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~Work in Progress~



Hi I’m Lezark and I'm a Whitesmith. I call this build the Vampire Whitesmith simply because it utilizes the power of chance-based cards and equipment that turn damage output into HP/SP recovery. I’ll be using Magma 2 as an example for my images. I hope you guys find this informative.


  • Eliminates the need for headgear switching
  • Eliminates the need to Hammerfall
  • Allows for farming large mobs without dying
  • Eliminates the need to spam Meat in large mobs
  • Minimizes the need for Meat and Grape Juice post-mob
  • Maximizes profit


  • Expensive starting gears


Whitesmith is a class that is effective with chance-based cards and equipment. This is because when Whitesmiths mob, incoming attacks and attacks that are dealt through splash damage using the Baphomet Card is amplified.

Example of the headgear Soul Ring being used to activate Assumptio against a mob in Magma Dungeon 2 - Vampire Whitesmith Guide

Note: Monsters are multipliers, so the Soul Ring, which gives a 1% chance of autocasting Assumptio, gets multiplied by how many monsters are attacking you per physical hit.

Example of a Grand Peco carded Holy Marching Hat being used against a mob to quickly activate the skill Aspersio - Vampire Whitesmith Guide

Note: I’m using a +4 [Grand Peco] Holy Marching Hat which has both receiving and dealing damage chance amplified by the number of monsters attacking me.

Now if you used that logic with other chance-based gears that turns the damage you deal as HP/SP recovery, you can maximize your profit by minimizing Meat usage and Grape Juice usage, this is achieved byusing chance cards and equipment that return damage dealt as HP:


Sniper Card: Reduces HP recovery by 10%. Add a 10% chance of gaining 20% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack. 20TC.


Rideword Hat: 5% chance to absorb 8% HP on Physical attack. 1% chance to absorb 4% SP on Physical attack. You lose 10 HP per 5 seconds when equipped. Ridewords drop this headgear.


Visual example of gears and stats that should be used for a Vampire Whitesmith build - Vampire Whitesmith Guide

[Vanberk] Rideword: This headgear is the most useful headgear for a Whitesmith. It’s cheap, it leeches HP and SP and it has a slot. Compounded with a Vanberk, this upper headgear increases the chance of activating a +100 CRIT chance when the user is attacking. I haven’t seen many people use the Rideword Hat but it’s one of the most underrated headgears on this server.

[Vanberk] +1STR Mid: HoR, EWE, pick your poison, it doesn’t matter. This slot allows for another Vanberk Card that doubles the chance of activating a +100CRIT. This midgear along with the Rideword Hat also gives you a +4STR bonus, not bad!

Blood Sucker: I recently just bought this from a nearby store and found that it’s a cheaper solution to a Pussy Cat Bell, and it serves its leeching purposes along with the Rideword Hat and is a cheap alternative as well.

[RSX 0806] Lucius Fire Armor of Volcano: My favourite armor that minimizes fire damage and allows you to never get knocked back when farming Magma 2. An essential piece of equipment if you’re planning to farm there.

+>7 [Doppelganger] [Baphomet] [Sniper][Sniper] Orcish Axe: This is the most important equipment on this set. It’s expensive, but it’s an investment. Forget about the old +7DBSS that used to stand for an axe that only gives +130ATK; this is the new +7DBSS that gives you a 20% chance of gaining 40% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack. This eliminates meat spamming and allows you to mob more monsters. Doppleganger gives 20% ASPD and Baphomet gives you the splash damage ability.

[Hodremlin] Thorn Shield + [Hell Poodle] Horn of the Buffalo: This is where your Kaho fund should go. Hodremlin gives a 15% damage reduction to all monster sizes and gives a chance of activating +30 Perfect Dodge. Hell Poodle Card allows you to heal more with Meat! Thorn Shield and HoB together gives you a one time 10% ATKSPD bonus with 5% damage reflected to the monster. This combo allows you to gain 190 ASPD without having a single point allocated to AGI and keeps your mob intact when maneuvering other players.

+7 [Deviling] Heavenly Maiden Robe: Deviling adds a 50% reduction to incoming attacks. It’s a must. Any + 7 garment would do, I chose this because it’s a universal garment that gives decent defense. It’s a smart choice for anyone who likes to make new characters like me.

[Eddga] Sleipnir: This is a luxury, it eliminates my use of Cart Boost which makes me move faster but really you just need an Eddga Card so you can mob.

[Hell Poodle] Cursed Hand: I like the +12 HIT bonus it gives and it allows a 3% chance of activating Level 1 Critical Wounds when attacking which is useless because it doesn’t carry through Baphomet. With this Hell Poodle accessory gives a 200% Meat recovery rate.

Alternative Equipment

+7 [Vanberk] Ancient Horns: This is my personal favorite even though the Rideword Hat works better. The Ancient Horns gives a chance of activating +100ATK for 10 seconds. More damage dealt the more HP recovered which is pretty good. The best choice, but hard to come by since it only works if the Ancient Horns are upgraded to +7.

Umbala Spirit: If you’re frugal, this lower headgear adds that chance for monsters to drop Meat. This doesn’t exempt you from going to the Meat Dealer, but it’s a sustainable alternative.

Soul Ring: Adds 1% chance to activate Assumptio. This gives you a 20 second buff that reduces all incoming damage by half. Nice for emergencies.

High Priest Card: same as Soul Ring but in accesory. Once you start killing, it isn't bad to switch to this one. You won't be using as many meats (you should be sucking their HP by now), and with this, the damage gets halved.

Holy Marching Hat: Gives a chance to give Aspersio level 1 when you attack. Nice for Niffleheim and Magma Dungeon 2.

Bradium Brooch: Alternative accesory if you don't feeling like paying the millions needed for the Horn of Buffalo set. Mix 2 of these with a +3% ASPD armour and you get similar ASPD as the combo mentioned above.

Ultimate Ascended Black Dragon Hat/Chicken Hat/Hermose Cap: ASPD giving headgears in case you are not using Horn of Buffalo set. Hermose Cap gives most ASPD, but has ATK penalty. Chicken Hat is the cheapest one, while Ultimate Ascended Black Dragon Hat is one of the remmants from the 2012 Chinese New Year Event that "includes" a Mimic Card with it, not bad to make money. Combine it with a Pipe and you get Dragon Fear 1 while attacking. Sadly, these 3 require that you drop the Rideword Hat, so you'll need to spam those Grape Juices to get SP back.

How does the “vampire” concept work?

Your damage is amplified by Maximum Overthrust and by the Critical chance Vanberk gives, which totals to a damage output of 700~800. Monsters hitting you should only do about <300 damage from the reduction provided by Hodremlin and Deviling. Baphomet card multiplies the effect of these chance cards so you’re leeching off every single monster you hit from the 2 Sniper Cards.Therefore there is a 20% chance you regain 40% of the damage you deal from each monster you hit. At a rate of 190 ASPD and the number of monsters in your mob, this chance becomes higher.

In Practice


Rinse and Repeat

That’s it! The process is simple after that. Thank you for taking the time to read, I appreciate it. I’ve done many tests and went through a lot of equipment just to see what worked and this has been the most flexible character build for me. I hope you guys play Whitesmith because it’s fun, and if you like collecting, buying and selling like me, you’d like this build. Leave any questions, suggestions and comments. //See you online!

Thanks to Lezark for the guide