Vanilla Mode

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What is Vanilla Mode?

Being a server where MVP Cards are widely available, WoE, PvP or Events can get difficult for newer players. That's why apart from regular WoE/PvP/Events we also provide a Vanilla Mode. Vanilla Mode has several restrictions, the most important ones being that there are no MVP Cards, Lord Kaho's Horns, Super Quest Items and other strong customs allowed. The same restriction goes for certain healing items such as Condensed White Potions, Meat and Grape Juice. For a full list of restrictions, see the table below.

Of course there are also non-restricted WoE/PvP/Events available for those who prefer the fast paced action that TalonRO offers.

Vanilla Restrictions

Equipment Cards Consumables
SQIs Rank A Cards Condensed White Potions
Lord Kaho's Horns Rank B Cards Meat
Pussy Cat Bells Maya Purple Card Grape Juice
Celebration Rings Stem Worm Card Grape
Bunch of Carnations Gargoyle Card Honey
Slotted Elemental Armors Sting Card
Event Headgears

160 Bronze Coin items from the Rental NPC cannot be used in Vanilla.

For a more comprehensive list of items which are restricted from Vanilla maps, refer to table below:

Restricted Items in Vanilla WoE/PvP

Equipment Cards Consumables

2348.pngAebecee's Raging Typhoon Armor[1]

2150.gifAegis Shield[1]

1745.gifArtemis Bow[3]

1990.gifBelmont Whip[3]

1190.gifBlade of Angels[3]


2646.pngBunch of Carnations

2631.pngCelebration Ring

2351.pngClaytos Cracking Earth Armor[1]


1913.gifElectric Guitar[3]


2480.gifEversong Greaves[1]

1651.gifGhostdancer Staff[3]

13320.gifHira Shurikat[3]

5013.pngLord Kaho's Horn

2345.pngLucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano[1]




5051.gifPussy Cat Bell

2346.pngSaphien's Armor of Ocean[1]


1746.gifSherwood Bow[3]



1650.gifStaff of Magi[3]


1590.gifTome of Ymir[3]

1290.gifTwin Fang[4]

8048.gifValkyrie Helm[1]

4001.png Angeling Card

4001.pngAtroce Card

4001.pngAssassin Cross Card

4001.pngBacsojin Card

4001.pngBaphomet Card

4001.pngBerzebub Card

4001.pngBloody Knight Card

4001.pngDark Illusion Card

4001.pngDark Lord Card

4001.pngDetale Card

4001.pngDeviling Card

4001.pngDoppleganger Card

4001.pngDracula Card

4001.pngDrake Card

4001.pngEddga Card

4001.pngEvil Snake Lord Card

4001.pngFallen Bishop Hibram Card

4001.pngGargoyle Card

4001.pngGarm Card

4001.pngGeneral Egnigem Cenia Card

4001.pngGhostring Card

4001.pngGloom Under Night Card

4001.pngGold Queen Scaraba Card

4001.pngGolden Thief Bug Card

4001.pngGryphon Card

4001.pngHigh Priest Card

4001.pngHigh Wizard Card

4001.pngIfrit Card

4001.pngIncantation Samurai Card

4001.pngKiel D-01 Card

4001.pngKtullanux Card

4001.pngLady Tanee Card

4001.pngLord Knight Card

4001.pngLord of Death Card

4001.pngMaya Card

4001.pngMaya Purple Card

4001.pngMistress Card

4001.pngMoonlight Flower Card

4001.pngMysteltainn Card

4001.pngOrc Hero Card

4001.pngOrc Lord Card

4001.pngOsiris Card

4001.pngPharaoh Card

4001.pngPhreeoni Card

4001.pngQueen Scaraba Card

4001.pngRSX 0806 Card

4001.pngSniper Card

4001.pngStem Worm Card

4001.pngSting Card

4001.pngStormy Knight Card

4001.pngTao Gunka Card

4001.pngThanatos Card

4001.pngToad Card

4001.pngTurtle General Card

4001.pngValkyrie Randgris Card

4001.pngVesper Card

4001.pngWhitesmith Card

547.gifCondensed White Potion


533.gifGrape Juice



Thanks to Kurotaijiya for compiling a tabular form of data for each item excluded from vanilla mode.