Vacation Hat Quest

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Required Items

27,000 z

You don't have to complete the Sashimi Knife Quest quest, just get enough Raw Fish, you will need several sets of Candy, Conch, Fish Tail, China, Crab Shell. This is random, so just keep going until you have enough.

Vacation Hat Quest

To start the quest, visit Lucy in Comodo field 7 or Beacon Island 187,167.


Talk to Lucy, as you talk select, "You look worried" Then "Do you want me to help you"

Lucy will ask you to help 3 tourists and 2 employees.

Your Employees are "Chef"


Talk with Chef and ask, "Hey what's wrong?"

He will ask for:

  • 10 Fresh Fish
  • 50 Clam flesh
  • 80 Raw Fish

Next employee is "???"


Talk with him and decide to "ATTACK"

He will introduce himself as an employee. He would like:

  • 1 Eye Patch
  • 1 Animal Gore
  • 1 Pet Food

Tourists include "Father and Girl"


Talk with the Father or Girl, it works the same, Ask if you can help.

The father wants you to bring his daughter an ice cream, to save you time, he also wants one for himself, you will have to talk two times, but at least you will have the items.

Another tourist is "Old Lady", ask her what's wrong. She would like you to find her lost boy.


You need to go find the "Lost boy." He gives you lots of guff.


He is a little bit of a brat, he would like you to get him a iPod Nano, nothing small. You need to go to the Souvenir Shop.


He will give you an iPod Nano Raffle Ticket, take this back to the lost boy.

The last tourists are the soccer girls and soccer boy, they are kind of hiding behind the building, I turned the screen a little for you to see better in the screen shot. Talk to either one of them. You will need to interrupt their argument...


They forgot their soccer ball and soccer shoes. You will now need to go to brasillis to get these items. First your ball you need, take these items:

  • 1 Black dyestuff
  • 1 white dyestuff
  • 1 Broken Needle
  • 1 YARN
  • 15 Leopard Skin


He will make you a soccer ball for these items then tell you that the shoe carrier is in the west side of the map.


He will give you soccer shoes for a small fee of 27k zeny. Take these two items back to the soccer players.

Go back to Lucy and she will give you a reward of 3 items. If you talk to her again, she will offer to make you a Vacation Hat [1]. You just need to bring her:

  • 1 Hat [1]
  • 1 Ribbon [1]
  • 60 Thin Trunks
  • 110 Strong Branches

She will so kindly make you a Vacation Hat [1] and you are done, aren't they lovely!



345,000 Base Exp

Vacation Hat


  1. Credits to [;u=22421 Stanky] for this guide