Valkyrie Feather Band Quest

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Items Required


  • 5 Honey
  • 5 Orange Juice
  • 20 Candy


  • 25 Fluorescent Liquid
  • 1 Silver Knife of Chastity
  • 2 Level 5 Heal
  • 10 Cursed Ruby
  • 10 Arrow of Shadow
  • 10 Silver Arrow


  • 1 Circlet [1]
  • 1 Valkyrie Feather
  • 10 Amethyst
  • 1 Cobaltblue Dyestuff


Begin this quest just outside the Hidden Temple (warp there). Talk to "Worried Grandmother" (just SW of portal) and offer your help to find poor lost "James".


"James" is in the Hidden Temple. The Hidden Temple does have a pattern to the warp portals. When you warp in go North in fabre map, South in wolf map, West in Mantis map and East in Carmel map. Talk to "James", he's in the upper left corner.


He doesn't want to go to his "Worried Grandmother", he wants 5 Honey. If you have everything you need, just keep talking to him, if not, I don't have the exact order to get out, but when you get to the "Steel Chonchon map" go North through the portal and will take you to the "Rockers". Go North through the Rocker portal and exit the Hidden Temple. After bringing back the Honey, he will want 5 Orange Juice. This is one GREEDY little guy. After the Orange Juice he will want 20 Candy. Now that you've done all this, he wants a Valkyrie Feather. Visit "Valkyrie" behind the Prontera Church, in the North East corner.


She will want you to bring her "25 Flourescent Liquid" "1 Silver Knife of Chastity" "2 Level 5 Heal" "10 Cursed Ruby" "10 Arrow of Shadow" "10 Silver Arrows". When you bring her these, she will give you a "Valkyrie feather". You must take the feather to James in the Hidden Temple. He will leave to see Worried Grandmother. He will let you keep the feather.


You must talk to Worried Grandmother again and she will ask you for these items to make you a Falkyrie Feather Band. "1 Circlet [1]" "1 Valkyrie Feather" "10 Amythest" "1 Cobaltblue Dyestuff". When you bring these back, she is so kind as to make you a Valkyrie Feather band, it even has one card slot!



  1. Credits to Stanky for this Guide