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Important Note:

Most of this guide is based on theory rather than experience, compiled from other guides and sources. Please do not hesitate to edit the page if you think I'm doing something horribly wrong or leaving out something critical.

This guide is meant to be an introduction to the Blacksmith and Whitesmith classes to those who have never played one before. In particular, it is catered to those new to the TalonRO server. More experienced RO players may wish to skip over certain parts of this guide.

Why You Want To Be A Whitesmith


Whitesmiths, when well geared, are one of the best PVM classes you can ask for. Their purpose is to kill monsters quick and grab as much loot as they can as quickly as they can before selling it to NPCs and other players. Whitesmiths have a number of skills that make this possible. 

  • Maximum Over Thrust, Maximize Power, and Weapon Perfection all make sure the Smith is doing as much damage as he can.
  • Adrenaline Rush and Full Adrenaline Rush (with Soul Link) will boost their attack speed to frightening levels.
  • Taking full advantage of these buffs, Cart Termination, the Whitesmith's primary attack skill, will allow you to deal crazy amounts of damage hit after hit after hit. With enough STR and a properly Endowed weapon, you will kill a lot of different monsters with a single use of this skill.
  • Finally, the real reason you want a Smith, Greed. This simple skill lets you pick up every item in a 2 tile radius around you. Every. Last. One. This skill makes farming money much quicker and much more efficient.

The skills that make Smiths dangerous in PVM can apply to certain MVPs as well. Almost all of their buffs not only affect themselves, but their entire party as well, and Cart Termination benefits from a high attack speed, allowing them to be one of the best DPS classes in the game.

Why You May Not Like Being A Whitesmith

Like many other classes, Whitesmiths need a rather expensive catalyst for their signature skills to work. Smiths are unique though in that their catalyst is raw Zeny, and it can be intimidating to spend Zeny right out of your pocket just so that you can attack. 

  • At level 10, Mammontite costs 900 zeny per cast (reduced from 1000 thanks to Unfair Trick, your other quest skill), and Cart Termination costs 1500.
  • Maximum Over Thrust, while it adds a whole 100% extra damage to your attacks for a whole 3 minutes, costs a whopping 5000 zeny per cast.

Some see this zeny as money that could have gone towards better gear, but when you take other things into consideration (faster farming thanks to Greed and zero cast time on skills, the easy availability of Talon Coins*, costs and weight of catalysts for other classes like Arrows, Bullets, Bottle Grenades, Acid Flasks, Poison Bottles, etc.) it really isn't all that much. Whitesmiths operate on the simple principle of the Golden Rule: When they have gold, they rule.

* Talon Coins are a special kind of currency unique to the TalonRO server. For a detailed explanation on Talon Coins, how they work, and what they can get you, please visit https://wiki.talonro.com/Reward_System_Walkthrough


Let's Get Started Already!

Okay, so let's assume that by this point, you've decided to create a new Whitesmith character. Great! Unfortunately like everyone else, you have to start as a poor little Novice. Fear not though! TalonRO's unique Novice Training Grounds experience will have you charging through those first few awkward levels faster than you'll see on any other low-rate server. I highly recommend you take advantage of the entire tutorial as it will not only help you rush through your first few levels, but also teach you a lot about the server and how things work here.

A Few Notes For Newer Players

If you're a TalonRO veteran, you might want to skip this section. Much of what I explain here is also covered here: https://talonro.com/server-features/ 

Meat/Grape Juice:

You don't get Novice Potions from the tutorial, but Meat is very inexpensive and, as a custom feature on this server, almost as light. Grape Juice is also super-common on this server, so you don't have to worry about running out of SP either. Both Meat and Grape Juice are often vended by players, but you can get Grapes and Empty Bottles from NPCs if you feel like going through the trouble of making it yourself.

Job Changer/Supporting NPCs:

The Job Changer is located inside the building just Southwest of where you spawn in Prontera. Also inside is the Reset Girl, who can reset your entire build for a very reasonable price. Next to her is the stylist, who will change your hair and dye your clothes for free. Hiding up against the Northern wall inside the building is the Platinum Skill NPC and Universal Rental NPC, who will teach you your Platinum skills and rent you your pushcart for free.

Super Quest Item Ingredients:

While you're leveling, you may come across items labeled “SQI Ingredient” in their full description. These items are needed in order to craft Super Quest Items, and are always in high demand from players. If you find one of these, hang onto it and check for a price. Some, especially cards, can be worth a lot of money. In the leveling guide, I will label monsters that drop SQI Ingredients as such.


On this server, when you hit 99/50 and are reborn into a High Novice, you can change into any job you want, regardless of what you were as a pre-transcendent class. This means that you can get yourself to level 99 as an easier class to level such as a Priest or Hunter and transcend into a Whitesmith if you want (Which I recommend actually. Getting a Blacksmith to 99 can be difficult without either a priest slave, good gears, or both). Blacksmiths are still useful in many parties as Greeders though, in case none of the players are able to dual-client one.

Hunting Board: 

All NPC item gathering and monster hunting quests can be found on the bulletin board near the entrance to the Job Changer building. Check this. All the time. Do the quests. Get xp and Bronze Coins. I can't stress this enough, especially at lower levels. The rental items are very nice, especially if you're on a tight budget, and this is the only way to get Bronze Coins aside from Map of the Week. I won't detail every single monster on the list, but if you see them on the board, you can consider them a good place to level at if you're properly equipped.

Monster of the Week/Minigame Girl:

This NPC can be found near your spawn in any city. Talk to her and check Weekly Bonuses to see what the current Monster, Map, and Minigame of the week is. If you think you can take on the Monster of the Week, it can be a nice additional source of xp and Copper Coins.

Warp Girl: 

Another NPC found literally everywhere. She will warp you to almost any city or dungeon you want at no cost, because walking is for people with too much time on their hands.


Before you go killing stuff, you ought to know what stats Smiths consider important and why. Yes I know, “Get to the leveling guide already!”. Bear with me, this will be quick. Remember that you can reset your stats whenever you have the money to, and it's far from expensive.

Sm bash.gif STR

Increases physical attack and weight capacity. This is how a Smith kills stuff. You get an extra bonus to your attack at every tenth point you put in this stat, the bonus growing exponentially larger each time you hit 10 points. No matter what kind of smith you are (Unless you're a forger, which I won't be covering in this guide), you need as much STR as you can get your hands on.

Tf miss.gif AGI

Increases flee and attack speed. Mammonite and Cart Termination can be spammed as fast as your normal attack speed, so this can be rather important, especially if you don't have access to one or more Doppelganger cards (not to mention a slot to put it in). In some builds, flee is also the Smith's main way to defend himself, so a lot of this is sometimes necessary. Smiths don't have the same boosts to flee that Thief class characters do though, so to make that really worthwhile, you'll need flee-boosting items like Whisper, Mysteltainn, and/or Stormy Knight cards.

Ac owl.gif DEX

Increases accuracy as well physical attack (but by a much smaller amount than STR). Makes your physical attacks more accurate and, therefore, more likely to kill. You don't actually need a whole lot of this. Just enough to make sure you hit whatever you want to be killing 100% of the time.

Al heal.gif VIT

Increases HP and VIT defense, as well as the effectiveness of HP recovery items. Smiths who don't get an absolute ton of AGI get this instead. If you have healing items, you won't mind getting hit as much, and the extra HP allows you to take a lot more punishment, whereas you might just croak from a single lucky hit if you focus too much on boosting your flee.

Mg srecovery.gif INT

Increases magic attack and SP. To do the most damage you can, you'll be using skills constantly, which means a lot of SP is required. That said, thanks to Grape Juice giving you very affordable SP recovery, this stat is entirely useless to a Smith.

Pr gloria.gif LUK

Increases critical hit chance and perfect dodge chance. Though your skill attacks can't crit, your basic attacks are still quite powerful thanks to Max Overthrust, Maximize Power, and Weapon Perfection. It's also not too hard to get a Smith to a very high attack speed with a minimal investment in AGI. This means that with the right gear (Heart Breaker [1], Gryphon Card, Crit Ring, etc.), and a modest investment in LUK, a Crit build for a Whitesmith is quite doable, though a bit gimmicky. I definitely don't recommend it if you're just starting out though.

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Leveling Guide

Levels 1-30

It is entirely possible and actually pretty easy to grind all the way to level 40 as a novice here in the Training Grounds. MVP cards are a very common part of this server, and as part of the tutorial, you are given powerful loaner weapons stacked with MVP cards. These weapons are the reason you will blow through these levels like an SUV through a snowdrift in a car commercial.

Most anything I could say about these first levels is covered in this guide here: https://wiki.talonro.com/Novice_Grounds Don't worry yourself about dying at all, you won't lose any xp on this map. Just make sure you have @autoloot on. (Yes, this server uses autoloot, but only for characters up to level 70, so Greed is still a very important skill, especially for high-level mobs) (That statement is now obsolete due to Auto-Loot being changed to Area-Loot)

For you impatient sorts though, I can recommend a few places to get yourself to Job 10 in case you really want to skip this part for some reason (or if you've already been reborn as a High Novice). Again,please keep @autoloot on. (Same as above) Also, in case you don't have your starting Novice gears on you for whatever reason , you can get them from an NPC just Northeast of the Prontera Item Shop for just 1 zeny each.

- Prontera Culvert 1 Thiefbug.gif

Main targets: -Thief Bug Egg -Thief Bug -Tarou (SQI)

Avoid: -Familiar

What you'll need: -Novice Gears -Fly Wings -Meat

Why?: Theif Bug Eggs are immobile and completely unable to attack you, effectively making them free xp if you managed to leave the training grounds in the single digits. Thief Bugs and Tarous are also easy enough to kill if you're carrying some meat to heal yourself with. Watch out for Thief Bugs ganging up on you though. Familiars aren't really a problem to kill if you have meat, but they can be irritating since they're hard to hit, and hard to get away from without Fly Wings. Once get to higher base levels, you can start going deeper into the dungeon and kill most anything you can find.

- Ant Hell 1-2 Andre.gif

Main targets: -Ant Egg -Andre (SQI) -Deniro (SQI) -Piere (SQI) -Vitata

Avoid: -Familiar -Maya -Maya Purple

What you'll need: -Novice Gears -Fly Wings -Meat -Kindle Dagger

Why?: Ants are quite a bit tougher than the stuff in the upper levels of Culvert, so you should at the very least have your job changed before you start killing them. The eggs however, are still free xp (and are nice and bunched up so you don't have to go looking for them). Except for Vitata, all the ants drop Andre card, which, as an SQI Ingredient, is worth quite a bit of dough, especially at this level. Like thief bugs, ants will attack in groups when provoked, but only in groups of same color.

- Payon Field 1 Spore.gif

Main targets: -Spore

What you'll need: -Novice Gears -Meat -Fly Wings -Jujube Dagger

Why?: Only one map south of Payon town is a map packed with these things (Though they can also be found deeper in Pronera Culverts). They're tough, but they're not aggressive, and give a fair chunk of xp and job xp. Spores also drop Strawberries occasionally which, once you get Mammonite, are a nice alternative to Grape Juice. Once you change job, these are really nice to get those first 10 Job levels on in order to get Mammonite up and running.

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Job Change! (Merchant)

So you're finally a Merchant. Awesome! You'll get some free zeny and a weapon from the job changer, since you're unable to use your Novice gears anymore. You also now have access to your skills that you'll want to start leveling up as soon as you can:

Mc mammonite.gif Mammonite: Okay, so to be honest, Merchants don't really have a whole lot to work with when it comes to skills. This is the one you'll want to get to level 10 as soon as you possibly can. It'll deal up to 6 times your normal attack damage per cast at the cost of some zeny.

Mc loud.gif Loud Exclamation (Platinum): +4 STR for 5 minutes per cast. You have absolutely no excuse to not have this buff on all the time throughout your entire Whitesmith career.

Mc inccarry.gif Increase Weight Limit: Exactly what it says on the tin. Required to learn all your non-quest skills. You'll have a high STR already, plus your cart, so you only really need level 5, but if you're a High Merchant, you'll want to get this to level 10 as well (Cart Termination's damage is based on your cart's weight, so your cart will likely be full of junk you don't want to remove), though not before Mammonite and Pushcart.

Mc pushcart.gif Pushcart: While carrying a pushcart, your walking speed is reduced dramatically. At level 10, this penalty is completely removed. Max this skill as soon as Mammonite is done, and don't use your cart until it is.

Mc cartrevolution.gif Cart Revolution (Platinum): This is an area of effect skill similar to Magnum Break, and you get it for free just by talking to the NPC. You're only able to use it while carrying a pushcart, but it's nice for mobbing certain monsters at lower levels. You'll only want to use it after your Pushcart skill is maxed though, so you don't take any penalty to your speed. The damage is increased significantly when the cart is completely full.

Mc discount.gif Discount: Reduces the buying price of NPC goods. This is an amazing skill to have, but if you really want to, you can make second Merchant to buy all your stuff instead and stick it in Kafra storage. I'd get this to level 9 or 10 if for nothing else than convenience, but you don't have to. At least level 3 is required for Overcharge.

Mc overcharge.gif Overcharge: Like Discount, this is another skill that can go on another Merchant if you really want. It increases the selling price of the stuff you hawk to NPCs. Again, for the sake of convenience, I'd get it to level 10. This is where all that money you'll be spending on Mammonite comes from.

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Levels 31-65

- Payon Field 2 Wolf.gif

Main targets: -Wolf

What you'll need: -Meat -Fly Wings -Kindle Dagger -Fire Two-Handed Axe (Optional)

Why?: -Wolves can be found very close to Spores. Just one map South to be exact. Wolves not only give pretty good xp at the lower end of this range, but also have some fairly nice drops as well. Mantle [1] is a decent enough slotted armor that can be worn by any class, plus they also drop Strawberries, like Spores. Swordsmen like wolves because they will attack in packs when provoked, and can be killed all at once with Magnum Break. You can do the same with Cart Revolution, but you need to be careful about it. You don't have Endure like Swordies do, but if you're a more veteran TalonRO player, you can use Eddga shoes for the same effect. Unless you have those though, stick to killing one or two at a time at your lower levels, until you're sure you can tank them all.

- Comodo Dungeon 3 Tharafrog.gif

Main targets: -Thara Frog (SQI) -Megalodon (SQI)

Avoid: -Neraid -Tao Gunka

What you'll need: -Meat -Fly Wings -Jujube Dagger -Wind Two-Handed Axe (Optional)

Why?: Thara Frog and Megalodon cards are SQI ingredients and, while they're not the best for xp, they can be a good way to get yourself lots of money fairly quickly when you're just starting out. If you find more than one, try to keep a Thara Frog card for yourself, as they're practically essential in WoE.

- Toy Factory 1-2 Mystcase.gif

Main targets: -Cookie -Christmas Cookie -Myst Case

Avoid: -Angeling -Chepet -Cruiser -Stormy Knight

What you'll need: -Meat -Fly Wings -High ATK weapon

Why?: Cookies, in addition to giving a good deal of xp at the lower end of the spectrum, will drop, well, cookies. Well-Baked Cookies are better than Meat at healing you. Myst Case are tougher than Cookies, but also give much more xp and have amazingly good drops.

Once you get to a higher level, you can go up to Toy Factory 2, where there are less Cookies and more Myst Cases. Grind here for a while, and you will not only be bringing in a good amount of xp, but also millions of zeny. In addition to their usual, fairly expensive drops, Myst Cases also drop Chiqita's Jewelry Box. Using this custom item will get you a random unslotted mid-headgear. Don't do this though! Unless you're looking to make a slotted mid-headgear (which you shouldn't be at this point) the boxes are worth more by themselves. If you want money quick, players will usually set up buying shops outside of the Toy Factory entrance, and buy them for around 180,000 zeny each. You can hang onto them though, and they often vend to other players for up to 250,000 zeny each.

- Byalan Island Dungeon 3 Obeaune.gif

Main targets: -Obeaune -Hydra (SQI)

Avoid: -Merman

What you'll need: -Meat -Fly Wings -Jujube Dagger -Wind Two-Handed Axe (Optional)

Why?: Obeaunes don't give as much xp or loot as Myst Cases, but they are easier to kill thanks to their weakness to Wind property attacks. Watch out for Lex Divina though. Not being able to Mammonite these girls sucks bad. They are also the only source of Necklace [1] outside of the Reward Guru, so you'll still be netting yourself some money if you can manage to find one or two of these.

Hydras also drop Hydra cards and, at this stage, are very easy to kill if there aren't a huge group of them. Like Thara Frog cards, Hydra cards are worth a lot of money. Leave none alive.

- Moscovia Dungeon 1 Les.gif

Main targets: -Les -Mantis (SQI)

What you'll need: -Meat -Fly Wings -Kindle Dagger -Fire Two-Handed Axe (Optional) -Jujube Dagger (Quest) -Wind Two-Handed Axe (Quest, Optional)

Why?: Disclaimer!: This map requires a modestly difficult quest to get to. However, the quest is account bound, so if you've already done it on another character, there is no need to do it again.

At this point, Les are one of the better monsters you can farm for base xp. Not only do they give a great deal of xp on their own and are easy to kill thanks to their Fire weakness, but they drop Sharp Leaves, which can be traded in at the hunting board for even MORE xp. They also sometimes drop Aloe Leaflets, which heal almost as much as a White Potion. Be careful though, as their attacks sometimes leave you with External Bleeding, which can be fatal, not to mention that when provoked, they will teleport towards you in order to gang up on you. Mantis are aggressive and mildly irritating, but their card is an SQI ingredient, not to mention extremely helpful to you on its own if you manage to get some slotted accessories. The only real obstacle is the quest to get there, which can be done on another character if it's too hard for your leveling Merchant. The whole quest is detailed here: http://wiki.talonro.com/Moscovia+Dungeon+Entrance+Quest

Sometimes players will vend the items required for the quest in Moscovia town, saving you from having to kill these difficult monsters yourself. Unfortunately, you'll still have to kill some monsters during one of the quest scenes. Aside from Ragglers, they're all Water property though, so you should do fine if you have a Wind weapon (and something else in case you run into the aforementioned Ragglers).

- Ayothaya Dungeon Outside Leafcat.gif

Main targets: -Leaf Cat

Avoid: -Wootan Fighter

What you'll need: -Meat -Fly Wings -Kindle Dagger -Fire Two-Handed Axe (Optional)

Why?: So you're almost ready to change jobs now, but maybe you want to get yourself to Job 50 before you do, right? Leaf cats are one of the best things you can kill to get job xp. After you job change to second class, these are a great way to get yourself those first few job levels so you can start using your skills right away. They are a little hard to hit though, so make sure you have the DEX to handle them.

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Job Change! (Blacksmith/Whitesmith)

It's that time again! Congratulations, you are now a Blacksmith/Whitesmith! Here's a brief overview of the skills you now have available to you. Note that in this guide, I will not be covering any of the forging or refining skills.

Bs hiltbinding.gif Hilt Binding: +1 STR and some extra attack. Not only is it pretty nice for 1 skill point, it's also required for many of your essential skills.

Ws cartboost.gif Cart Boost (Whitesmith): While carrying a pushcart, increase your walking speed as if you had an acolyte's AGI Up cast on you. This buff has a short duration, and it MUST be active in order to cast Cart Termination, so keep an eye on when it runs out. You don't want to engage an enemy without this.

Ws carttermination.gif Cart Termination (Whitesmith): Terminate stuff with your cart. As mentioned before, this is one of the reasons you are a Whitesmith in the first place. Stupid amounts of damage and up to a 50% chance to stun your target, but make sure to keep an eye on Cart Boost. Note that the damage of this takes into account only ATK, not percentage based bonuses to total damage like Turtle General cards.

Bs greed.gif Greed (Platinum): Again, this is the reason you wanted a Smith. Pick up items in a 2 square radius around you. Won't see any use before level 71, but that hotkey will get the workout of it's life afterward (That statement is now obsolete due to Auto-Loot being changed to Area-Loot).

Bs unfairlytrick.gif Unfair Trick (Platinum): Passively reduces the zeny cost of Mammonite by 10%. Great for Blacksmiths, not as useful for Whitesmiths, who will generally prefer to use Cart Termination.

Bs hammerfall.gif Hammer Fall: Casts an AoE in front of you like Cart Revolution, but instead of damaging, it stuns enemies with up to a 70% success rate. If you're having trouble hitting an enemy with your attacks or if you're getting hit a lot, stun them for a bit so you can actually get some damage in or get away. Required for Adrenaline Rush.

Bs adrenaline.gif Adrenaline Rush: This buff increases your attack speed with axes and maces, the duration increasing with level. Required for Over Thrust and Weapon Perfection. Needs to be maxed in order to get Full Adrenaline Rush from Soul Link.

Bs adrenaline2.gif Full Adrenaline Rush (Soul Link): See above, only this works with ALL melee weapons.

Bs overthrust.gif Over Thrust: Increase your ATK by up to 25% at the cost of a small chance to temporarily lose the use of your weapon. Axes and Maces are naturally unbreakable anyway, and even if you're not using one, it's not anything to fret over considering you also have Weapon Repair. You'll be using this a lot to buff yourself and your party's damage. Does NOT stack with Maximum Over Thrust.

Ws overthrustmax.gif Maximum Over Thrust (Whitesmith): At level 5, increases your ATK by 100% at the cost of 5000 zeny per cast and a chance to break your weapon. Unlike Over Thrust, this buff will NOT affect your party.

Bs repairweapon.gif Weapon Repair: You can use this skill to fix your and your party's weapons if they break due to the effect of Over Thrust or Maximum Over Thrust.

Bs weaponresearch.gif Weaponry Research: As a mastery skill, this increases your damage by a set amount. The difference between this and other mastery skills though, is that this applies to ALL weapons, and on top of that, increases your HIT as well. This is the reason Smiths don't need a lot of DEX to be successful.

Bs weaponperfect.gif Weapon Perfection: Depending on what weapon you're using and the size of the monster you're attacking, you might be taking a penalty to damage. For instance, Axe weapons deal 75% damage to Medium sized monsters, and only 50% to Small ones. Use this skill to have you and your party ignore those size penalties and do 100% damage to whatever you hit. Has a short duration, so keep an eye on the timer.

Bs maximize.gif Maximize Power: If you've ever actually looked at how much damage you do per hit, you notice it tends to fluctuate a bit. This skill can be toggled on to stop that, and instead let you do the maximum damage possible each hit. Extra ATK from weapon refinements is added after this is applied, so your damage still might fluctuate a tiny bit because of that, but that doesn't mean the skill is not working.

Bs skintemper.gif Skin Tempering: Reduces the damage you take from Fire and Neutral property attacks by up to 25% and 5% respectively. It's like a free Jakk card that doesn't even use up your Garment slot. The extra bit of resistance to neutral attacks is just gravy.

Ws meltdown.gif Melt Down (Whitesmith): Gives your attacks a small chance per hit to break the weapon and/or armor of your targeted enemy. Useful in WoE, but that's not what this guide is about. In PVM it will reduce the attack and/or defense of the target, which can be nice in some circumstances, but is not really essential.

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Levels 66-85

Les still give good xp for their HP up until the quest for Sharp Leaves expires, so you can grind all the way up until your mid 80s if you really want. By this point, you should have more than one elemental Axe, and possibly an Ice Pick as well. With a fire axe, Les can be one-shotted with a high STR Mammonite. In case you haven't done the Moscovia quest yet, here are some other suggestions.

Note that, for the most part, unless you have a Hell Poodle carded Clip or Belt by this point (you probably don't), Meat just won't cut it anymore as a quick healing item, so you may want to consider switching to White Potions, or else have a Priest follow you around when you fight the higher attack monsters.

- Rachel Field 5-6 Hillwind.gif

Main targets: -Hill Wind

Avoid: -Drosera

What you'll need: -Healing potions/items -Fly Wings -Earth Two-Handed Axe -Deviling carded garment (Optional) -Dokebi carded armor (Optional)

Why?: Hill Winds are easy to kill and drop Harpy Talons and Harpy Feathers. Together, these drops can be overcharged for over 1400 zeny, not to mention they drop far more consistently than Cakes or Pearls from Myst Cases. Not only are they worth more xp than Myst Cases, but you'll actually be turning a small profit by one-shotting them with Mammonite. Be careful though and bring lots of healing items. Hill winds hit hard, fast, and have a long reach. You'll likely take one or two hits before you get close enough to spank them for it. If you're going to use a Deviling garment, keep an eye out for the ones charging up Jupitel Thunder, and try and kill them before they really put the hurt on you (Or just bring some Dokebi carded armor as well).

- Byalan Island Dungeon 4 Marc.gif

Main targets: -Marc -Swordfish -Marine Sphere (SQI)

Avoid: -Merman

What you'll need: -Healing potions/items -Fly Wings -Wind Two-Handed Axe

Why?: Cards, cards, cards. This one map has plenty of fairly decent xp monsters that are easy to kill and bear cards worth millions of zeny each. If you want to test your luck, this is one of the best places to do it.

- Clock Tower Basement 4 Bathory.gif

Main targets: -Bathory

Avoid: Joker Executioner Mysteltainn Tirfing

What you'll need: -Healing potions/items -Fly Wings -High ATK weapon -Key of the Underground (one per trip)

Why?: Bathory cards, like Thara Frog cards, are worth a great deal of money, though not for being an SQI ingredient. They're essential gear to block the skills of many popular monsters. Grind down here until you find one for yourself and maybe one to sell. Even though it takes a “quest” to get to this level of the dungeon (not to mention quite a bit of a walk), you'll be glad you did. Keys are often vended by players for 100,000 zeny apiece, if not less.

- Yuno Field 6 Sleeper.gif

Main targets: -Sleeper

What you'll need: -Healing potions/items -Fly Wings -Ice Pick -Fire Endow -Tirfing/Penomena carded shield (Optional) -Deviling carded garment (Optional)

Why?: This is where you will be farming most of your zeny (at least until you can get to Geffenia or have the gears to mob at Skellington). An Ice Pick lets you use your enemy's defense against him, and against high defense enemies like Sleepers, it can be absolutely devastating. With a Fire Endow, you should be able to kill Sleepers with two casts of Mammonite, or a single Cart Termination. The Great Natures they drop almost constantly can be broken down with a quest and are worth a few thousand zeny each: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Ore_Downgrading

Be very careful around these guys though, especially at the lower end of this range. They hit pretty hard and use Cloaking, so beware of sneak attacks from big mobs of them.

- Glast Heim Culvert 3 Sting.gif

Main targets: -Sting (SQI)

Avoid: -Gargoyle

What you'll need: -Healing potions/items -Fly Wings -Fire Two-Handed Axe -Deviling carded garment (Optional, but recommended)

Why?: Stings are a good alternative to Sleepers for people without an Ice Pick. They have a little bit higher hp and xp, but have much lower defense. Unfortunately these guys hit even harder than Sleepers do, and quite a bit faster as well. You'll want to be sure you one-shot these things with your Cart Termination before they can really hurt you. Stings occasionally drop Gloves, which are an SQI ingredient, not to mention their cards which go for a hefty price themselves. They're not as consistent moneymakers as Sleepers, but if you want to test your luck, they can be just as profitable. Watch out for Quagmire as it will cancel your Cart Boost if you walk into it.

- Geffen Field 14 Highorc.gif

Main targets: -High Orc (SQI) -Orc Archer

Avoid: -Orc Hero

What you'll need: -Healing potions/items -Fly Wings -Ice Two-Handed Axe -Fire Two-Handed Axe -Deviling carded garment (Optional)

Why?: Just a short walk west from Orc Dungeon are the ever popular High Orcs, which, on this server, have had their spawn rate doubled. A couple of Mammonites or a single Cart Termination with the proper elemental weapon (Ice for High Orcs, Fire for Archers) should do it to put them out of the misery of being orcs. Drops to watch out for are Orcish Axe from High Orcs, which can be slot-enchanted and when done so, is basically the best single-handed weapon a Smith could ever ask for aside from the hideously expensive Mjolnir.

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Levels 86-99

Okay, this is where things get really difficult. It's at this point you may want to consider buying a leech for your smith. Otherwise, it's going to be pretty much a grindfest, but it'll be over soon enough if you're diligent, and you'll have a maxed out Whitesmith to farm loads of zeny, forge weapons with, and even participate in WoE if you're so inclined.

The safest, though more tedious way, is to stay at places like Sleepers, Stings and High Orcs until 99, or else farm zeny and buy yourself a leech at Nameless Island Abbey (requires quest) or Thor's Volcano (no quest). I do have a couple of reasonably safe

- Sphinx 4-5 Anubis.gif

Main targets: -Anubis -Pasana -Minouros

What you'll need: Option 1: -Priest party member -Yggdrasil Leaves -Any high ATK weapon (Refined Light Epsilon recommended) -Flee-boosting gears (Pantie/Undershirt, Whisper/Kavach Icarus garment, Mysteltainn shoes, Stormy Knight headgear, etc.)

Option 2: -Healing potions/items -Fly Wings -Refined Light Epsilon (rental) -Deviling carded garment -Bathory carded armor

Why?: Anubis is known by nearly everyone that plays RO as the one non-boss monster with the highest BaseXP:HP ratio, however, as a Smith, it can be a pain to avoid their Sonic Blow unlike the Priests and Stalkers that usually frequent this dungeon. You have a few ways to get around this: The Party (aka. cheap) way, and the Solo (aka. expensive) way.

For the Party option, you can hide and leech entirely off your Priest as he uses Turn Undead on every Anubis in sight, or be the primary damage dealer and have your Priest act as support. In order to do this, you should build your smith with a high AGI, in order to get as much flee as you can. You really only need to have 189 flee or higher after full priest buffs. Have your Priest cast Blessing and Lex Divina on the monster first. This will lower their DEX by a significant amount and Silence them, meaning their attacks are that much easier for you to dodge and they can't cast their Soul Strike of Darkness. Once that's done, just go to town on them with your Aspersio'd attacks (make sure you keep your Smith buffs up as well). Both Mammonite and Cart Termination work well here, as well as autoattacks if you happen to have a Doppelganger card (or if you want to be as thrifty as possible). Your Priest can also cast Magnificat to help you recover SP from the use of CT or Mammo.

Soloing is a bit more difficult, since either way you want to reduce damage (flee or DEF) can get pretty expensive. You should have Bathory armor to negate Soul Strike of Darkness, and Deviling to tank their attacks better. If you can manage to get some buffs from a wandering High Priest, so much the better (Assumptio is particularly important for tanking Sonic Blow and the odd Jupitel Thunder). In this case, you should basically be doing what you've been doing to everything else so far: CT/Mammo until they die. Jupitel Thunder will hurt you bad because of your Deviling card, so it's important to remember to attack the monsters casting first. In general, if you're close enough, you should be able to interrupt their cast with a quick attack and avoid the spell altogether.

- Ice Dungeon 3 Icetitan.gif

Main targets: -Ice Titan

Avoid: -Gazeti -Icicle

What you'll need: -Healing potions/items -Fly Wings -Ice Pick -Wind Endow -Marc/Evil Druid carded armor -Deviling carded garment -Penomena/Executioner carded shield

Why?: If you have an Ice Pick, then Ice Titans are one of the better farming spots for xp. They only give about half the xp of Anubis, but thanks to their high VIT and DEF, are quicker to take down with an Ice Pick and a few Cart Terminations. If you're lucky enough to have a Lord Kaho's Horn by this point, they should easily go down in 2 hits or so. Be careful though. These guys hit hard, and since you can't use the same tricks as Anubis to dodge them, you'll have to tank it. Thankfully though, Ice Titans don't have any stupidly hard hitting skills like Anubis's Sonic Blow or Soul Strike that you need to dodge/negate. They do have Frost Diver though and, while it doesn't do much damage, getting frozen is rather irritating considering how slow they move, therefore Marc armor is advised. Keep an eye on the floor for the shadows of Icicles. If you get near them, they will fall and do a decent chunk of damage. Gazeti have fast and powerful ranged attacks, so Fly Wing if you see one in your way.

- Niflheim Field 1 Dullahan.gif

Main targets: -Everything

Avoid: -Other players' mobs

What you'll need: -Healing potions/items -Fly Wings -Baphomet carded weapon -Deviling carded garment -Tirfing carded shield -Eddga carded shoes

Why?: I know this doesn't seem like it quite fits with the rest of the guide's method, but this is one of the better ways to level and make money as a high-level Smith (even though it is a hefty investment). With a Baphomet card, your attacks hit everything in a 1 cell radius around you, and with the protection afforded by a Deviling card and a Tirfing shield, as well as the constant Endure effect of a pair of Eddga shoes, this means you can mob monsters really well, desptite not having any real mobbing skill like Grand Cross or Magnus Exorcimus. Ideally you should have a High Priest buddy along with you to provide critical buffs like Blessing, Aspersio, and Assumptio, as well as cards and other gear that can increase your Attack Speed (Berserk Potions, one or two Doppelganger cards, Horn of the Buffalo/Thorn Buckler set, etc.) Gather up a modestly sized mob of whatever you can find and just start hammering away. Spam potions as you do so, since being hit by so mant monsters will drain your HP really quickly. Once they're dead, Greed up all the loot and keep going.
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