Whikebine's Black Cat Ears Quest

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The Kitty Band, Black Dyestuffs, Fluffs and 10,000 zeny are to make Black Cat Ears. If you got them already, you don't need to do that part, just remember to have them equipped when talking to Jamie.

  • 1 Kitty Band
  • 1 Black Dyestuffs
  • 200 Fluff
  • 5 Rough Wind
  • 3 Mystic Frozen
  • 50 Ice Cubic
  • 1,010,000 zeny


1. Warp Girl>Cities>Aldebaran and go to the north of the city to start this quest. You need to talk to Jamie (aldebaran 97,238):


Tell her that you love cats, and she'll ask you to prove it by putting some Black Cat Ears. If you check your quest log, you'll see that Neko Neko in Payon will help you.

2. So, Warp Girl>Payon and go talk to Neko Neko (payon 115,131):


She'll talk about the Black Cat Ears she's wearing, and if you want them, you'll need to gather the following and she'll make you a set:

3. After you gather the ingredients, go back to her, and you get your Black Cat Ears. Of course, you still haven't finished the quest.

4. Go back to Jamie in Aldebaran. Don't forget to put on your Black Cat Ears to look like a cat. She tells you something is wrong, that they are not moving. It seems you'll have to go to Yuno to look for an old man near the Magic Academy.

5. Well, you know what comes. Warp Girl>Cities>Yuno, and now go to the North Easter part, and look for Stewart (yuno 267,271), it's marked on minimap too.


It seems that he can make them move, but you need to prove him how powerful you are. You need to provide him with the Magic Catalyst to do that. For starters, get him a Heated Magic Stone at Hugel.

6. So, Warp Girl>Cities>Hugel, and you need to explore around Hugel, so get working on that. Well, one map south of Hugel Town, there is this guy called Bolgur (hu_fild06 318,241):


Ah, yeah, the man asks 1,000,000 zeny for the Heated Magic Stone, nice guy, eh?

7. After being ripped off... I mean, buying that stone, go back to Stewart, and he'll add to the list:

8. Go farming and come back with the stuff. Now you need to wait. Quest log suggests you go to talk to Jamie, well, do that. She tells you something about Angel Wings that flap and such, and it seems you can convince her about giving some of that to you (the quest log changes too).

  • First time you talk to her, you tell her that you like them or something like that. Not the second option, that tells her "yeah, they are nice, but..."
  • Then, you complain about having had to pay for them, and that they were expensive.
  • She'll tell something about that Stewart is looking for a way to give her a present in a roundabout way.
  • Tell her she should visit him.

Then, she gets angry with him, and tells you that you can go ahead and keep them.

If you chose the wrong answer, the quest log just refreshes to the point that suggests you to talk to Jamie and start the conversation again, until you get a quest log telling you to go back to Stewart.

9. Go back to Stewart and get the Whikebine's Black Cat Ears. It seems that Jamie REALLY wants to see him...



Whikebine's Black Cat Ears:

  • DEF 2
  • CRIT +3
  • +10% damage on Critical
  • +10 Flee