Veins Siblings Quest

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Level required to start: 60

Quest requirements to start: Rachel Sanctuary Entrance Quest

Items requirements:

For each attempt at the "camel dung"

You should take more than the minimum number of Green Herbs, Milks and Jellopies Required. You use up them, and success is not guaranteed. I'd suggest getting at least, 10 times the amount needed.

Gathering the Ingredients

Most people have some trouble in this part, as they don't know where to buy them. Let's start one by one:

Green Herbs

This is an easy one, the Pet Groomer (prontera 218,211) sells the stuff for 50 z each:

Veins ings001.jpg

Milk and Monster's Feed

The NPCs are close to each other, that's why I used the same entry for both. The girl next to the map, where the cursor is, is the Vendor from Milk Ranch (prontera 73,134), the guy next to the Wizard is the Butcher (prontera 64,125). Buy the ingredients from them.

Veins ings002.jpg


This is the part that most players have trouble with. You may farm for them, but there is an easier way. Go to Warp Girl>Cities>Umbala. You'll see this Utan Kid (umbala 59,243), talk to him:

Veins ings003.jpg

Talk to him, you won't understand a thing, but choosing the first option, "umbah", he'll trade 1 Meat for 2 Jellopies, 2 Feathers and 2 Clovers. You can stock Meat, either from the Butcher before, or you may prefer to buy from players if you don't have Discount. Yeah, I know, it's a bit slow, as you'll need to do it at least 250 times to reach the recommended number, but you may prefer that than bullying poor little Porings or buying from some overpriced vendor at streets.

Other Ingredients

The rest of the ingredients are easier, so I'll just list them here:

- You may buy Yellow Potions from any Tool Dealer. You have one in Payon (payon 167,223) near the Kafra and other NPCs, so check it out. - Empty Bottles are sold at the Alchemist Shop. There are a few, but the easier to locate is the one at Pontera (prontera 166,230), from Prontera Fountain, just go a bit North and you'll see a bunch of NPCs in the right part. - Unripe Apple needs to be farmed, the easiest way is just smashing Porings. - Steel also needs to be farmed (or forged from Coals and Irons, you need a Blacksmith with the skills, though). There are lots of monsters that drop them, but I'm sure you already got some from Injustices.

Quest Part 1: I'm Burning Up for You

So, you have gathered all the ingredients. Now, let's start with the quest proper. You'll love it!!

Step 1

Start warping to Veins. Warp Girl>Cities>Veins. There is this Kid (veins 325,186) called Karyn (I'll use this name from now on) that seems to have gone to Thor's Volcano on a walk with his sister and she was lost there. Now he needs help to find her.


So, let's get working on saving his sister Little Curdie.

Step 2

First, a trip to Thor's Volcano. Warp Girl>Dungeons>Thor's Volcano. This place is hot, so bring enough water and you may want some sun tan. Let's talk a bit about the place. First of all, the 2 levels you will be crossing:

- Thor Volcano level 1

Veins thor001.gif

- Thor Volcano level 2

Veins thor002.gif

You need to reach to the Center Portal inside the 2nd level.


- If you look at the stats of the monsters, it's not a place where most people would survive. You'll need lots of Fly Wings (like 200) and loads of luck. Or Creamy Card, if you happen to have it. - Equipping a Fire elemental armour may help too. Either Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano, Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano slotted or Pasana Card on armour will do the job. - Also, some stuff that helps: Jakk Card for garment, Penomena Card and Khalitzburg Card for shield may help, as most monsters are either Formless or Demon races. Of course, Draco Card may be of use too. There are more stuffs, anything that pumps MDEF does the job, as you'll be attacked by magic a lot, but well, just listing the most specific ones. - Nothing much to say, good luck, and run, run a lot. It's usual to die a few times in this quest, so don't worry about it.

First, teleport all the way to the 2nd level, lower right portal.

Once on the second level, this is the portal you need to get to, upper view. Check out the position in the minimap of the screenshot:


The access is a bit tricky. Check out the paladin in the next screenshots and the path he takes:

You start from this place, check out the minimap on the upper right corner of the screenshot:

Veins path001.jpg

And then, go along the path to the right from that position, and down:

Veins path002.jpg

Veins path003.jpg

Veins path004.jpg

To end up in the portal below those stairs.

And here is the Little Curdie, just follow the way after you enter the portal:


So, you talk to her and she talks about scary men. You go back and think of a way of getting her out of her shackles.

Step 3

Back to the town using a Butterfly Wing (or you can die, if you don't have them, just go back and poke something big). First to talk to Karyn and tell him the news. He tells you to ask in the market for a locksmith.

So, now you look for Young Town Native (veins 221,120):


He tells you to find Mr. Lockenlock in the market. He'll be drinking, and the best way to sober him is a Yellow Potion.

Step 4

So, you go find Lockenlock (veins 181,166) with the Yellow Potion in inventory to sober him up:


You talk to him, and ask him for a key. He takes the potion and as you can't bring him the lock, nor bring him there, he tells you he'll need a mold made of organic Chamelepu Soap, and you need to find the girl who makes it.

Step 5

The soap maker is Ivory (veins 227,127), next to Warp Girl and other NPCs:


She tells you she run out of ingredients and to come tomorrow, but as you insist that you need it now, she agrees to make it if you bring her the basic stuff:

- 10 Milk - 100 Green Herbs - 50 Jellopies - 5 Empty Bottles

And to start with the hard part.

Quest Part 2: Camels poop potatoes. And dung too

Step 6

Most players love this part. The Camel is, by far, the "most loved NPC" in the game, and you'll know why.

So, as Ivory says, you have to visit the camel owner, Saraman (veins 115,59):


He talks about some Camel Dung and the need to gather it. Of course, you're delighted about it. The thing is feeding the ingredients to the camel, to make it poop the dung. Of course, if the camel isn't hungry, it won't eat it, so well, you need to make an appetite stimulant. So, get now the following ingredients:

- 1 Unripe Apple - 5 Monster's Feed - 1 Yellow Potion - 1 Empty Bottle

You bring those ingredients to Saraman and he makes the stimulant to feed the camels. He also tells you that with those ingredients, you should be able to get 5 lumps of camel dung.

Step 7

Time to go see the camels. They are, roughly, around (veins 74,222). Here you have a pic of the little beasties:


When you try them, no one is the one you're looking for, so back to Saraman to ask about the Silk Sand Camel.

Step 8

It seems that the poor little camel disappeared somewhere. Of course, you're going to find it so you can save the little kid and the farmer's business. So, to look for the Silk Sand Camel (ve_fild07 235,42), just go South.

Here is the camel:


So, click on it, feed the stimulant and start clicking. Each try will use 20 Green Herbs, 2 Milks and 10 Jellopies, so bring lots. Each try will either drop a Dung Lump, using up an Empty Bottle, or some Potatos. You can eat it, though I'm not sure about that...

On a side note, if you look at the screenshot, you'll see that some people have put their merchants to sell the items you need. Most times, they are far more expensive than NPC price, like more than 100 z for an Empty Bottle you can buy for 6. They can argue that they take out the inconvenience of having to farm for them again if you run out. True, but still, I can't recommend them. If you have followed this guide, you'll probably won't need their wares unless you're unlucky. Still, I'd prefer buying the ingredients again. It's a matter of principle, though. Of course, if you happen to find a merchant that sells them at a fair price (even a little more expensive than the NPC price would be OK, given the circumnstances), it's another thing.

Step 9

Once you have gathered the stuff (and washed your hands), talk to Saraman again to report him about his camel. After that, go to Ms. Ivory to make the soap.

Quest Part 3: How to use dung to free a poor little kid

Step 10

Now it's time to talk to Lockenlock about that mold you need. He tells you to pour the soap into the the keyhole, and then back into the bottle.

Step 11

So, back to Thor's Volcano. Same as before applies this time too. Talk to Little Curdie again to check out those shackles and their lock.

Step 12

Use a Butterfly Wing again to go back to town (or just die, whatever suits you) and go talk to Lockenlock again so he makes you a key. He tells you to bring one Steel, so do that.

When you talk to him a second time, he asks about what do you need the key for. You spill the truth and he agrees to help you.

Step 13

Back to Thor's Volcano for the 3rd and last time. Again, talk to Little Curdie and rescue her. You will send her home. I'd do the same.

Step 14

Now, all is left is talking to Karyn, and finishing the quest.

Congratulations!! You have finished the Veins Siblings Quest!


Old Purple Box from Saraman in Step 9, after you tell him the whereabouts of his Silk Sand Camel.

3,000,000 Base Exp and 2,100,000 Job Exp from Karyn in Step 14.