White Petal Quest

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This one is for the 5206.gifWhite Petal, a lower headgear. It's just a white version of the red 2269.gif Romantic Flower, so nothing too special about this headgear!

So yeah, this quest is actually really short, since it involes only a single NPC, namely Daniela. You can find her at Amatsu (118, 128):

1. Find Daniela in Amatsu and bump into her. Yes, you have to bump into her (move close to her) in order to start the quest. When running into her, you will break her 727.gif Opals, making her getting really mad at you.

2. Talk to Daniela again and - after listening to her story - agree to help her. She will then ask you to reimburse her, by bringing her 25727.gif Opals. I strongly recommend checking all your storages and asking your friends and other people for them, because farming them will probably take a while! ;)

3. This part is probably the hardest part of the quest, so the rest is fairly easy. After you gathered all 25727.gif Opals, talk to her again and she will be very grateful. As a little thank-you gift, she offers to make you a5206.gifWhite Petal, if you can bring her 100,000 Zeny and the following items:

4.Time to finish this quest! When you have all the items with you, talk to Daniela once again and you will receive 15206.gifWhite Petal from her!


  1. Thanks to BlackVampValnar for this guide!