Vanilmirth Hat Quest

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  • 1 688.gif Level 3 Cold Bolt - Christmas Cookie 3.00%
  • 1 690.gif Level 3 Fire Bolt - Elder Willow / Kaho 3.00%
  • 1 692.gif Level 3 Lightning Bolt - Creamy 3.00%
  • 10 7315.gif Dark Crystal Fragment - Obsidian 90.00%
  • 10 526.gif Royal Jelly - Violy 42.00%
  • 50 938.gif Sticky Mucus - Penomena / Poporing 100.00%
  • 20,000 Zeny


Step 1

To start the quest, simply go to Lighthalzen and make your way to the southwestern part of the map.

Between some trees you can find a NPC called Suspicious guy (lighthalzen, 83, 163). When approaching him, he will already shout out for you, telling you to come closer.

Talk to him and agree to help him deliver some papers to someone. After finishing the conversation, head to Morroc.


Step 2

In the western part of Morroc you can find Caleb (morocc, 78, 139). When giving the papers to him, you will find out that he is some debt collector and you just accepted to help him...

Basically he wants you to go to some people and collect their money from them, so let's get started.

First he wants you to find someone in Izlude, so head back to the Warp Girl and move to Izlude.


Step 3

In Izlude, go find an old man called Jackson (izlude, 141, 166).

When talking to him, select the option "You pay or you cry and pay." This will make him hand over a bag filled with money to you, when selecting one of the other options, he wont give it to you...


Step 4

Now that you have his money, head back to Caleb in Morroc and give it to him (morocc, 78, 139).

This time Caleb will ask you to go to Moscovia.

Step 5

Once there, look out for a girl named Stefanie, you can find her in the northeastern part of town (moscovia, 252, 234).

When talking to her, select the "Hey there." option and she will ask you to deliver the money for her.

Alright, you're done here, so head back to Caleb and hand over the money.


Step 6 After finishing the 2nd errand for Caleb, head back to Martin in Lighthalzen (lighthalzen, 83, 163); this time he will offer you to make a homunculus for you, if you bring him the ingredients.