close with the Prontera Church. In one of their last scheduled missions, Kilgannon and Cressida were sent to the dungeons of Glast Heim. Despite their training and preparations, the worst came to pass as Cressida momentarily charged into the depths of Glast Heim with Kilgannon behind her. He could not keep up with her frenzied subjugation of the undead souls inside - and soon they quickly overtook Cressida. Having run out of gemstones and magical power from fending off the monsters he could, Kilgannon was helpless as he watched Cressida fall into the barrage of attacks by the demons. Though he tried to revive her, the undead monsters had placed the mark of Hell's Dignity upon her - and thus she was unable to be revived by normal means. Kilgannon, at the end of his formal apprenticeship in the Prontera Church, buried Cressida in the graveyard behind the Cathedral late one winter's day.

At the conclusion of the bard's song, Ambellina Prise's words rang clearer than ever in his mind. The power to revive Cressida could be obtained if he simply chose to not destroy the Resurrection Hub, but instead took the magical technique of Valandian Resurrection for himself. With the magical rite, he could potentially revive Cressida and thus reclaim the part of himself that he lost on that dark day.

The day came to gather the adventurers together in the area of the El Mes Plateau to begin the search for the promised blade of the Celestial Map. Three groups scoured and searched the areas in and around the plateau and beyond into Yuno. After a long search period, a discovery was made deep within a cave around Yuno. A magical signature resonated from deep within the ground, and upon bringing the Diadems of Ve and Vili toward the area, they reacted with a brilliant light and sound. The group began to dig for the sword, but they were momentarily intercepted by a trail of thugs who followed them into the cave. Fending off the minions of the Judges, they unearthed the artifact, only to make a soul-crushing discovery: the blade was broken into nothing more than the hilt end of a sword. Kilgannon, Roslin, and the other adventurers were despondent - the sum of their efforts ended in a dead end. Without the blade intact and able to cut the barrier around the Ragnar Varanas, their hopes of destroying the Resurrection Hub would be futile.

Kilgannon, furious and angry, charged out of the cave to locate where the minions of the Judges had emerged. From a new location, a temporary beacon had been opened, which led to another Justice Chamber. Making their way through the maze and sealing yet another crystal font of energy, the group was introduced to the Justice Caprica, Eddard Krelian. Sensing the unease within Kilgannon's heart, Eddard asked the aging high priest once more about his lost love. With the memories fresh in his heart, Eddard's clairvoyance saw into his consciousness and called out the name of his lost love, Cressida. Offering him the temptation of Valandian Resurrection once more, Eddard appealed to Kilgannon's most secret desires. For a moment, the entire group paused and turned to Kilgannon. In that moment, he was reminded of the conversation he once had with Cressida on the banks of the Saint Capitolina Abbey's temple - that sooner or later, the day comes when you cannot run from the things that you have done. With his resolve and answer solidified, Kilgannon proclaimed that he would not become the oathbreaker - that it was Eddard who would come to face the things that he himself had done throughout the epoch of time. Eddard, responding the Kilgannon in the affirmative, acknowledged his strength and vowed to meet it with the wide dignity of death. With this, he turned into a hideous three-headed dragon who attempted to seal the resurrection abilities of the entire adventuring group as a method to twist the emotional knife further into Kilgannon's heart. However, the power of the group overcame the Judge in the end. With Eddard's last breath, he told Kilgannon that the sword hilt he held in his hand - the Adamant Blade - would never be reforged by Normans, for it was an ancient Vanir artifact of extraordinary importance. With this revelation, Eddard passed out of time and space.

Chapter Eight - The Resurrection Hub

Far away from the earthly realm of Midgard, the remaining five Judges gathered deep within their central base. The remaining five appeared to be unsealed from their Crystals, and used their collective time to strategically align their plans against Kilgannon and the band of Norman adventurers. Referring to the previously defeated judges as the "Sealed Seven," the remaining Final Five questioned whether or not their true intentions had yet been known. One Judge, only known as Xalbador Ovis, engaged with another Judge, Velis Feolthanos, on the matter of security for their higher purpose and plan. Turning to the Judge responsible for defending the Resurrection Hub, Ignatius Validar, the remaining Judges decided that Ignatius would be dispatched to the Ragnar Varanas to assure the safety of the hub - for as Kilgannon and the others began to make traction on shutting down the Hub, no measures could be overlooked. Ignatius reassured his contemporaries that as long as the Adamant Blade was broken, entrance into the hub would be a moot point.

Back in Midgard, Kilgannon decided that he must confront the leaders of Rune-Midgard with the inescapable truth: that without the Adamant Blade intact, the operation to defeat the Judges from endless resurrection and functional immortality would be impossible. Implicit in this news was the reality that the kingdoms of Midgard were doomed to extinction at the hands of the Judges. Kilgannon relayed this news back to the capitol, and was in turn summoned to meet with King Heinrech V.

Upon his reception to the Castle of Prontera, he was ordered to give the summary of his investigation, battles, and findings to two of the King's counselors: Azur, the High Commander of the Prontera Chivalry, and Iehal, the Arch Bishop of the Prontera Cathedral. Iehal went over the findings of the report and had concluded the same result that Kilgannon had - that without the Adamant Blade, the plan to infiltrate the Ragnar Varanas would be futile. With this news weighing heavily on Heinrech, he paused to ponder the legacy of the founders of Rune-Midgard and the work that they had done in order to build a magnificent civilization. Too soon, Heinrech thought, has the collector come forr the price of their civilization to be paid; to Heinrech, the Judges were coming to collect on the debt of a flourishing nation. With the realization that Midgard could not run from paying the price of the Judges' power, he ordered Azur to begin the full and unequivocal evacuation of Prontera and the cities around the world. Azur asked Iehal to begin gathering up all individuals who could heal while he marshaled his troops to evacuate Prontera's citizens into the Culverts.

Kilgannon, furious and despondent with the news that all of civilization was doomed, cried out into the halls of Prontera Castle. With his emotions and wishes overtaking him, Kilgannon had forgotten that the two Diadems of Ve and Vili remained within his robes. Reacting to Kilgannon's own deepest desires, the two stones began to burst forth with powerful magical energy. Azur, Iehal, and Heinrech paused in amazement at the torrent of energy coming from the stones. Though they were all deeply uncertain what this new portent meant for them, Kilgannon remarked that there was nothing ordinary about their journey to defeat the Judges - and perhaps a new chapter in their struggle was now coming to light.

Across the oceans of time and the void of worlds, the magical font from the Diadems reached the Avatar of Kvasir in Vanaheim. Sensing that the stones has finally awoken after centuries of dormant rest, Kvasir knew that this signal marked the need for a new convenant with the Normans. Though the existing armistice at the end of the Ragnarok Conflict prevented him from direct intervention, Kvasir decided to cast the armistice aside, despite knowing it would have likely consequences for the balance of power which kept the nine worlds in a harmonious balance. With his decision made, Kvasir resolved to aid Kilgannon and the Normans, and to recast the Adamant anew.

Appearing before the King of Prontera and his advisors, the Avatar of Kvasir manifested onto the Midgardian plane. Introducing himself as a Vanir, he told Azur, Iehal, Heinrech, and Kilgannon to not fear: for he had made his decision to break from the will of the Vanir on his own. With that, Kvasir decided to unseal himself in full and manifested his glorious god-presence to the group as Kvasir, Lord Regent Triune of Vanaheim. The magical power coming from Kvasir was overwhelming and yet comforting to the group, for his intentions were pure and true. Kvasir stated that he would aid the group and, in his first act, bring the broken Adamant Blade into the fires of Thor's Volcano to be remade by the god-beast Ifrit as the blade Diamantina - representing a new era and new convenant. Azur's reaction to Kvasir's power was overwhelming, but Iehal managed to snap him out of it, stating that both he and Azur would follow them into Thor's Volcano.

With Kvasir as a new ally in the fight against the Judges, the blade was remade into the Diamantina - and with it, the group now had the final piece necessary to enter into the Ragnar Varanas. The final piece needed before the epic battle was to begin was a substantive amount of research into what the group would find once inside of the Ragnar Varanas. Kilgannon and Kvasir arranged for the adventurers accompanying them to locate five books scattered throughout the world with clues on how to solve the mystery of the Ragnar Varanas. Though their research was long and laborious, their findings were comprehensive.

According to the group research, Varanas was designed as a fortified Ragnar to defend against the devils. Inside was a maze with magical defense barriers; only when all of the magical barriers were broken would the pathway to venture deeper into Varanas be revealed. These defense mechanisms were also revealed to be crystals, such as the ones which housed the Judges' power. Further revelations also told the tale of Valandian Resurrection: that unlike the traditional resurrection magic of Midgard, Valandian Resurrection defies time, space, and even worlds. It restores one with greater power through death. The magic was developed by the Vanir in their College of Magic, The Beleriand. However, it was a stroke of genius that the Twelve Judges could have used an amplification device to enhance the magical technique. The device governs the Valandian Resurrection technique to the Judges - thus should any of them perish, the device would invoke the Valandian Resurrection rite to revive them. Lastly, once the seal on the Ragnar Varanas was broken, it would take approximately 20 minutes for the base to redraw the magical seals on the Ragnar station. This meant that if the group did not find the Resurrection Hub and destroy it within 20 minutes, their window of opportunity would likely forever be sealed away. However, this also meant that - should the Hub be destroyed - the Judges would become mortal and thus able to be defeated once and for all time.

Meeting at the entry point of the Ragnar Varanas thanks to Kvasir, the group descended upon the base itself to destroy the Resurrection Hub. Kvasir endowed the adventurers with various magical boosts using Valandian techniques, and Kilgannon laid out the plans once more. With no more time to waste, Azur took the Diamantina in hand and held it high above his head. Iehal took the Diadems of Ve and Vili and struck them together, forcing the seal of the Ragnar Varanas to come forth. With a mighty and furious blow, Azur cleaved the seal in two - and thus their 20 minutes began.

Charging through the depths of the Ragnar Varanas, the adventuring group had to confront monsters of mythical proportions that time had all but forgotten. Cavernous conditions blended with advanced magic, though they could not take time to marvel at the wonders of the Judges' intellect and power. They charged deep within the Ragnar Varanas until, lo and behold, the Resurrection Hub stood vulnerable to attack. Concentrating their magic, attacks, and skills into a small device, the group managed to overpower the Resurrection Hub and destroy it into nothing more than dust. A triumphant scream echoed throughout the Varanas as the group celebrated their monumental milestone. Quickly, however, their wails of joy were replaced by an overbearing boom of agony and vile hate. The voice of Ignatius Validar, the Justice Gemenon, rang throughout the cavern. He forced his own portal open, daring to take on the group directly for their treachery.

Upon meeting Ignatius, he laughed at the thought of finally being able to taste death - though he stated that he would bring every single last Norman down with him. With that, Ignatius' crystal began to spew out its foul and overbearing magical energy. The adventurers, exhausted from their trials against the Resurrection Hub, were no match for Ignatius' crystal, and thus the full effect of his power was to be realized. Changing into a morphing creature, the assault from the Justice Gemenon was unrelenting and furious. It took the group hours and many causalities, but they eventually beat back the fifth most powerful Judge once and for all time. Ignatius sat their lying in his own blood - a sight that he had long forgotten. He stared into the crowd with a cold, unfeeling gaze that penetrated the souls of everyone who looked upon him. With his teeth clenched and the life draining from him, he spit his blood into the air and cursed the fact that he would not live to see all of Midgard perish at the hands of the remaining four.


Storyline Objectives

Each chapter of the Twelve Judges of Midgard is a storyline-based interactive event. As such, the event is also lightly role-playing in nature, requiring players to be loosely familiar with the storyline and characters in order to correctly proceed through the events. Each chapter is set up with a previous video, which sets the stage for the live chapter event.

During the actual live event, players are gathered in a room prior to the start of the event, giving players a chance to form parties or discuss the events of the chapter video for clues on how to proceed. Once the event begins, it is run through only one time from start to finish. Players are not allowed to join the event mid-way through, but may be warped back into the event should they accidentally become disconnected during the event run.

Each chapter usually follows the progression of the story, involving some manner or a group puzzle or activity. Upon completion of the group activity, players then begin the task of entering into a Justice Chamber, where one of the Judges of Midgard are housed. At this point, the Crystal Defense portion of the event begins (explained below), followed by the final battle against an unsealed Judge and their final beast form.

Each chapter receives a ranking at the end, depending on the outcomes of both the Crystal Defense and the final boss battle. The ranks of the previous chapter will influence the arc of the next chapter, including the group events and final boss difficulty. Ranks are given in four forms, ranking from highest to lowest: S, A, B, and C.

Srank.gif Arank.gif Brank.gif Crank.gif

S Rank: Achieved by defeating the final boss with more than 50% of total players left alive and a successfully defended crystal.

A Rank: Achieved by defeating the final boss with less than 50% of total players left alive and a successfully defended crystal.

B Rank: The Crystal Defense was unsuccessful, but more than 50% of total players were left alive after the final boss battle.

C Rank: The Crystal Defense was unsuccessful, and less than 50% of total players were left alive after the final boss battle.

Other chapters may also have conditional objectives, such as the defeat of the Resurrection Hub being successful or not within 20 minutes.

Crystal Defense


Crystal Defense is a feature of each chapter and requires players to defend a large crystal which sits in the middle of the Justice Chamber. When the Crystal Defense begins, a time limit is usually established in order to "seal" the Crystal. This time limit ranges between five and ten minutes. During this time, waves of monsters will begin to fill the Justice Chamber, and players will need to beat back the monsters and protect the Crystal from being attacked. The Crystal is treated like a normal player and is thus susceptible to damage of any kind. If the Crystal takes too much damage, then it will crack and the sealing cannot be completed. If this happens, the resulting final boss Judge will appear as a large version of itself with double its normal HP and stats. If the Crystal is sealed, or successfully defended during the established time period, then the Judge battle will begin as normal.


With Chapter Eight, the introduction of pre-quests added a new layer to the Twelve Judges event. The Pre-Quests provide an optional quest which sheds more light on the storyline of the Twelve Judges. Completing the pre-quest is not essential to participating in the Twelve Judges live event, but they do typically provide excellent rewards, such as Bronze Coins or special items and buffs. Pre-Quests may be completed at your own pace, as long as it is before the actual live event time.

Celestial Crystal Rewards

The reward for finishing the chapter event of the Twelve Judges of Midgard is a [Celestial Crystal]. These items house a portion of the power of the Twelve Judges. While they cannot be used for any purpose on their own, they are redeemable for some excellent prizes at an NPC called "Assistant" located within the Prontera Cathedral in the western room. The Assistant will trade your Celestial Crystals for one of twelve prizes. Each prize becomes substantially better depending on whether or not you elect to save up your Celestial Crystals for a better prize. Some prizes are also exclusive to the Twelve Judges event and thus will be very valuable if ever attained. Below is the prize table that can be accessed at the Assistant:

Prize Image Description
Greed Scrolls x 50 14529.gif Scroll which enables the user to cast the "Greed" skill one time.

Contains 50 scrolls.

Old Orange Box x 2 12240.gif An old box containing a useful item.

Two boxes with redemption of Crystals.

Hand-Made Chocolate x 3 559.gif 50% more EXP for 20 minutes while used.

Three chocolates with redemption of Crystals.

Level 10 Food Box 12111.gif Contains three of every level 10 food item.

60 items in total inside one box.

GMC Costume Box 12356.gif Contains one of several at-random costume prizes.

One box with redemption of Crystals.

Copper Emblem [1] 20132.gif An emblem showing off enormous courage.

DEX + 1. Cast Time -1%.

Bronze Emblem [1] 2651.gif An emblem showing off enormous courage.

AGI + 1, VIT + 1, LUK + 1, DEX + 1. Cast Time -2%, HP + 200.

Silver Emblem [1] 20130.gif An emblem showing off enormous courage.

STR + 2, INT + 1, DEX + 1. Cast Time -3%, HP + 300.

Obsidian Emblem [1] 7315.gif An emblem showing off enormous courage.

All Stats + 1. Cast Time -4%, HP + 400.

Gold Emblem [1] 20128.gif An emblem showing off enormous courage.

AGI, VIT, LUK + 2. DEX + 1. After Cast Delay -1%, SP cost of skills -3%. ASPD + 1%.

Diamond Emblem [1] 20127.gif An emblem showing off enormous courage.

STR, INT, DEX + 2. After Cast Delay -2%, SP cost of skills -3%. CRIT + 1.

Justice Emblem [1] 20126.gif An emblem showing off enormous courage.

All Stats + 2. After Cast Delay -3%, SP cost of skills -5%. CRIT + 1, ASPD + 1%.

Chapter Objectives

Each chapter contains several objectives in order for the chapter to be considered as complete. The standard format for each chapter has involved both the Crystal Defense method and the Final Boss battle. Each chapter has also had several group quests, which provide both storyline exposition and also clues as to how to complete the chapter as a group. The Justice Chamber has always been a traditional maze, sometimes with side enemies and others have been empty. All mazes terminate with the entrance into the final chamber, where the Crystal is housed.

The Manifest

In "The Manifest," players had to journey through the Thanatos Tower in order to find the entrance to the first Justice Chamber of Drace Meili. The group of players worked their way through the Thanatos Tower until coming upon a beacon, which signaled the entrance to the chamber.


In "Catalyst," players met with the High Wizard Umair of Geffen. Together, they pieced together clues as to the origins of the Crystals. With final remarks from Umair, the group headed into the Geffen Tower in order to locate the second beacon, which would allow them entrance into another Justice chamber.

Worthy of Survival

"Worthy of Survival" featured a separate battle system known as the Battle of Deor. In this battle, three groups simultaneously countered forces that were invading Izlude, Comodo, and Einbroch. Players had 15 minutes in order to defeat the mobs and bring back three clues together in Yuno, which would reveal the location of the third beacon.


The Obdurate Sentinel

In "Obdurate Sentinel," players made their way into Rachel to meet with the High Priestess Roslin and enlist the help of the Arunafeltz religion. Together, they put together several clues and worked their way through Rachel to locate the fourth beacon. Along the way, they had to fend off several assassins who came in to thwart their efforts. The assassins each carried five clues as to the location of the fourth beacon; when put together, the revealed the location to be beneath a tree in Rachel.


In "Vanaheim," players were introduced to the sealed world of the Vanir for the first time. They got to explore the world with the Avatar of Kvasir as their guide. There, they learned about the origins of the Judges and on how to defeat them using the weakness of the Resurrection Hub and also by obtaining the ancient dimensional ship, the Nagilfar. Kvasir, upon exiling the Normans once more from Vanaheim, sent them into the fifth Justice Chamber.


Ve and Vili

In "Ve and Vili," the celestial map revealed the clues as to the locations of the diadems in Midgard. Two teams, headed up by Kilgannon and Roslin, split out in search of the two items. Along the way, they encountered several enemies and had to battle the guardian spirits which kept watch over the diadems. Once obtained, they regrouped and put the diadems together - which both revealed the sixth beacon and location of the next Justice chamber.


In "Oathbreaker," players had to search around the El Mes Plateau for the location of the Sword of Adamant. Using clues obtained from several writings within the Tome of the Twelve, the location was found to be inside of a cave around the Plateau. Battling against a team from the Judges who were also seeking out the sword, they discovered the sword was broken and beyond repair. However, they also discovered that the sword was buried close to the seventh beacon and Justice Chamber entrance.

The Resurrection Hub

In the battle of "The Resurrection Hub," players gathered together to unseal the Ragnar Varanas. Prior to the quest, the first pre-quest was unveiled in Chapter Eight. This pre-quest involved locating five books across the world. Each of the books contained valuable information about the Ragnar Varanas and the Resurrection Hub. Upon locating all five books, each player went back to Kilgannon in the Prontera Cathedral to answer several questions and share their knowledge. At the El Mes Plateau and entrance to the Varanas, Kvasir awarded players who completed the pre-quest with a series of special buffs prior to battling inside of the Ragnar station. Once inside, players had 20 minutes with which to destroy the hub and battle through several rounds of monsters. Afterward, the Justice Gemenon revealed his own justice chamber to the group to engage in direct combat.


Major Characters



Father Kilgannon is a High Priest and the main research archivist for the Prontera Cathedral, the largest church of the Rune-Midgard states. He is the main protagonist of the Twelve Judges of Midgard series. During his investigation into rare manuscripts recently untombed from the Thanatos Tower, Kilgannon began to learn more of the origin of the Twelve Judges of Midgard, which was a markedly different tale than the actual truth. Although frail, he is considerably knowledgeable about many techniques and aspects of Rune-Midgard's history. He accompanies the group fighting against the Twelve Judges as the main strategist. Using his various findings and in-depth knowledge, he has also reopened the pathway to the sealed world of Vanaheim and been able to understand the methods necessary to defeat the Judges.

Kilgannon has proven to be susceptible to his own inner temptations. This was demonstrated when the Justice Ambellina Prise offered him Valandian Resurrection if he were to aid the Judges. In Kilgannon's youth and early career in the church, he met a priestess named Cressida, with whom he fell in love. Unfortunately, a curse put upon Cressida in Glast Heim rendered Kilgannon's resurrection magic ineffective, and so she perished. However, Kilgannon has proven to be loyal to the cause, refusing the Valandian Resurrection for his own.

During his audience with King Heinrech V, he was able to awaken the latent power within the Diadems of Ve and Vili. This magical act summoned Kvasir onto the Midgard plane, where Kvasir pledged his aid to help defeat the Judges. Because the Judges know he is leading the attacks against him, he is the highest priority for the Judges to destroy.


4 f rachold.png

High Priestess Roslin is a contemporary of the Arunafeltz faith and a long-time research partner with Father Kilgannon. She was first brought into the company of the group when she was asked to perform additional research on the Tome of the Twelve with Father Kilgannon. Since then, she has been an assistant strategist in the fight against the Judges, though often keeping her distance on missions into the Justice Chambers. There was only one instance when Kilgannon was dispatched that she accompanied the group to perform the sealing rite on the Crystal inside a chamber. She is a loyal member of the group and possesses an unshakeable faith in the goddess Freya, on whom her religion is based.



Kvasir is a Vanir, an ancient race of god-like entities which rule over Vanaheim and which have emigrated to Asgard. He first appeared in the chapter "Vanaheim" when Kilgannon and others discovered the Path of Yggdrasil magical rite. Appearing to the group using an avatar of a child, Kvasir explained that the Vanir are a race both unified in their decisions but also subject to their own influences and desires. Accordingly, Kvasir is sympathetic to the plight of the Normans, and attempts to aid them several times. Kvasir's wisdom is multi-dimensional and nearly without end; though it is unknown if all Vanir possess this extended wisdom and knowledge.

He appeared to King Heinrech V, Iehal, Azur, and Kilgannon when the Diadems of Ve and Vili activated. There, Kvasir revealed his true form as the Lord Regent Triune of Vanaheim. Although not much is known about this status, his title would imply that he is one of three Vanir who rule over Vanaheim and the rest of the Vanir. In his unsealed form, Kvasir possesses all of the knowledge and power of a god and aids the group in their fight against the Judges.



Arch Bishop Iehal is one of two counselors to his majesty King Heinrech V of Rune-Midgard. He, along with his contemporary Azur, advise the king on various matters of state. His title implies that he is also the head of the Prontera Cathedral as its acting Arch Bishop. His knowledge of healing techniques and exorcism is legendary throughout the world, and he is regarded as one of the most brilliant minds of his time. Iehal is said to have perfected the art of undead combat, earning him the nickname of "Lux in Tenebris". Although he has a cold and calculating demeanor, he seeks to help Kilgannon on his quest to defeat the Judges. He joined the company of Kilgannon and the others after the events of Kvasir's revelation to Midgard.



High Commander Azur is one of two counselors to his majesty King Heinrech V of Rune-Midgard. As the head of the Prontera Chivalry, he is tasked with guarding the King and the citizens of Prontera along with the remainder of the knights. A fighter of considerable talent, his skills were revealed as genius at a very early age. Azur developed several techniques of his own design in the combat field, making him a warrior without peer. As the head of Heinrech V's detail, he is also trusted with other matters of state and defense of the throne. During Azur's most famous war campaign in the fires of Thor's Volcano, he went head to head with the god-beast Ifrit and pierced him through the heart, earning him the nickname "The Boar." He is more expressive than his counterpart, Iehal, but is fearless in the defense of his city. He joins the group following the revelation of Kvasir.

Minor Characters


The leader of the first expedition into the Thanatos Tower following the events of the Tome of the Twelve. He and his team perished at the hands of the newly-awakened Judges. He and his team were never found.


A page in the Yuno Scholarly Library who assisted Kilgannon in transcribing the Tome of the Twelve early in its discovery.


The high wizard of the Geffen Mages, Umair was instrumental in deciphering the power of the Judges' Crystals. He also helped the group to locate the second beacon of the Justice Scorpia beneath the Geffen Tower. He is a short and wily mage whose knowledge is only surpassed by his unique personality.


One of three guild leaders who established their legendary defense at the Battle of Deor. Ocin was responsible for defending the city of Einbroch against the forces of the Judges. A celebrated war strategist and combat expert, he helped repel the armies of the Judges from the city during Deor.


One of three guild leaders who established their legendary defense at the Battle of Deor. Ruth held the line at the city of Izlude and summoned a considerable horde of defenders to protect the satellite city. A master of magic, she helped repel the armies of the Judges from the city during Deor.


One of three guild leaders who established their legendary defense at the Battle of Deor. Reira defended the paradise of Comodo against the legion of the Judges, initially stopping the invasion by herself until she summoned the forces of her guild to hold the line in Comodo. A seasoned and expert tactician, she helped repel the armies of the Judges from the city during Deor.


The leader of a guild loyal to the cause of defeating the Judges, Hermos helped to convince Kilgannon to continue his fight against the Judges at the St. Capitolina Abbey, where Kilgannon was contemplating surrender.


A seasoned warrior and one of a small research group who invoked the Path of Yggdrasil at Sky Temple. Bernkastel's intuition was considerably essential for deciphering the text for the magical rite.


A whitesmith who volunteered to be the subject of the Path of Yggdrasil incantation. It was unsure if Aya would live through the magical rite, but managed to survive. Aya is the first Norman in more than 1,000 years to have stepped foot in Vanaheim.


One of a small group who set out with Kilgannon and Roslin to locate the Diadems of Ve and Vili. It was thanks to his intuitive leap that the diadems were able to be located on the celestial star map from Kvasir. As a skilled sniper, Aresh used his intuitions on location and direction to understand how to use the map of Kvasir successfully.


One of a small group who set out with Kilgannon and Roslin to locate the Diadems of Ve and Vili. Thanks to Saniteli's knowledge of celestial maps, she was able to direct Kilgannon on how to use the device to locate the Diadems. Without her, the group would have been most likely wandering around the desert of Veins for some time.


One of a small group who set out with Kilgannon and Roslin to locate the Diadems of Ve and Vili. Sneakerton aided the group by setting up camp while in the El Mes Plateau in their search.


A dancer and troupe member within a company in Yuno. She and her group helped Kilgannon on the final part of his quest to locate the Sword of Adamant.


A young priestess who fell in love with a young Kilgannon back in their early days of service to the Prontera Church. She and Kilgannon were stationed on many missions together in their career and became both professional partners and lovers. During an expedition into Glast Heim, she was attacked by a horde of devils and undead soldiers as she chased after them. She was placed into a curse using Hell's Judgment and perished in the battle in Glast Heim. Her body is buried in the cemetery behind the Prontera Cathedral, where Kilgannon goes occasionally to visit with her. Considered to be Kilgannon's only true love, he rededicated himself to fighting off all forms of evil after her death.

Heinrech V

The current monarch of Rune-Midgard. King Heinrech V requested Kilgannon to come to Prontera Castle in order to make the decision to evacuate Prontera when it was previously thought that Kilgannon had failed in his mission to stop the Judges. Initially skeptical of the Judges' story and revival, the King was convinced by his two advisors, Azur and Iehal, after they presented a body of evidence and passages from their own analysis. Upon his audience with Kvasir, he sent Azur and Iehal to accompany Kilgannon and the group on their quest to defeat the final Judges.

The Judges

Drace Meili


Drace Meili was the Justice Sagittaron and the first Judge discovered by Kilgannon and the group. His chamber was discovered underneath the Thanatos Tower in a secret sub-level of the Einherjar tomb. During the Ragnarok War, Drace was celebrated for his skills with mace weaponry. Cold and exact, Drace was seldom one to make friends of the other eleven Judges with whom he shared membership. In his resurrection and meeting with Kilgannon, he transformed into a giant devil-beast and attacked members of the group indiscriminately. He is the considered to have been the weakest Judge and the last of the Sealed Seven - a name given to the seven judges who were still sealed in Crystals at the time of the awakening from the Resurrection Hub.

Wodan Draclau


Wodan Draclau was the Justice Scorpia and the second Judge to be discovered. His Justice Chamber was located inside of the Geffen Tower and was only discovered thanks in part to the discoveries of High Wizard Umair of the Geffen Mages. Wodan originally hailed from the early city-state of Morroc when it was a mere desert settlement. His upbringing as a child was to steal from those who let their guard down so that he and his family could have enough to eat. In time, these skills made Wodan one of the stealthiest assassins to live during the Ragnarok War, and thus rendered him eligible as a Judge. He is the sixth strongest of the Sealed Seven.

Sabin Deftinwolf


Sabin Deftinwolf was the Justice Libran and third Judge discovered by Kilgannon and the group. Ruthless both in victory and defeat, Sabin crushed all of his enemies with brute force underneath his warhammer during the Ragnarok War. He was nicknamed "The Gavel" for his ability to clear huge swaths of enemies in a single sweep. When resurrected and met by Kilgannon, he taunted them with his same ruthless spirit right through even his death and defeat. Though he was incomprehensibly strong, he is only the fifth strongest of the Sealed Seven.

Gesta Danorum


Gesta Danorum was the Justice Aerilon and the fourth Judge discovered in a tomb underneath Rachel. Gesta was known as the "Erudite Justice" by many people during the Ragnarok Conflict. Gesta was exceedingly intelligent and excelled at anything he put his mind to. He was considered to be a talented musician and a skilled tactician. While well-loved by the people, Gesta was said to be quiet, private and bookish. In his battle with Kilgannon, he was gracious during his defeat and told the group more about the origin of the Judges and of the Vanir. Though he perished, Kilgannon recalled that he imagined Gesta was once a remarkable knight before his subjugation under the power which drove the Judges to madness. The was the fourth strongest of the Sealed Seven.

Campion Heimdallr


Campion Heimdallr was the Justice Canceron and the fifth Judge discovered by Kilgannon and the group. Campion was a silent lord of death during his time in the Ragnarok War, choosing to use few words and let his sword do his talking for him. During his resurrection against the Normans, he used his powers and talents to crush most of the group - though he proved unsuccessful in the end. Using more words than he was accustomed to doing at any other time, he commented on the amazing ability of the Normans to once again gather the support of the Vanir. He was the third strongest of the Sealed Seven.

Ambellina Prise


Ambellina Prise was the Justice Aquaria and the sixth Judge encountered by the Norman group. During the Ragnarok War, she and her older sister, Emmeryn, waged war on the devils as the Prise Sisters. Ambellina and Emmeryn's considerable magical talents earned both fear and respect from all sides of the war. Her sister, Emmeryn, was the "Firepillar" while Ambellina was the "Tsunami." In her resurrection, Ambellina was relentless with her pursuit of destroying Kilgannon as a menacing water monster. Though she was defeated, she hoped that she would one day revive - and offered Kilgannon more information on the subject of Valandian Resurrection. Though she passed on, her words haunted Kilgannon for some time afterward. She was the second strongest of the Sealed Seven.

Eddard Krelian


Eddard Krelian was the Justice Caprica and the seventh Judge met on the journey to stop the Judges from their takeover of the nine worlds. Eddard was known as a calculating strategist for the Twelve Judges and considered to be a genius of war combat. Though he was not considered as one of the strongest Judges, he often considered tactical counterfactuals and issues present on the battlefield during the Ragnarok War. In his resurrected state, Eddard's assault was terrifying - exploiting Kilgannon's fear of Hell's Judgment across the entire landscape of challengers. Though the battle was fierce, he was defeated by the group. Eddard was the strongest Judge among the Sealed Seven, but only the sixth strongest Judge overall of the twelve.

Ignatius Validar


The dread knight Ignatius Validar was the Justice Gemenon and the eighth Judge to be encountered on the journey. During the Ragnarok War, he held the post of High Commander to the Lord of the City-State of Rune. He was one of the most elite group of Judges - known as the Final Five. The Final Five were considered to be the strongest of the Twelve Judges and also the first five to be unsealed from their Crystals during the activation of the Resurrection Hub. Ignatius' mission as one of the Final Five was to guard the Resurrection Hub within the Ragnar Varanas. However, his hubris led him to believe that the Hub was safe from the Normans thanks to the destruction of the Sword of Adamant. Unfortunately for him, the Resurrection Hub was destroyed after Kvasir remade the Adamant into the Diamantina Blade. Enraged at the action of the Normans and knowing that he could not show his face again to the Final Five, he opened the pathway to his own Justice Chamber to engage Kilgannon and the group directly. Despite having been made mortal, Ignatius unleashed his full power against the Normans with a punishing offensive assault. He was defeated inside of his Chamber at the Ragnar Varanas and is considered to be the fifth strongest Judge overall.

Xalbador Ovis


Little is known about Xalbador Ovis. He is one of the Final Five Judges, responsible for the successful mission of the Judges - though their overall motives remain still unknown. His rank among the Judges is also unknown.

Emmeryn Prise


Emmeryn Prise is one of the Final Five and the older sister to the deceased Ambellina Prise. Her rank among the Judges is unknown, but as a member of the Final Five, her power is thought to be considerable.

Velis Feolthanos


Velis Feolthanos is one of the Final Five. Little is known about Velis. His rank among the Judges is unknown.

Wilhelm Ryan


Wilhelm Ryan is one of the Final Five Judges. Little is known about him and his rank is undisclosed.